june 2003

elliott plays & wins at la weekly awards and bang!

thanks to daisy for taking the time to let us know what happened at the la weekly awars:

the event was awards being given out interspersed with live short sets of various artists. about two-thirds of the way through the event elliott came out to play. It was just him, solo, w/ amped acoustic guitar. he did about 6 or 7 songs, including "somebody's baby"(setlist also inccluded happiness, memory lane, fond farewell, somebody's baby, king's crossing - thanks to tim)...

soon thereafter the nominees were announced for the songwriter category. an awesome l.a. singer/songwriter named eleni mandell was also nominated. there were a total of 5 nominees. it would've been a hard choice for me, i'd be happy just as long as either elliott or eleni won. then, it was a paradise for me: THEY TIED!! eleni was not there but elliott came out to the podium, kind of shy and smiling, and said simply (but enthusiastically), "thanks!" the lights were on him and he just kind of stood there a bit until i think a host led him down the tiny staircase to the floor (right next to me!). a pro photographer had him pose for one shot with his trophy (a triangular clear-lucite thing).

thanks to chris for also helping to generate some elliott news in the recent issue of bang magazine. chris sent the whole text and i have it posted here. the text shed light on why we haven't seen the new record yet. (6.29.03)

elliott to play la weekly awards (updated)

thanks to llaurens for taking the time to post on sweet addy that elliott is planning to perform at the upcoming la weekly music awards that is scheduled on thrusday june 26th. you can download a free ticket and get more info by going to the lawma 03 site!

updated part: just a tiny update thanks to jennifer: please note that is a free show, open to the public, and all ages. elliott is up for the best songwriter award, and he will play around 10pm. (6.19.03)

setlists! (updated)

sorry for taking so long to post info about the recent shows! sadly i got no info about the field day performance but i did get this picture from casey. his friend kaela took it. otherwise i've heard/read a lot of positive stuff about the shows and that elliott and robin seemed to have a great time. but here are the setlists from the shows:

thanks to hightowersmith for posting about the knitting factory show on the 8th: happiness, let's get lost, fond farewell, strung out again, between the bars, memory lane, i figured you out, the enemy is you, christian brothers, division day, king's crossing, waltz #2, pretty (ugly before), hooray for tuesday (minders cover), plainclothes man, good to go (stopped, "it was fucked from the get-go..."), rose parade, miss misery, the biggest lie, shooting star

thanks to kevin for sending this too about the northsix show on the 9th (some songs might be missing or not in order): memory lane, king's crossing, fond farewell, strung out again, a passing feeling, the white lady loves you more, angeles, division day, the enemy is you, christian brothers, golden street (minders cover), somebody's baby, between the bars, the biggest lie, good to go, pitseleh, happiness, plainclothes man, long long long (beatles cover)

also thanks to jen for sharing some pics from the show. please go here to check it out!

finally thanks to tom, cory and maddy for sending the setlist for the trocadero on the 10th: memory lane, a passing feeling, fond farewell, angeles, the white lady loves you more, king's crossing, somebody's baby, division day, the enemy is you, hooray for tuesday (minders), st. ides heaven, good to go, plainclothes man, the biggest lie, christian bros., a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free, between the bars, pitseleh, golden street (minders cover), happiness, see you later

the updated part: thanks to jessica and matt for taking the time to send me info about the field day show. here is what matt had to say about the show: elliott started off the set with 'happiness' and played mostly new stuff.....he looked ok, but his hand seemed to give him a lot of problems....he took a request (my request...awesomely enough) for a george harrison song and he played 'long long long' but aborted it cause he said he couldnt remember the rest of it.....it was a miserable day in the rain and i dont remember the setlist but ill give you a list of some songs he played......robin was there on drums for a few songs.......some songs he played included- fond farewell, memory lane, lets get lost, coming up roses, between the bars, say yes, st ides heaven, division day, pretty (ugly before) (he started it, but said he didnt like playing it anymore because 'things got weird with it') passing feeling, miss misery....he looked decently upbeat but like i said, his hand seemed to be giving him a lot of trouble.......he got the only encore on the second stage at field day.....all and all it was worth it to stand in the freezing cold in the rain to see elliott play....he was awesome

also thanks to kirt for sending this too: i noticed that elliott contributed to a grandaddy song he's simple,he's dumb,he's the pilot at one of grandaddy's shows recently. their news has it posted at grandaddylandscape.com (6.12.03)

northsix setlist

thanks to christa posting info about the june 6th northsix show. here is the setlist and info about the show:

happiness , memory lane , fond farewell , strung out again , no confidence man , a passing feeling , shooting star , a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free, coming up roses, division day, get lost, rose parade, st. ides heaven, hooray for tuesday (minders) , king’s crossing (stopped after the first verse, noticeably changing the first line to “the king’s crossing is the main attraction...”), the biggest lie, son of sam, pretty (ugly before), ballad of big nothing, see you later

i've never seen elliott smile so much at any show. he played excellently, he seemed more comfortable up there. ariana from earlimart and jennifer both got up to do backup on ?ugly (pretty before). robin played drums for several of the songs. the crowd was pretty great. some people were doing slight backup on son of sam which was cute. this was a happy, happy show! (6.7.03)

maxwell setlist

thanks to christa, rebecca and kevin for taking the time to let us know how the show went. here is the setlist from the show:

happiness, let's get lost, fond farewell, no confidence man, i figured you out, memory lane, a distorted reality..., coming up roses, division day, st. ides heaven, a passing feeling, rose parade (nearly stopped, but eventually finished), golden street (minders cover), say yes, plainclothes man, pretty (ugly before), ballad of big nothing (stopped), independence day, waltz #2 (xo)

here are some thoughts from kevin: great show last night, but i couldn't really see worth a damn. too many elliottites crowding the stage. can't say i blame em though. he played really amazingly, soooo much better than the show i saw with blues explosion. he was quite chipper and responsive to the crowd... the sound was wonderful and he did a few songs with a drummer (robin) that really were cool, playing with brushes, so it reproduced the sound of the drums in coming up roses. (6.6.03)

field day is on, es @ the knitting factory and brady brock

after concerns that the field day festival would cancelled, the organizers have been able to move the show to giants stadium in new jersey but now elliott is playing on saturday june 7th since the organizers had to condense the 2 days into 1. for more information concerning the show, please go to the official field day site. thanks to anne, grahame and ellen for the info.

because the move, elliott smith has now booked a show at the knitting factory for the 8th! thanks to ellen, jae, and jeff for letting us know. here is the info for this new show:

elliott smith
sunday, june 8
knitting factory
new york, ny
all ages
on sale on thursday, june 5 at 7 pm est
tickets available at www.knittingfactory.com

beware: elliott smith is on the 8th and not the 7th at the knitting factory. elliott (the band) is playing on the 7th. elliott (the band) is not related in anyway to elliott smith so please make sure when you get tickets!

finally, thanks to alex for sending word that brady brock will be the opener for elliott smith on monday, june 9th at northsix in brooklyn, ny and tuesday, june 10th at the trocadero in philadelphia, pa. if you are interested in checking brady out before the shows, you can go to www.inmusicwetrust.com/label and hear three mp3s from brady's record, "warm american sweater." (6.5.03)

2nd northsix show sold out, more derby pics + es.com!

thanks to ellen for letting us know elliott's second night at northsix on june 9 is sold out! just a warning for people who are planning to buy tickets on ebay or from scalpers, northsix posted this message: only the person who made the ticket purchase with correct id and credit card will be admitted into the show with guest, NO substitutions will be made.

also thanks to someone sweet for sending us some more pictures from the derby. in first picture, the person to the left of elliott and robin is fritz! he is helping elliott finish off the new record :) others in the pictures include robin (bass), scott (drums) and ariana who is from earlimart and played piano and keyboards on some songs with elliott. here are the pics: 1, 2, 3, 4

please check out elliottsmith.com! casey updated his front page and it looks really great to me and he is asking for elliott info and questions so hopefully that means casey is coming back and updating more often! :) so please email him and encourage him to bring back elliottsmith.com on a regular basis! that would be awesome! (6.2.03)