july 2003

new 7" shipping, northsix mp3s, and a new email!

fans who were lucky to enough to order the new elliott smith 7" with 'pretty (ugly before)' and 'a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free' from suicide squeeze records online before it sold out at their online store might find an early surprise in their mailbox. some fans are already getting thier 7"s before the august 1st shipping date including me :) hopefully yours will come sooner than later and you'll enjoy it!! :) for fans who weren't able to order it early, the single will be still available in local stores in the united states on august 19th. if you can, pre-order now at your local store!

thanks to casey for letting us know that he recently added mp3s of one of the recent shows at the northsix in ny! the songs are free to download and are available at elliottsmith.com. go here to download the songs!

finally, i'm getting a new email address! i'm still working on the new site so i haven't had a chance to add new contributions but please don't stop sending them in. i hope to finish the site in a month! so please be patient with me. so if you need to contact me, please check out the contact me page for the new address. (7.28.03)

year 5 :)

i just wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone who contributes and comes by the site. today is the 5th year that sweet adeline has been online! i hope you guys think the site is ok! special thanks to scott k., jon v. and casey from es.com for helping me get the site started. also thanks to elliott and those close to him for the love and supporting us too. thanks to rebekah for helping with questions and thanks to aaron for helping us add a community with the discussion board. sorry i wish i could name off everyone (too many names!) i would like to thank and not leave anyone out but im thanking everyone anyways...so thank you :) ! (7.11.03)

elliott to play kinks tribute?

thanks to paula and demo for sending me info that elliott might be playing a kink's tribute on august 3rd at the derby in los angeles, ca. i havent been able to get official confirmation and who exactly is physical planet but hopefully it will happen with elliott being there so go at your own risk :) here is the info:

i was at the fold website and they said that on sunday, august 3'rd at the derby (los angeles, ca), they will be hosting a tribute to the kinks. scheduled to play is physical plant featuring elliott smith, the 88, kennedy, rex aquarium, the ray makers, bedroom walls, and silversun pickups...the website to the fold is http://pages.sbcglobal.net/fold/. (7.9.03)

elliott to release new 7" single and 2004? (correction)

thanks to david for letting us know that suicide squeeze is planning to release a new 7" record with 2 new elliott smith songs in august. not only that, you can pre-order your copy (or copies) now! here is david with all the info:

"i wanted to let you know that suicide squeeze will be releasing a NEW elliott smith 7" on august 19th. however, the single is available for pre-order now at www.suicidesqueeze.net and will ship august 1. this single will feature the following songs:

side a - pretty (ugly before)
side b - a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free

this single is limited to 5000 copies."

correction: side a - 'pretty (ugly before)' is the lone version of the song. side b - 'a distorted reality...' is one of two versions. this might be an alternate version but that has yet to be decided. so this 7" could be a rare one like cavity search's out of print happiness 7" with alternative versions of happiness and son of sam.

the suicide squeeze site also hinted that it looks like we will have to wait til 2004 to see elliott's new reord based on this quote: "...a good peek at what's in store for smith's upcoming 2004 full-length."

anyway :) order the new elliott smith 7" here! (7.2.03)