march 2008

pictures of me, autumn and larry crane at sxsw & paranoid park soundtrack

thanks to jen for sending us info about the upcoming showing of an exhibit at sxsw of autumn's pictures of elliott called 'pictures of me: rare photographs of elliott smith by autumn de wilde.' the exhibit will be held at 4 walls fine art and the address is 115 east 5th street, #1, austin, tx 78701. the opening for the exhibit is thursday march 13, 2008 from 4-7pm but you can also visit the showing from march 14 to march 22, 2008 from 11-5pm (except march 17, it will be closed). it's a really nice show to check out (i recently saw the san francisco showing) and i hope you can make it. please click the picture on the left to check out the announcement!

you will also have an opportunity to see autumn at a couple of other events going on at sxsw on the 13th as well. first autumn will be a part of a panel called 'through the lens: photographers on musicians.' the panel is described as "four notable photographers present a two-part program. each photographer will recall their favorite images as they are shown onscreen. then they'll discuss the issues impacting music photography,such as difficulties that restrictions on shooting shows present and the new business models for photographers being developed in the digital realm." the panel is being moderated by michael azerrad and will be in room 17ab on thursday, march 13th, 11:45 am - 1:00 pm. for more info you can click here: through the lens: photographers on musicians. then you will be able to visit with autumn at '2008 south by bookstore' signing. autumn will be there on thursday march 13th at 1:30 pm at one of these stands: 535, 537, 901. for more info about the signing please go here: '2008 south by bookstore' signing.

another wonderful person who will be a part of sxsw is larry crane. larry will be on 2 panels about recording. one is called 'quickies 4: in the studio' and the other panel is called 'producers: the analog-digital shift' while there is a chance that elliott won't be mentioned at the panel, larry and the other panelists are a amazing resource in the recording world and i am sure a lot of upcoming recording artists would get something from listening to them. larry worked with elliott at larry's studio, jackpot!, in portland, help bring the beautiful 'new moon' record together and is the archivist for the estate of elliott smith. for more info about larry and the panels we will be one, please check out: larry's bio on the sxsw page.

finally, for completists, i saw that gus van sant's import soundtrack for his movie 'paranoid park' is coming out this week. the movie features 2 of elliott's songs and both songs make the import soundtrack as well. the 2 songs that are featured in the movie is the previously released album versions of 'angeles' and 'the white lady love you more.' this is the second movie that gus has used elliott's music (the first being good will hunting). if you are interested in purchasing the soundtrack, amazon has a listing of it here: paranoid park import soundtrack. (3.10.08)