june 2002

tiny update and a giveaway

checking out hellfire (elliott's manager's website), scott briefly commented that elliott is still working on the new record! rumors were that elliott might have a record by september but its looking we will have to wait little longer. i really think it will be worth the wait :)

well to pass the time (or a week at least), let's have a giveaway! i'm picking 5 random winners who answers these questions below correctly. those winners get to pick 1 prize out of the winners bookcase. the prizes include: a brief history cd, sweet adeline tshirt (depending on size), or a free bootleg (1 cd) of your choice out of my personal collection. here are the 5 questions you have to answer:

1. which alaska! member is on tap to play bass with elliott in future shows?

2. what is the name of the record in which elliott guest on and does the backing vocals for the song 'tore up and broke'?

3. what is the bside for the import baby britain 7"?

4. which soundtrack features elliott's cover of the beatles 'because'?

5. which single features no name #6?

giveaway is over! thanks to everyone who entered! good luck (6.25.02)

southlander screeening this thursday!

thanks to steve and truck for sending this. i hope everyone in the l.a. area can check it out. for more info about the film (and hear a snippet of elliott's splitsville), dont forget to go here: www.southlander.net.

elliott smith appears in this film as a bus driver and his handsplay a magic keyboard

on june 6th, 2002 at 7:30 pm american cinematheque at the egyptian theatre (6712 hollywood blvd.) presents a rare screening of the unreleased digital independent feature "southlander" starring rory cochrane, ross harris, beck hansen, richard edson, lawrence hilton jacobs, laura prepon, ione skye, and mark gonzales, directed by steve hanft . the film is a surreal exploitation comedy in the tradition of "putney swope", features improvised musical comedy sequences and a cosmic cast. after the screening there will be q and a on the subject of improvisational film making with the film's director: steve hanft, and two of it's stars: lawrence hilton jacobs (welcome back kotter) and ross harris (airplane). (6.4.02)