march 2004

elliott's studio update, belfast tribute concert, songs in thumbsucker + more

ashely sent us an update concerning if you are interested in purchasing elliottt's studio. fans who are seriously interested will need to send an email again with additional information. to find more about the information the family is requesting, please go to the studio page here. we will add any future updates to that page as well. thanks to ashley!

thanks to nikki for sending info for a tribute for elliott in belfast, northern ireland :) thanks to the organizers. here is what nikki sent and the tickerts are on sale now: i just wanted to let you know that there is an upcoming tribute in belfast, northern ireland, entitled "elliott smith - a tribute in music and film". it takes place in the waterfront hall studio, belfast, on may 6th at 8pm. tickets are £5, and are available on ticketmaster (uk) and the waterfront box-office.

thanks to mello-jo for sending this that there is a chance that some of elliott's unreleased songs will be in mike mill's upcoming film, thumbsucker. here is mello-jo with a little more info: i just thought i'd let you know (if you don't already) that apparently there's a film with keanu reeves in it being made at the moment, and tim delaugher from the polyphonic spree is doing the soundtrack and he will be using unreleased elliott songs. go to imdb.com for more info concerning the movie.

finally here are some couple things that were sent to us recently: thanks to lisa for sending this: i saw joan as policewoman opening for rufus wainwright last week, and she sang a song about elliott. idon't know the name of it, and i haven't been able to find it online, but ithought you might be interested that it exists. her website is at joanaspolicewoman.com. thanks to brian for sending this in too: i thought you might want to know that the article on elliott from the february 15th la times was reprinted today (either march 7th or 8th) in the japan times - the largest english language newspaper in japan. it was great opening it up here and seeing him. (3.14.04)

elliott's recording studio for sale

Hello! Ashley here. Elliott's family would like to get the word out that there is something major happening with Elliott's studio. As many of you may know, he amassed an amazing collection of vintage studio recording equipment, as well as all the normal stuff that a studio needs, and we've been trying to figure out the best way to take care of it. After much thought and careful consideration, we realized that we do not have the structure, administration, or quite frankly, the money to keep the studio up and running. This was a difficult decision, but one that the family has come to, and so regretfully we must sell the studio. We're very much hoping that we find that special person who will love and cherish all the equipment in there like he did. We really don't want to piece out the stuff, because it just feels weird. We're hoping that you, or maybe someone you know, might have the means and the desire to try and aquire all of his studio equipment, take over the monthly rent, and basically own and operate his studio as your own from now on. Ideally we'd love to sell it to someone who would run it similarly to his plan, which was low-cost for bands who don't have the big bucks in recording deals. However, if that person doesn't come along, we'd settle on selling it to someone who would use it and respect it, however they saw fit. We wanted to post this information on here, where fans check, so that if anyone reading this does have the means, they can have the opportunity to buy it first. If you are seriously interested, please send an email with your phone number to this address: elliotts_studio@yahoo.com. We're only considering people who want to buy the whole thing as one piece right now, because that seems the least disruptive to his space and his stuff that he loved so much. Thank you. (3.11.04)

pretty (ugly before) 7" single rereleased!

thanks to brian and alicia for letting us know that suicide squeeze records sent out an update and it included this awesome bit of info: "elliott smith "pretty (ugly before) 7". this 2003 release was originally limited to a pressing of 5000 copies. if you missed out on the first pressing here's your chance to make good and own this classic release." if you want to pick one up, please go here! thanks to david too! (3.2.04)