june 2001

news bits

thanks to wayne for posting this info recently about elliott's possible involvement with the new kevin smith movie, jay and silent bob strikes back, on the yahoo groups mailing list. i don't want to spoil it if you are looking forward to the movie (like i am!) but if you want to see the spoiler please highlight the white space below:

i went to a test screening of kevin smith's next movie, "jay & silent bob strike back" last night. there's a "good will hunting" parody (affleck & damon shooting a sequel, "good will hunting 2: hunting season," while gus van sant is too busy counting his money to direct) that includes the sounds of "miss misery" wafting in the background.

check out the latest magnet magazine (no. 50 jun/jul 2001) with air on the cover because included is a little section with photos by christian lantry and the stories behind them. christian's wonderful pics of elliott are from the a 1998 cover story. included is a small story about the shoot with elliott as well.

thanks to rob for sending this: i just thought i'd let you know that i heard son of sam as the backing music to an advert for a new show on the bbc (i think it's the office game - or something like that).

thanks to fred for letting me know pitchfork has a little news bit on the sunset junction street fair. there isnt any additional info about elliott's participation but you can still check it out here! (6.29.01)

elliott's new studio bass player plus more!

thanks to silke for posting a link on the sweet addy discussion board that is for the official website for shon sullivan's band, goldenboy. shon was elliott's keyboard and guitar player on the last tour. featured on 'the band' page is a description of the band members and it includes this statement about goldenboy's bass player dave macconnell:

dave macconnell is recording elliott smiths new record at b-girl studios.

for more info about goldenboy, please go here!

thanks to bradley for mentioning that elliott made an appearance at the grandaddy/coldplay show in san francisco recently. he helped out on "he's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot" again on the sweet addy board!

thanks to tina for posting this to the elliott smith yahoo group list:

a trailer for a new disney film, "the princess diaries" aired...at some point during this trailer, i believe i saw the big figure 8 poster.

if you are able to find a downloadable trailer on the net you will see its true. the figure 8 poster is in the background! tina was able to find a clip and send a picture of it to the list. (6.25.01)

a future show, a new sam coomes interview and a sighting!

thanks to dale and fred for taking the time to let me know that elliottsmith.net recently updated with the news that elliott will be performing at the upcoming sunset junction street fair in silverlake, california on august 18. if you visit the official site for the fair, it looks like it will be a free show ($5 donation suggested!) with other artists to be announced. go here to check out the official sunset junction site.

thanks to mike for sending me information concerning his recent interview with sam coomes from quasi and sometimes bass player for elliott. its a really great fan interview focusing on quasi and sam but elliott is mentioned a few times too. it also focuses on quasi's future release: 'the sword of god' which will be out in august. please visit mike's site by going here: 2x2

thanks to brandon for posting this to the elliott smith yahoo group:

i just got back from the sold-out grandaddy/coldplay show at benaroya hall in seattle. i had heard a rumor earlier in the day that elliott smith might show up for the show, and sing back-up for grandaddy for a song. well, the rumor was definitely true. all the sudden, right in the middle of "he's simple, he's dumb, he's the pilot" out of the shadows appears a nice and grungy elliott smith. he sang on the song, he sang the "did you love this world, and did this world not love you?" part many times. (6.21.01)

another new and great fan site: roman candle

please check out jennifer's nice and wonderful new site: roman candle! its a really pretty site and features pictures, wallpapers and fan art with more to come! jennifer said she open to contributions so please send stuff in. go here to check it out! thanks jennifer! (6.4.01)