july 2001

tour history help and southlander in silverlake

there is a new elliott smith fan site on the horizon and it needs help! jerry, who has contributed to sweet adeline, is putting the site together and was wondering if you could help out. here is the info he is looking for:

1) recording information for shows

2) any and all information for Heatmiser shows -- as all of us know, this is extremely difficult to come by.

3) any and all information for shows prior to 99

if you can help out please email jerry at jgabrie@tulane.edu.

thanks to jeff for sending this news that spaceland in los angeles, ca will be showing steve hafnt's 'southlander' on august 14th. elliott has a very small cameo in the film. go to southlander.net for more info about the film and to visit the spaceland officia website, please go here! (7.16.01)

rumor: is the new album done?

thanks to hightower for taking the time to email me with this rumor that it looks like elliott is done recording! hightower is recording with a producer who seems to know some people connected with elliott and the producer heard the album was finished and that it was taken at least in part from older stuff. a good clue about older songs being on the new record did show up this year at elliott's 2.6.01 performance at the silverlake lounge. some fans call it: shooting star. could this be one of the songs on the new record? here is hoping this rumor is true :) (7.10.01)

nashville?, london meet up and raw is chris!

thanks to al for sending this sentence that appeared in the july 2001 issue of mix:

"at emerald recording (nashville), singer/songwriter elliot(t) smith was cutting tracks with engineer john saylor."

looking at his info at the all music guide, he has worked with mainly country artists. is this related to the new record elliott is working on? hopefully! :)

this past weekend, sweet addy meet up #2 happened! elliott fans from the sweet addy discussion board met up in london to hang out, drink and have fun! its a pretty amazing sight to see. please check out the board for stories and pics!

finally thanks to christopher for letting me know that he attended wwf's raw is war on july 2nd wearing a sweet adeline tshirt. during a segement of the show they pan the crowd and there is christopher wearing the shirt! hehe. the lame part is i was watching the show and i totally missed it! :) (7.9.01)

southlander plus a re-run

thanks to j.t. for letting me know that the southlander movie site has a new page that lists artists who were featured musically in the movie. elliott was included as an artist who contributed a song. i then emailed the site webmaster, truck, to see if he knew if there was a soundtrack coming out and which song did elliott do? here is what truck said:

"it's an original song he wrote for the film called snowbunny theme i believe"

finally thanks to kevin for telling me that abc recently showed a rerun of the "who wants to be a millionaire" where they asked the question: who provided the musical narration in the movie "something about mary"? 1) jonathan richmond 2) lou reed 3)(i forget) 4) elliott smith! (7.2.01)