may 2002

some magazine mentions

in the newest issue of tape op (may/june), you might want to check the letters section of the magazine if you want additional information about how larry crane and elliott worked together to record 'miss misery.' for more info about how to get this wonderful magazine on how to record music, please go here.

thanks to jennifer for sending this: just thought i would mention that there is a small "elliott related" article in the may 2002 issue of cmj new music monthly. it's called "who's the next elliott smith" and it compares three up and coming singer/songwriters to our main man elliott!! it made me happy to see elliott getting some props, so i thought i would let you guys know!

finally, recently elliott's name has been mentioned in a lot of reviews for badly drawn boy's about a boy soundtrack. most of the times they compare elliott to damon but they also mention tom rothrock who help produce elliott's records. (5.30.02)

new sites on the web

just for your info, the hellfire discussion board is back online. maybe if we all asked for some elliott news or maybe an mp3, who knows might happen. to ask nicely, go here.

in other news there are 3 new sites on the web that are of close friends of elliott's.

the first one is for pete krebs. im helping on the site and i want to invite everyone to come by and check out info about pete. elliott worked on pete's western electric record and even had a rare split 7" of pete's song shytown and elliott's no confidence man together. anyway here is the address, petekrebs.com, and hopefully it will develop into something nice and you like there.

the next site is for alaska! if you happen to see elliott's 4 show tour, they opened up for elliott. also russ, who is in alaska!, is also in elliott's new touring bass player. they are recording a new record with david from goldenboy and who is involved with helping elliott on the new record. it's a nice site and for sure worth checking out the mp3s. please go to pureyukon.com for more info!

finally, the third site is actually 2x2 that was created by mike about quasi. but sadly mike doesnt have much time to updated and now christa is updating it. the site has a new address and home and if you want to check out this wonderful site, please go here! (5.24.02)

a new site, a picture and magnet

thanks to andi for starting a new elliott site. i think its called 'pictures of me' and features elliott pictures of course. its just getting started and there are more to come. if you want to check it out, go here!

thanks to justin for bugging pat michaels from northwestern to get a recent picture of elliott from the recent show in chicago. of course its a picture of elliott massaging his hurt hand (out of the all the pictures he took :P) but its nice to see elliott anyway! go here to check out the thread on sweet addy.

umm finally, in the new issue of magnet magazine with jeff tweedy on the cover, i got interviewed for the indie online section featured in the magazine. it talked about fan sites and the impact of them. the whole interview didn't make it so i thought it might be fun to put a behind the scenes kinda thing by adding the whole interview on the site by jonah bruker-cohen to show you what did and didn't make it in the article. go here to check it out. (5.14.02)

catching up on some old news

sorry i haven't update the site with this info yet, but better late than never. well here are somethings sent and seen recently:

elliottsmith.com: recently casey update elliottsmith.com with a new look. its really nice i think! included are audio files, videos, articles and links. please go here to check it out.

thanks to john luerssen from rolling stone for emailing us about his new book that is coming out in stores in june but you can order online now, called 'mouthing off - a book of rock & roll quotes.' elliott will be featured in a several chapters and john sent a sample of one of the quotes: "it's actually really hard to write a happy song without sounding corny." it will include other artists as well. if you interested in ordering the book in advance, go to amazon.com.

another record that is out now is, jon spencer blues explosion's plastic fang, which elliott appears on the song "tore up and broke." thanks to anne for sending this info: the track is only available in the u.s. on the vinyl release, along with three other extra songs. the only cd version is on the european import of plastic fang released by mute (european). for people who can't find it here, amazon.co/uk carries it and ships to the us. i think it's about $12, not including shipping.

the amos house collection vol. 2 should be in stores now. this great comp includes an early version of bottle up & explode! and all the money goes to amos house charity. check your local stores or order it on line at wishing tree records. (5.7.02)

chicago setlist and info

thanks to jeffrey and amy for sending me info about last night's show in chicago. here is what amy had to say about the show!

1. get lost
2. don't go now
3. division day--a request that was aborted.
4. pretty ugly before
5. between the bars--aborted
6. shooting star
7. independence day--aborted
elliott did a riff of Fond Farewell
8. come out now--or beautiful collapsing star--some elliott fan am i.
9. say yes--aborted.
10. true love--aborted
11. biggest lie
12. last call--aborted
13. fond farewell.

when elliott began, he spoke of his hand half fallen asleep. he couldn't feel his left ring finger and pinky, and throughout the set he would massage his arm and try to shake some life into it. he was discouraged but rather jovial about everything, tossed his smokes into the audience for a guy who wanted to bum a smoke. he and his buddies were feasting on the smokes and we kept yelling at them to toss them back to him. after last call, still lamenting about his hand, he put his guitar down and was going to tell a story--as someone requested--instead. a roadie came up and must have whispered to him to end the set, cos the story--which would have been great to hear--was replaced by fond farewell.

my promoter friend who was so kind to me earlier in the day recognized me after the gig and told me that they took him to the hospital to check out his arm.

oh! girls! his hair was shoulder length and scruffy with a multi-colored wooly hat, he wore khakis and a real beat up route 66 t- shirt. and, he was playing his gibson. (5.3.02)

elliott live in chicago tonight?!

thanks to jerry and the person who originally emailed me about this (sorry your email is at home!) for sending word that it looks like elliott will be in chicago playing with wilco tonight (thursday may 2nd!). here is the website for more information concerning how to get tickets. the show is at the rivera theatre and is elliott's first one of the year! good luck to everyone getting tickets and if you get in, please email us a report if u can! get them before it sells out!

i hope to update the site soon. sorry for time away! (5.2.02)