may 2001

myclementine.net - the fan covers site!

kristy and shala were awesome enough to start a new tribute site! myclemetine.net recently opened and is a home for elliott smith fans to post their covers of elliott's songs. right now the site features the recent sweet addy tribute cd including an extra track not included on the original cd by kuta. please support this site by downloading songs and sending in your elliott covers in to kristy and shala! for more information please go to myclementine.net! thanks kristy and shala! (5.17.01)

new record news and sweet adeline shirts on their way!

special thanks to fred for sending this!:

got some news for you. oranger are touring the uk right now and i went to see them last night. i got talking to them after the show and they mentioned that just before they left the usa they went down to la to see elliott. they said he was working on the new album and they kind of gave me the impression that he was doing some crazy stuff. he's put together a new band - no sam, and they said that he's been listening to the stooges a lot (!!!!). they said that they had heard a few of the songs and mentioned 'somebody's baby' and 'fond farewell'. i asked them when they thought he'd be back in the uk and they said 7 or 8 months (but i guess that that is just them speculating).

also if you ordered a sweet adeline t-shirt, i just wanted to say that i have sent all the shirts out last week. some of them probably havent made it yet, but please give it some time (like a week or 2) if it hasnt arrived yet before emailing me about it. still working out the numbers concerning shipping and stuff and then i will for sure post the break down of everything. its looking for sure we will be at least sending $100 for the benefit the love joy columns so that better than nothing. i just wanted to send a big thanks to clem for taking the time to help me getting this done. anyway i hope whoever got or will get the shirts likes em. anyway i think thats it. thanks a lot if u got one. (5.12.01)

giveaway winners and more!

sorry it took a bit to pick the winners for the last giveaway, but here u go! peter a. (providence, ri), alex f. (bellingham, wa), and andrea b. (newark, de). the stuff is on the way! thanks for entering. i hope it was fun anyway.

thanks to al for taking the time to let me know he updated his wonderful site, no name 9 with a new show to download: 2.6.01! go here to check it out.

also check out philippe's cool covers site, elliott smith covered. it features philippe playing elliott songs on video and mp3s. it also features a couple of other sweet addy posters, mandrake and christophe. please check it out by going here! (5.7.01)