march 2007

glorious noise interviews larry, new moon preview & elliottsmithbootlegs.net

thanks to jake for taking the time to email us about a recent interview he did with larry crane about new moon on glorious noise! the article is a very insightful interview and includes some great detail about where the songs from new moon came from and how the record came together. aside from being a friend of elliott's, larry crane also mixed new moon, supervised the mastering, helped with the sequencing, and wrote part of the liner notes. larry is the archivist for elliott's estate as well. if you would like to check out the article at glorious noise, please go here: glono interview: larry crane, archivist of elliott smith's estate. larry was also kind enough to take some time and post in a thread on sweet addy about the article. if you would like to check it out, please click here: sweet addy.

thank you to john for emailing us too about his recent preview of new moon on his blog at uncut. his preview is the first press (that i've seen) to hear and talk about the record so far, so there might be promos of new moon starting to go out for review :) john was also one of the first uk journalists to interview elliott (for nme) and wrote plenty about him through the years. if you are interested in getting john's thoughts about the record, please go to his blog here: elliott smith's new moon

finally, thanks to paul t for creating a new site dedicated to providing free access to elliott smith bootlegs in one location, elliottsmithbootlegs.net. the site provides a place for audio and video bootlegs and it has a list of bootlegs that need to be found. elliottsmithbootlegs.net also brings together shows that come from archive.org and trashtreasury.com. paul is looking for more shows to add. if you can help him, please contact him through his site or if you just want to check out the site itself, please go to: elliottsmithbootlegs.net. thanks paul for taking the time to start another great elliott smith site :) (3.10.07)

more about autumn de wilde's book, elliott smith :)

thank you so much to steve at chronicle books for taking the time to send us an email about autumn de wilde's upcoming book, 'elliott smith.' steve is editing the book and saw we had a little news item about the book in our last update and wanted to let us know what else to expect in the book, which is an awesome surprise to read because not only does it have autumn's beautiful pictures and thoughts but the book will include images of elliott's handwritten lyrics and ephemera, conversations with elliott's loved ones and musicians he inspired and a 5 song cd with live tracks elliott did at largo! :) even better, a portion of the proceeds will go to the sims foundation in austin and outside in in portland. yay! amazon has a pre-order listing for autumn's book online if you are interested in getting it (please remember it is slated to be released in oct./nov.). it is also on sale for $19.77 in the united states if you pre-order the book! (please check your local amazon site for more information if you live outside of the u.s.). here is a link to the book if you would like to pre-order it: amazon.com: 'elliott smith' by autumn de wilde.

well here is steve's wonderful and detailed email. thanks again to steve for sharing so much!

"hey i saw the notice about the elliott smith book autumn is doing and wanted to give you some more info on it (i'm the editor working with her on the book). it's indeed called ELLIOTT SMITH. it's a collection of photographs that autumn took over the years of knowing elliott, both as friends and having worked with him for various photo shoots, as well as on the cover and album packaging and other stuff etc. for figure 8 and on the video they did together for "son of sam." it will also include some ephemera and handwritten lyrics, and conversations with some of elliott's friends, family, and musicians he inspired. those include:

matthew caws, neil gust, ashley welch, dorien garry, joanna bolme, sean croghan, ben gibbard, chris walla, sam coomes, mark flanagan, jon brion, dale smith, rob schnapf, margaret mittleman

it also includes a previously unreleased 5-song cd of elliott playing live, solo acoustic at largo in l.a. the tracklisting for the cd is 1. between the bars, 2. angelesl, 3. clementine, 4. clouds (a quasi cover), 5. all my rowdy friends have settled down (a hank williams jr. cover)

the live recording’s really good, by mark flanagan at largo, the crowd is totally hushed during the songs, and elliott has fun with the hank jr. cover. it’s a hardcover, 8 x 10-1/2 vertical, 224 pages, $29.95, and it will be out in october/november 2007. a portion of the proceeds will go to the sims foundation in austin and outside in up in portland. autumn's almost done with the cover and i'd be glad to send it along when it's ready! all best wishes, steve"

steve also responded to my email thanking him and he also included this great and nice little bit: 'the book went originally from autumn writing a small amount of text, mostly a photo book, to her then wanting to have many voices in the book, in the form of conversations, so it went from what was going to be 1,500 words to 50,000 words(!)' thanks to everyone who orders the book! (3.6.07)