january 2008

more info about the upcoming lp reissues, son of sam video on itunes, & spin's best of 2007

thanks to luke, steve and gary for sending us additional info about the upcoming reissues of elliott's xo and figure 8 records on vinyl. it looks like plain recordings are planning to reissue the lps and these will be collectors pieces on audiophile 180 gram virgin vinyl and for north america only. the album art-work and music content will be identical to the previous vinyl releases from dreamworks/bongload. it looks like the license of these reissues will only be for 3 years, so get yours now because it is unknown at this time if plain recordings can/will license the records again or if another label will be able to. while there is no firm release date, musicdirect.com is listing the release of both reissues for february 2008. if you are interested in getting your copies, please check your local records stores or you can order online here: xo at musicdirect.com & figure 8 at musicdirect.com.

i recently discovered that itunes has added elliott's video for 'son of sam' to it's itunes store. aside from promo videos dreakworks sent to media outlets, the video is the best quality i have seen and the second official elliott smith music video on digital format (first being the miss misery video on the good will hunting dvd). autumn de wilde also directed the video. itunes has the video for $1.49 and if you are interested in viewing a preview, purchasing and downloading the video now, please go here: son of sam at itunes.

finally, spin magazine was nice to list 'new moon' as one of the best 40 albums of 2007. the record came in at #22. if you are interested in seeing what they said about the record and check out who else made their list, please go here: the 40 best albums of 2007 - spin.com. (1.3.08)