june 2007

new moon shirt, needle in the hay 7", who's behind the door, real fun, & more

thanks to rae for posting on sweet addy that kill rock stars has released a new elliott smith shirt! the shirt is similar to the new moon album cover created by mike king and is only available on the krs store. like the t-shirts for sale at the official elliott smith store, all profits from the shirt sales will be going to outside in :) if you are interested in getting this new shirt, please go to the kill rock stars store by clicking here: new moon t-shirt. also check out the krs store's elliott smith page for other elliott stuff on sale, including some new moon and t-shirt bundles! (please click on the image to see a larger image of the shirt)

kill rock stars also announced on the myspace new moon site that they just repressed the needle in the hay 7"! they mention that the 7" has been out of print but they are now available on the kill rock stars store site and you can also download it at itunes. if you are interested in ordering it, please go here and if you are interested in purchasing it from itunes, please click this link!

this is one of the news items i keep forgetting to mention but recently neil gust (elliott's friend and bandmate from heatmiser) was kind enough to share an unreleased no. 2 song with neil from somesongs.net that features elliott on guitar and keyboards. the song is called 'who's behind the door' and you can download it now from neil's site dedicated to no. 2's music, moveitalong.net. it's a really great site and it also includes some live recordings from no. 2 as well. if you would like to check out the site and download 'who's behind the door,' please go to moveitalong.net! if you would like to check out no. 2 on myspace as well, please go to: http://myspace.com/no2gust

another cool book i have been wanting to mention is called 'real fun.' this book collects 100 polariods from the independent music landscape and is by ashod simonian. included in the book are 2 pictures of elliott. in one, elliott is playing with a retractable sphere while the other image is elliott brushing some slippers because elliott lived close to a bar and would provide robes and slippers for anyone who slept over his place :) the book also includes other pictures of members of death cab for cutie, spoon, pavement, the shins, sleater-kinney, broken social scene, wilco and more. the book also includes a cd but no elliott songs are feature but some great music is included. if you are interested in getting more information about the book or want to order it, please click here: real fun

there was a really cool thing that came up in the promotion of apple's new iphone. in one of their new commerical's, they show off the features and while scrolling through some album covers, it is easy to catch the album cover for elliott's 'xo' record. jefrey was kind enough to take time to capture the moment 'xo' comes up in the ad. if you would like to see a large version of it, please click on the picture. if you would like to see the ad itself you can go here: iphone ad (thanks jefrey)

finally, here are a couple of new moon media stuff that was sent to me:

elliott smith: the 'new moon' podcast - oregonlive.com
elliott smith - new moon (german review) - plattentests online (6.18.07)