july 2002

tribute arriving, beck, winners and 4 years

it looks like the new elliott smith tribute double cd is now arriving in people's mailboxes! elliott fans from the sweet addy discussion board got together and recorded a 2 cd set of elliott's solo and heatmiser songs for fun. the original batch of cds are sold out, but there might be a second printing thanks to mike, jean-luc, katie and james (and whoever i am missing!) who help put it all together. if you are interested in getting one and want more info about it, please go jean-luc's elliott smith tribute site!

recently, beck.com added something about how christian bordal of marketplace news show interview beck concerning how music is lately and who beck admires. elliott was listed as one of them! go here to check out beck's other picks.

i picked the winners for the recent sweet adeline giveaway. the winners are: beau a. - lattington, ny, michael h. - rochester, england, terry d. - van nuys, ca, timothy b. kalamazoo, mi, and kara k. - huntington, ny. congrats to them and thanks to everyone who entered. there will be more to come for your chance to win! thanks to everyone who says nice things. thats really nice! by the way the answers were: russ pollard, plastic fang, waltz #1 (demo), american beauty and division day! i for sure have to make it harder the next time around. u guys are getting good!

finally, this is super late but on july 11th it was sweet adeline's 4th birthday. i just wanted to thank everyone who ever contributed to the site and everyone who comes by. this has been such a great thing for me and i hope for u too. so thank u :) (7.24.02)

the royal tenenbaums and some answers

this past tuesday (june 9), the royal tenenbaums was released on dvd and video. this wonderful movie was directed by wes anderson and he featured elliott's 'needle in the hay' in a very important scene in the film. the song is also featured on the soundtrack that is also available. it is the same version on elliott's self titled. anyway it's out now in the united states :)

in other news, this was posted on the sweet addy discussion board in the beginning of the month. i forgot not everyone checks it out, so hopefully this helps with some questions some people have been wondering about how elliott is doing with his hand and that he is still working on the new record. it comes from a very trust worthy source! its really long so i'm just adding a link to it. please go here to check it out.

finally, the giveaway is done :) hopefully by this weekend i'll announce the winners. good luck and thanks so much for all the kind things you said! :) (7.11.02)