may 2003

2 new shows, derby setlist, and field day

thanks to ellen for sending word about 2 new upcoming shows elliott is doing in ny and pa! here is the info:

monday, june 9
brooklyn, ny
on sale on friday, may 30 at noon
tickets available at ticketweb.com

tuesday, june 10
the trocadero
philadelphia, pa
on sale on friday, may 30 at noon
tickets available at ticketmaster.com
should be limited tickets at the box office on monday june 2nd

thanks to demo for posting the setlist from elliott's show at the derby on sweet addy. elliott had a band backing him up which included scott pcpherson (elliott's drummer on the last tour ) and robin on bass. i hear it was a short but great electric set :) here are the songs he played:

some song , a distorted reality... , hooray for tuesday (minders cover), strung out again, a passing feeling , coast to coast

thanks a lot to david for sending some pics from the show in: 1, 2, 3. you can also find pics taken by lisa here at sweet addy.

finally, there has been a lot of press about the field day festival and how it might be canceled. at this time no confirmation has been made that it is officially canceled. elliott still plans to play and we will update you with any chances asap! (5.29.03)

elliott at the derby on 28th and gets nominated

thanks to demo for posting on the sweet addy discussion board that elliott is playing the fold in the derby in los angeles which looks to be an excellent show!. here is the info:

wednesday, may 28 - the fold in the derby - $10 adv
a wild hotel/sweat of the alps label launch party
89.9 kcrw presents...
earlimart 10:00p
pine marten 9:15p
built like alaska 8:30p
and very special guests:
arm of roger (modesto) 11:00p
elliott smith 11:45p

go to virtuous.com to get tickets now! also if you can, please send us a setlist of the show!

finally, thanks to llaurens for posting on sweet addy that elliott has been nominated for a 2003 l.a. weekly award. elliott is in the best pop/rock songwriter/composer category. an awards ceremony is to be held at the henry fonda theater on thursday, june 26. i'm unsure if elliott will attend but 30 local music writers were given the task of selecting the best l.a.-based musicians. for more info, go here to the l.a. weekly site. (5.27.03)

belly up setlist, under the radar extras plus more

thanks to peter for taking the time to send us the setlist and notes from belly up show on the 22nd:

it was a great show! this was my 6th elliott show but my first in several years so i was extremely excited. the opening band (earlimart) were good but i never caught their name... on one of their last songs, they said, "this is for elliott," right before launching in but i didn't recognize the song - i thought it might be a heatmiser song.... well, on to elliott's setlist.

happiness, let's get lost, a passing feeling, plainclothes man, strung out again, i'm already somebody's baby, memory lane, the enemy is you, a distorted reality..., division day, some song, fond farewell, coming up roses, between the bars, st. ides heaven, hooray for tuesday (minders), pretty (ugly before) with backup singers, coast to coast (stopped), thirteen (big star), golden street?, i better be quiet now, say yes

it was a fantastic show! he made it through just about all of them...he also aborted a new song that was part of the first encore. someone asked him what it was called and he said "It's called coast to coast. i didn't get to that part yet." then he started to play just that line quietly. the new song (i think) that he played during the second encore was quite good - the lyrics said something about golden st. he aborted it right at the start but then picked it up again and (i think) played the whole song. the two covers sounded great!

robin played drums on quite a few, I'm sorry my setlist doesn't note which.

here are a couple pictures from the show thanks to david: 1 2 3 4

thanks to hiland for letting us know that under the radar has posted extra pictures and questions from elliott's interview that didnt make the issue! go here to check it out. also the issue is still available still you can get one by emailing mark: mark@undertheradarmag.com. some extra tibits in the article is that elliott is even considering releasing an ep of demos while we wait for the next record which elliott hopes to released by the end of the year. its really a wonderful article!

finally thanks to ellen, casey and bill for letting telling know that the northsix show is sold out so have a good time if you go! (5.24.03)

under the radar interviews elliott!

thanks to mark for sending this in that elliott is featured on the cover of latest under the radar magazine and has an in depth interview with him. here is mark with more info:

i just thought that sweet adeline would like to know that we have a big cover story with elliott smith in the new issue of the magazine. i think it's the first in-depth interview he's done in awhile and the article basically fills his fans in with what he's been up to for the last couple of years. writer marcus kagler, my co-publisher/photographer wendy lynch and myself basically spent a day hanging out with elliott and his super nice girlfriend at their house and at his studio. we interviewed him for a couple of hours, took about 10 or so rolls of film of him and he played us 9 new songs from his forthcoming album, giving us commentary on each song. we just got the issue back from the printer yesterday and they're already available in la at rhino records in westwood, arons records in hollywood and sea level records in echo park. the issue will be out in the rest of la (on newsstands and the like) next week and will be available in the rest of the country in about a week and a half to two weeks in stores like borders books and music and tower records, as well as at tons of independent record and book stores. people can also mail order it from us directly for $5.00 by contacting me: mark@undertheradarmag.com

next week we should also have bonus elliott smith photos and quotes on our site, stuff that we simply couldn't fit in the article. when that stuff is up I'll e-mail you a link to the exact page it's on.

check out the under the radar site for more info: www.undertheradarmag.com (5.17.03)

few belly up tickets left and maxwell's is sold out!

thanks to ellen for telling us that the belly up tavern will have a limited number (about 23 so far) of tickets for elliott's solana beach show on the 22nd. the tickets will be available beginning at noon on the day of the show at the belly up box office (858-481-8140). tickets are no longer available on ticketmaster. good luck if you still need tickets!

also, elliott's show at maxwell's on june 5th in new jersey is completely sold out and no extra tickets are expected to be at the door the day of the show. the best bet at this time is to keep checking at ebay.com. good luck!

just a reminder, im still working on the new site. i might be a while til update the other sections and email people back. sorry! (5.14.03)

solana beach show rescheduled!

thanks to brigit, sarah, pat, scott, ethos drowning, ellen, sophie and vanessa for taking the time to let me know that elliott's show at the belly up tavern has been reschjeduled for thursday, may 22nd (9pm)! the show is 21 and over and tickets from the previous postponed date will be honored. there are also additional tickets now on sale at ticketmaster.com. if this new date is inconvenient for anyone, they can return their tickets at the point of sale. (5.10.03)

2 new shows in new jersey and new york!

thanks to ellen for sending the info that elliott is playing 2 more shows in june! one show is in new jersey and the other in new york. here is the info we got:

thursday, june 5
hoboken, nj
all ages
on sale on wednesday, may 14 at noon
tickets available at ticketweb, tunes (hoboken) and other music (manhattan)

friday, june 6
brooklyn, ny
all ages

on sale on wednesday, may 14 at noon
tickets available at ticketweb

have fun if you go! (5.8.03)

steamboat setlist and pictures plus filter mag!

thanks to jefrey and brad for taking the time to send us the setlist for recent benefit show for glynn allen owens at the steamboat on may 3rd. it looks like elliott has another new song too! here is the setlist:

happiness, memory lane, rose parade, strung out again, plainclothes man, i figured you out, st. ides heaven, passing feeling, division day, between the bars, somebody's baby, i better be quiet now, pretty (ugly before) with 4 backup singers, waltz #2 (xo), satellite, new song (first line "last stop" repeated chorus "coast to coast") , say yes, blackbird (beatles cover)

jefrey also added this: "the show was incredible. over an hour long set, not a lot of talking he played a nice mix of old and new. he sounded very good. also here are some pictures jefrey took of the show!

finally, word is going around that bookstores are receiving the new issue of filter magazine with the ray davies interview by elliott. in a interesting twist ray davies also interviews elliott! some major points in the interview are: the new record will probably be done in the next couple of months. it has been almost finished for a long time but elliott "got too depressed to work on it." it is "99 % not going to come out on dreamworks." elliott is ready to tour with this record and he also adds "this one i'm actually going to try to sell." thanks to laurence for posting this on sweet addy. for more info including the picture of elliott in the magazine, go here!

p.s. still working on the new sweet adeline. sorry for not answering emails yet! i promise when the site is done i will catch up! (5.5.03)