june 2006

melbourne, australia tribute, future butterflies myspace and npr!

thank you to jamie for letting us know that there is an elliott tribute show this weekend in melbourne, australia! the show is on sunday, june 18th at the corner hotel! here is what they posted on the corner hotel website:

remote memory, a tribute to elliott smith
this night is a tribute to the muse of elliott smith whose music is still with us, and whose work still reaches fans across the world. this tribute is a follow up to the successful night, over a year ago which featured so many great melbourne acts. the tribute album ‘remote memory’ will be for sale on the night. performers include d rogers, andy gordon, emma heeney, jaimi faulkner, nick murphy, tobias cummings, raoul graf, greg nelson, andrew mccubbin, alfred daniel, megan bowman, the folds, julian devery plus more to be announced. doors: 7pm.

tickets are $12+bf at the corner box office (11am-8pm Mon-Sat). you can also call at 9427 9198 or visit their site at www.cornerhotel.com.

thanks to jessica for letting me know that future butterflies, the elliott smith fan documentry, now has a myspace page to get more news and information about the documentry. the page is also another great place for fans of elliott to hang out and see each other at on myspace :) if you are interested in finding out how to be involved with documentry, please visit the future butterflies myspace page by going here: http://www.myspace.com/future_butterflies.

finally, thank you to marisol! for sending me a link to the recent and nice feature and interview on npr about christopher o'riley's interpretations of elliott's music. christopher sat down at the piano in npr's all things considered to talk about his tribute to elliott, home to oblivion, an elliott smith tribute. the page featuring the story also has some clips of chris' versions and elliott's songs to give people a better idea what christopher captured in listening to elliott's music. to hear the interview, hear the songs and read some thoughts about elliott, please go here: npr's all things considered. (06.15.06)

outside in now part of the elliott smith memorial fund! - from elliott's family :)

Hello everyone!

We, the members of Elliott's family, have been discussing some new options for the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund, and we have an exciting new development that we wanted all of you to know about. We've raised quite a bit of money, thanks to generous donations from so many of you, in Elliott's name. All money raised thus far has gone to Free Arts for Abused Children. We've raised over $50,000, (quite possibly a LOT more than that, we're waiting on some tallies from the organization,) and we decided that there are tons of other very worthy causes that we'd like you to know about, and possibly choose as well.

"Outside In" is a Portland-based not-for-profit organization aimed at helping homeless Portland youth. The organization provides all kinds of very important support, such as housing, medical clinics, a needle-exchange program, transgender/sexual identity services, and scholarships, among other things, for street kids. According to their website, 80% of homeless youth who go through their transitional housing program never return to the streets. Think about that statistic- this organization is changing kids' lives in the biggest way possible- taking them off the streets and getting them started on a new, safe path through support and love. We think this organization will really benefit from our donations, and we invite you to check Outside In out for yourself. Their website is outsidein.org.

We feel that this organization is a good fit for Elliott's fund for a number of reasons. Elliott was vocal about helping abused kids, and those are largely the population that Outside In serves, though it is not a requirement. Outside In hits close to home- their facilities are actually RIGHT across the street from Lincoln High School, where Elliott went to school. Finally, Elliott knew of Outside In and had actually agreed to do a benefit for their needle-exchange program. Sadly, he never got the chance, but now we have an opportunity to give to this organization is his name.

The Elliott Smith Memorial Fund will continue to support Free Arts for Abused Children, as we believe this is a great organization that does great things for so many kids, but we also encourage donors to "spread the wealth" and consider choosing Outside In for your next donation. The choice is yours!

Here's how it works:

You, (or your group/organization/event,) decide to donate to the Elliott Smith Memorial Fund. (a huge THANK YOU, by the way... we know that many of Elliott's fans are young and don't have much money to speak of, and the smallest of donations really touch our hearts, knowing that someone sacrificed buying a CD or a t-shirt or DINNER that night to send the check...)

You CHOOSE which organization to send your money to.

(Free Arts or Outside In.) 100% of your money goes directly to the charity you choose, as has always been the case.

To support OUTSIDE IN:

Make your check out directly to "Outside In", and make sure to put "Elliott Smith Memorial Fund" in the MEMO field of your check. (If you forget, and follow the procedure we've been doing with Free Arts, they can also cash the checks if you make them out to "Outside In/Elliott Smith Memorial Fund". The first method is preferable, however.)

Send OUTSIDE IN checks to:

Outside In
1132 SW 13th Avenue
Portland, OR 97205


The procedure is the same as it has been. Make your check out to "Free Arts/Elliott Smith Memorial Fund".

Send FREE ARTS checks to:

Elliott Smith Memorial Fund
c/o Free Arts for Abused Children
12095 W. Washington Blvd. Suite 104
Los Angeles, CA 90066

We hope all of you are doing well and staying safe, happy, and healthy. Thank you for making Elliott's music, and now his legacy, a part of your life. He did so many good things while he was here, and this fund is an extension of that spirit, embodied in all of you. Our deepest gratitude, along with the gratitude of the kids your money is helping, goes out to each and every one of you. Take care.

Elliott's Family

also if you would like to join the elliott smith memorial fund mailing list, please go here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/esmemorialfund

if you would like to make a donation via paypal, please send it to esmfund@yahoo.com. this email address is set up exclusively for the paypal account so any emails sent to it will probably go unanswered. thank you! :) (06.06.06)

elliottsmith.com + sweetadeline.net (with a heart around it)

i don't even know what to say! at the beginning of may i recieved an email from casey from elliottsmith.com telling me for the time being that he is going to take a break from upkeeping elliottsmith.com :( casey was the second person to have a website dedicated to elliott and his site was a huge influence on the work i have help put together here on sweet adeline. not only that, he help bring a wonderful sense of community between all of elliott's fans and very supportive of others who wanted to be a part of that community. so instead of just closing his site and letting it be, he was kind enough to consider forwarding the elliottsmith.com name to sweet adeline. so you are now able to access sweet adeline by entering elliottsmith.com in the address bar of your favorite browser :) it's an amazing honor and hopefully fans of es.com will like it too. thank you casey and i hope you come back soon. xo (06.04.06)