january 2006

new elliott smith t-shirt and sweet adeline 2006!

in doing some research for the stuff i will mention below, i saw that the official elliott smith online store has a new t-shirt available for fans it is the first official shirt to come out since elliott’s figure 8 tour and features the ostrich that is on top of the house with the moon and includes autumn dewilde’s font of elliott’s name used on the artwork for ‘from a basement on the hill.’ the new charcoal shirt comes in s, m ,l and xl and goes for $16 plus tax, shipping and handling charges. the even greater thing is that the proceeds from the sales of the shirt and the other merchandise on the site will be donated to the elliott smith memorial fund! i highly suggest you get this shirt as soon as possible because the other 3 shirts that were featured on the site sold out in days and i am sure these will too! to buy your shirt (& hopefully some other stuff on the site!) and help the free arts out, please go here: the official elliott smith online storefinally, i just want to give some fair warning about some changes coming to sweet adeline (and my time) in 2006. i began work on a new site a couple of days ago and i’m excited about how its coming out that i will be really involved in getting that together. the bad thing is that it might slow me down about putting contributions on site aside from news but i don’t want to discourage anyone from sending anything in though! please keep sending stuff in even if you don’t hear from me! also, i just want to thank all the people who have been offering to help host files or help design a new site. i’ve been getting a good number of those kind emails lately. i hope to thank you all soon.

aside from a new look to the site, i’m excited that the site will have a couple of new features. one of those features is a site search engine! :O the new version of the site will help me add new pages to the site easier, so look forward to new content too! i really feel the new site will be a bit organized and consistant! sadly, some stuff will disappear as well like the ‘ask charlie a question’ section but in the end i hope you like the new site! no launch date yet but i ask you to please be a little patient with me. thank you so much! (01.08.06)