june 2004

rob schnapf and joanna bolme completing 'songs from a basement on the hill'

richard cromelin from the l.a. times reported today that rob schnapf and joanna bolme are working together to complete elliott's final music. as many of you know, rob worked with elliott since his late heatmiser and either/or days by mixing/producing elliott's music and joanna engineered elliott's music when he recorded at jackpot! studios in portland that eventually became some of the music that ended up on xo and figure 8. she is also a producer and also help open shows up with elliott when she was on tour with the minders on bass (she was also elliott's ex-girlfriend). richard reports that the actual title of the record is now 'songs from a basement on the hill' and that they are working to complete elliott's vision and record according to elliott's demos, alternate recordings and notes. 2 songs were mentioned in the article that might be on the record: 'let's get lost' and 'distorted reality' (unsure if this is the new title for 'a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free'). the article describes the music to be like elliott's early work with vocals and guitar only to a new and boundary pushing sound for elliott's music. there are more wondeful thoughts and descriptions to add here but the space is too small, so please check out the whole article. thanks to goblinski and jared for posting the info and article on sweetaddy.com. if you would like to read the whole article, please click this link.

also, rumor is that rob, joanna and elliott's family are finishing up the mastering and sequencing of the record. they are also working on song order and amount of songs (rumored to be around 12 to 15 songs) to add to the record. (6.22.04)

ny tribute in aug, big nothing book cover, jon spencer, sparta, & greg dulli

thanks so much to john for setting up a tribute in elliott's honor. he was nice enough to send us words about and here they are:

i'm putting together an elliott smith tribute show here, and wanted to let you guys know so we can spread the word. the show is called, appropriately "figure 8: a tribute to the music of elliott smith," and will take place on august 6 (would have been his 35th b'day) at valentine's music hall in albany, new york. the artists are being lined up as we speak (will likely be mostly locals), but i thought i'd pass on word so maybe it could get listed on the sweetadeline site. i plan on donating all door receipts to the es memorial fund.

thanks to kevin for sending word that amazon.com has posted this new cover image for the upcoming book about elliott by benjamin nugent called "elliott smith and the big nothing." if you click on the image on the right, you can see the full version. if you would like to see it on amazon and order it, please click on this link to amazon.com and pre order your copy now. it also looks like they have a projected release date of october 30th and 30% pre-order discount at this time. it will also be a hardcover release.

fat possum records will be releasing a tribute record with a collaberation with jon spencer and elliott. the record is "sunday night: the songs of junior kimbrough," a tribute to the late fat possum blues artist. sorry there is no information when it might come out. if we hear anything, we will try to post asap. thanks to fred for posting on sweetaddy.com.

thanks to jake for sending this in too: i just got a link to this article about my favorite band sparta and it says that they have recorded a song about elliott called "bombs and us". you read more about it at billboard.com.

finally, thanks to jonathan for sending us this nice tribute that greg dulli has been doing at his shows: ....also wanted let you guys know greg dulli of the afghan whigs/twilight singers has dedicated many songs to elliott, remembering him as a fond friend.... (6.19.04)

your esmf donations in action, autumn dewilde, elliott book listed, & pete yorn

ashley, elliott's sister, recently posted on the elliott smith memorial fund mailing list that she was able to see your dontations in action! here is what ashley wrote to us:

i recently got the privilege of participating in one of free arts for abused children's art days, and it was a really great experience. it took place in a group home for teens who have had or are about to have a kid of their own. the young women got to paint or make other creative things. a lot of them made stuff for their babies, who were CUTE!!! (we got to see the little ones for a few minutes.) anyway, i saw some of the money that y'all have donated in action, and it was really cool. the young women seemed very appreciative of the art stuff they got to do, which was made possible by donations from everyone like y'all out there. so thanks!

if you would like to help out for the first time or more in elliott's honor, please read more about the elliott smith memorial fund by going here!

thanks to hugh for recently posting on sweet addy, that autumn dewilde has a new website and on it there are some beautiful pictures of elliott. along with being elliott's friend, autumn had a huge part of the artwork and images related to elliott's figure 8 release. she took many of elliott's publicity photos, directed elliott's son of sam video and, along with dale smith, created alot the artwork for figure 8 and singles from the record. anyway its a wonderful site and there are other images of elliott in other parts. please go here to see the elliott smith page or visit autumdewilde.com. thanks to autumn for sharing these images with us.

thanks to rachel for pointing out that the upcoming book about elliott that is being written benjamin nugent is now listed on amazon.com. the book is called "elliott smith and the big nothing" and you are able to pre-order it at this time. while there is no additional information about the book at this time, the book will be a hardcover one with 224 pages and published by decapo press. it looks like it will be out sometime in october. you can go here to see the listing on amazon.

finally, thanks to chris for sending this in about the new live pete yorn cd: i thought i would bring to your attention that on the latest pete yorn album which is titled "live from new jersey" that was taped on october 29, 2003 has a song called 'bandstand in the sky' which he mentions on the cd when he was talking to the crowd even though that he wrote the song in 1997 and it was originally written about jeff buckley's death he noted that in the days following elliot's death he was singing the song for him. (6.7.04)