march 2002

amos in the mail, lucky three screening and goldenboy chat

i recently got my copy of the new amos house collection vol. 2, that features some great music including elliott's bottle up & explode (alternative version), in the mail recently. the record is not in stores yet but will be on the 16th. the version is same version that appears on the out of print import baby britain cd single, but the comp is really great and highly recommended. also its a benefit for a homeless shelter so please pick one up. you can order it online by going here!

i'm also on the kill rock stars mailing list and recently mentioned that lucky three will be screen in seattle. here is what krs said:

april 10 - seattle @ emp / jbl theatre
a film about elliott smith - "lucky three" (by jem cohen) will play with a collection of sparklehorse videos. 7 pm + 8:30 pm $5-$7

finally, im really late on this but thanks to silke for posting that goldenboy is going to have a chat tonight. i'll try to bug them for some elliott questions :) here is more info from silke: today i got an email telling me that at least two of three goldenboys will be around themselves, that is shon sullivan and david mcconnell, both great people and as you know, shon toured with neil finn and elliott smith, david is soundengineer for elliott smith's upcoming album and hey, that email said they'd answer your questions about them and the musicians they are musically related to

it'll take place here at at the following

sunday, 31th of march
4pm la, 8pm new york, 11pm gmt, 12pm cet
monday, 1th of april, 10am sydney (3.31.02)

september and jsbx

thanks to fred for posting this on sweet addy. its from scott booker and was posted on the hellfire discussion board (p.s. it rocks that scott does this! its really rare in music :) ):

okay, first of all please remember i've only been working with elliott for a little while, so i'm still finding out some of the things you guys are asking about. here's what i know...

in november i was in la and went to elliott's house - he played about 8 tracks to jennifer and me. some of the tracks had vocals, most of them were in a "full band" mode with him playing all of the instruments. there was one song that totally rocked that had steven from the lips and the drummer from beachwood sparks both playing drums at the same time. the tracks that didn't have vocals, he sat next to me and sang the words - it was amazing!! i'm going to be in la next week and will hear some more stuff. he told me he has about 11 tracks finished - i don't know what the titles are, but i will try to get some for you. he did play some of the stuff at the kcrw show in la last november and i'm sure he played some on the west coast dates he did in december (i wasn't at any of those shows, so i'm not sure what the playlist was).

we are in the process of deciding what label will release the next album. i would really like the album to come out by september (which is very likely) - it might be sooner...

as you all know elliott is very meticulous in his recording sessions, so it's takes longer - but as you know the records end up sounding great!!

i promise more details after my la trip.

also thanks to rae for telling about this post too concerning dreamworks and elliott: in regards to elliott, it is his choice not to record with dreamworks right now. they would like to release his next album, but he's not comfortable dealing with the corporate structure right now. dreamworks are being very cool to let him release this album on an indie. everyone's happy with the scenario right now, both dreamworks and elliott...

thanks to wayne for posting this on the yahoo group list too about elliott's possible appearance on the new jon spencer blues explosion record: following up on that recent report of elliott taking the stage at the blues explosion's recent la concert, it seems that he appears on the song "dock" from their forthcoming disc plastic fang. no word yet on what instrument(s) the e-man plays on the recording. (3.23.02)

scott booker and jon spencer

sorry im a little late but this is posted on hellfire's (elliott's manager) site that scott booker will be at sxsw! i don't know the format but maybe there is a chance to ask him questions? here is what is posted on the hellfire site: stop by and watch scott booker at sxsw during the 'manager's as adversaries' panel: friday, march 15, 3:30-4:45pm, lavaca room, austin convention center

thanks to max for sending this bit of news of an elliott sighting:

i don't know if you've heard, but elliott smith sang backup at the jon spencer blues explosion show at the el rey in los angeles last night. he was standing to the side of the stage with a ladyfriend for the whole show, really rocking out and looking like he was having a blast. then, at one point, jon spencer said he wanted to bring up a special guest, a "good friend" to help out for the next song. elliott jumped on stage and seemed to really enjoy his rock star moment, cuz he did some cool moves with the mic stand. he sang along to the chorus with jon. when he was done, he blew some kisses to the band and shyly got off the stage. it was an awesome appearance, though.

fianlly im so behind on emails! sorry. i hope to add some stuff this weekend :) pray for me this weekend! (3.15.02)

elliott smith gigography, amos benefit and more!

there is a new elliott smith fan site on the net and its by a contributer to sweet adeline, jerry, and jill! the site is called elliott smith gigography and it incredibly brings together both past tour and bootleg information all in one place. it's a wonderful site with great info, so please visit it by going here. thanks to jerry and jill for making the site! :)

david from wishing tree sent a new update about the upcoming benefit, the amos house collection, vol II. here it is: "we're proud to report that we will finally be releasing the amos house collection, vol II worldwide on april 16th. the first installment of vol II is a single disc and features 19 tracks (1 and 1/2 hours of new music!!) of new, rare, remixes, and never heard before tracks from wheat, spoon, kleenex girl wonder, emily sparks, bright eyes, jr corduroy, elf power, skating club, the gentle waves (isobel campbell of belle & sebastian), james william hindle, ida, aden, drew o'doherty, the aislers set, clairvoyants, elliott smith, azure ray, son, ambulance, and misc. a limited quantity will be available in our new on-line store at www.wishingtreerecords.com. pre-orders are being taken now and orders will be shipped on march 17th (1 month before street date!!).

here is some news i've been meaning to catch on! sorry!

thanks to brian for sending this link to indie pop live that elliott is the concert of the week. the show is from 2.23.99 (showbox, seattle, wa) and you can download it for free. go here to download the show.

also thanks to shaun for creating an elliott smith channel on musicmatch.com. here is shaun: "people with musicmatch jukebox can listen to a bunch of elliott stuff and other music they think his fans might like." if you have a player, go here. if not, go to musicmatch.com to get one! (3.8.02)

a new mailing list and moving

i started a new mailing list for sweet adeline. i get a good number of emails usually asking me if i can email them personally when elliott goes on tour and stuff. that can be overwhelming for me so i decided to bring back the sweet adeline mailing list mainly for when tour dates are announced. there might be other cool secret stuff like giveaways happening on it too. i'm not sure yet, but i for sure want to use it for tour announcements. just to let you know, there are no plans for an elliott as of today! anyway if you want to join or check it out, please go here. you have to join the yahoo groups to be on the list.

just to let everyone know that i'll be off line for maybe a week or so because im moving to santa cruz. so ill i might be really slow emailing and updating (i have a lot to do too!) until i set my computer up in santa cruz. thanks for everyone's patience. :P (3.2.02)