july 2006

los angeles tribute, kansas city memorial signups and lincoln high memorial pictures

elliott's 37th birthday (thanks tony) would've been this week and i got a nice email from nick from the kris special about a tribute show he is having on the 7th in los angeles. all the proceeds will be going to the elliott smith memorial fund from the show too! thank you to everyone who is involved! :) here is more info about it from nick:

i'm putting on an elliott tribute show in los angeles on august 7, 2006 at 9pm at mr. t's bowl in highland park. cover is $5, with all the proceeds going to the memorial fund. this concert will feature nearly 20 of la's top artists each performing up to 3 elliott smith songs. the list of performers includes the kris special, service group, death to anders, zack hexum, joel martin, paul avion, rose's pawsn shop, andre comeau, walk, helen chance, cameron morgan, michael mangia, dash-a, jason evigan from after midnight project, ugly love, kelly dalton, skyler stonestreet, todd mclaughlin, and slackstring. for more information, please visit myspace.com/elliottsmithtributeshow

thank you also to westy for sending us information about signups for the upcoming kansas city memorial show he is putting on in october! the proceeds from this memorial show will also go to the elliott smith memorial fund! :) thank you to everyone involved again and to everyone who hopes to be involved! here is westly with more info and we look forward to an update about the show closer to when it happens:

hey kids and kidsettes! i'm already starting the signups for this years elliott smith memorial show! i started them this time last year, too, because i would like everyone involved to have ample time to put together their bands and learn the songs that they REALLY REALLY want to do. the show is SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21st which is the three year anniversary of elliott smith's death. again this year, all proceeds will be donated to The elliott smith memorial fund which gives underpriviledged children the opportunity to learn music, which, as you've probably heard, helps to develop young minds. ( you know that stupid neighbor that you hate? probably never learned music.... ) last year went off without a hitch, earning more than 800 dollars, and we'll get the press again this year as it is a GREAT CAUSE! hopefully MYSPACE will allow us to make this even bigger this year so i would love to hear from you out of town bands or soloists who would like to make a difference for someone in the name of ELLIOTT SMITH by performing his songs for a group of his fans! pease feel free to message me via my myspace account with any questions regarding the setup of the show or the show itself or how to donate to the fund. and keep spreading the word with a repost if you know someone who might be interested. we miss you elliott and this is our tribute.

finally, thank you to andrew for sending us pictures of the elliott smith memorial at the high school elliott attended, lincoln high. a few fans, including elliott's father gary and stepmother marta, were kind enough to weather the heat and be a part of the unveiling of the plaque honoring elliott. gary took some time to say some words and there was a collection for the elliott smith memorial fund right next to some flowers. thank you again to everyone involved in honoring elliott at lincoln high. (7.31.06)

lincoln high school to honor elliott with a memorial on the 21st!

thanks to keith for sending us info about a wonderful memorial he has help bring together in elliott's honor at elliott'a alma mater! on friday, july 21st at 3 pm, lincoln high school and other elliott smith fans will unveil a bronze plaque to be put up permanently at elliott's former high school in portland, or. everyone is invited to see the unveiling and the directions given to us is to "come through the west side doors of the building at 16th and salmon." at lincoln high.

i hope anyone who has a chance to go has a nice time and thank you to lincoln high and all those involved for honoring elliott in such a nice way. :) (7.20.06)

8 years of sweet adeline, utr auction for outside in, future butterflies contest, and recent covers!

i just wanted to wish sweet adeline a happy 8th birthday! thank you to everyone who has been involved in sweet adeline over the years and has contributed to the site. while it's not perfect and kinda in pieces right now, i hope the site has been a nice place to visit to find more information about elliott, heatmiser and meet others who loves elliott and his music. working on sweet adeline has been a beautiful thing for me and it's been great to work together with other fans (past and future) to help keep elliott's spirit alive (i hope we do!). so thank you for coming by and contributing and making it something nice. thank you to elliott's family and friends for their loving kindness and support. and thank you to elliott for your love of us and the site. it meant and still means so much to all of us! xo

recently, i was checking out myspace and i saw a post from under the radar (the amazing music magazine) and they posted info about a recent auction they added to ebay. the auction is for an original and super rare 20x30 print of elliott from the photo sessions wendy lynch (she is also signing the print!) took of elliott when under the radar interviewed him in 2003 at his home. the photo was also featured in the cover issue under the radar did. the nice thing is that a portion of auction will go to outside in in elliott's name! thanks to under the radar for doing this! if you are interested in seeing what the photo looks like and want to bid on it, please go to ebay and look under item #230006649333 or by going here!

thanks to jess for letting us know that future butterflies are having a contest! they are looking for bands or solo artists from portland, nyc, dallas and los angeles to cover an elliott song. they hope to pick one cover from each location and to be used in the upcoming elliott smith fan documentry if things go great legally! :) if you are interested in submitting a song and to see what needs to be considered, please go to this sweet addy thread: future butterflies--the contest!!! good luck to everyone who submits a song!

thanks to greg for letting us know that trey anastasio, formeraly of phish, recently covered elliott's coming up roses at his show in new jersey recently. greg also sent us a link to a nice mention of elliott by trey in a recent interview in a princeton newspaper. if you would like to read the interview, please go to packetonline. also thanks to kristy for mentioning the metric also recently covered elliott's song 'between the bars.' if you are interested in hearing their cover, you can hear it here: metric's cover of between the bars. (07.11.06)