january 2007

frontier releases heatmiser's yellow no.5 on 10" lp, the jon brion show and abused!

thank you to betty from frontier for sending this awesome news that they just released heatmiser's yellow no. 5 on 10" vinyl for the first time ever! here is betty with more info: "we've just released a new 10" version of heatmiser's yellow no 5 on yellow wax (previously available on cd only)...the street date for stores is january 9th, but it's also available from the frontier site for $10 including postage (u.s. only) (frontierrecords.com)." this first run of the 10"s are limited editions so it's best to get them before they are gone! just in case you do not know, heatmiser was the band elliott was in before going solo and yellow no.5 was a 5 song ep that was released between heatmiser's dead air and cop and speeder records (frontier released those records too!) :). anyway i encoruage you all to get the record before they are gone! please go to frontier records to order the 10" yellow no.5 record and to order the other great heatmiser records frontier released too! thanks frontier!

the year is already getting better, because jeff from a jon brion resource & the definitive p.t. anderson resource was kind enough to share a link to one of the rarest tv pilots around, the jon brion show! jon brion shot this pilot back in 1999 for vh1 and it includes jon performing with friends in a largo type of setting like jon usually does at largo. well, elliott was one of the performers featured in the pilot and the pilot includes 2 scenes. one short moment with jon and elliott trying to work out a version of say yes and a performance of elliott doing 'see you later!' it is the whole pilot and it also includes other great performances. here is the link: http://www.fairfax-avenue.com/index.php?id=2006/12/27. thanks again to jeff for letting us know and sharing it!

thank you to john for sharing on sweet addy that elliott's unreleased song, 'abused' was recently a part of q magazine's top 500 greatest lost tracks coming in at # 336. they included a picture of elliott with the mention too!

finally, i wanted to wish everyone a happy 2007. it looks really great so far and it's going to get better! xo (1.2.07)