may 2004

new elliott fan site, music for soliders and more tribute songs

thanks to brad for posting in the ask charlie a question area, that he has a new elliott site online! its called 'elliott smith media archive.' there you can find information concerning elliott's music, bootlegs and videos including a cool clip and the morning comes eclectic interview. if you would like to check it out, please go here at elliottsmithmedia.com.

thanks to sgt. christopher missick and steve, from brickfoot, for sending us a report about brickfoot being on tour in the middle east. brickfoot is supporting u.s. troops with music and playing 1 or 2 elliott songs at every show :) but it is nothing better to hear it from sgt. missick himself about hearing an elliott song and what it means to him:

"i can not describe how much elliott's music meant to me, and even that is an understatement. i wanted to let you know i heard the band brickfoot do a cover of cupid's trick...in kuwait. i am a soldier who was deployed to iraq and at a morale event, the band gave a great little tribute to elliott, recommended everyone there explore his music, and then played the song. i talked with them after the show and they said they usually also play "everybody cares, everybody understands." i wrote a short review of the show on my blog, and thanked the band for making me feel closer to home than any singular action that could have happened here in the war."

yay! thats really awesome. all my thoughts and prayers are with everyone over there. thank you for sending this to us to share. you can read more at sgt. missick's blog by going here.

charles - miss misery (thanks to charles)
chris reynolds - strung out again (thanks to chris) (5.23.04)

elliott tribute in athens, oh, bob marley cover, christopher o'riley + more!

thanks to toby and everyone involved for having a tribute show in elliott's honor! here is more info about it:

"in the lost and found: a tribute to elliott smith" assembles a diverse array of athens, ohio, local artists in tribute to elliott smith and his music. the artists to play are as follows:

watch Rilke, southeast engine, rob powell, justin gordon, alaina christine, daddy's gonna kill ralphie

it'll be held saturday, may 29, 2004, at donkey coffee and espresso (17.5 west washington st., athens, oh 45701) at 9 p.m. cost will be $3 and all profits will proceed the elliott smith memorial fund. for further information, please contact toby fallsgraff at fallsgraff@ohiou.edu.

thanks to mingy stingy and mike mccusker for posting info on sweet addy, that triple j in australia recently broadcasted a bob marley show and it included a demo and unreleased song by elliott covering the bob marley song, concrete jungle. the song came from roger steffans who is an reggae historian and was elliott's neighbor and he was kind enough to share it with fans in australia. there is no known recording of the show yet, but hopefully it will shared in some form someday.

thanks to michael for sharing this wonderful link to a performance by christopher o'riley of cupid's trick from pri's from the top show. to visit it, please go here and follow these notes: visit http://www.fromthetop.org/rs_pages/rs_listen.html and click on the may 10 - may 24 link (from chattanooga) to get to the .ram (real audio) file. christopher also included 4 covers on his site as well. if you go to and click on multimedia, you can listen to his arrangements of heatmiser's not half right, roman candle, between the bars and waltz #2. check out his calender area too because he plans to play elliott songs live as well at certain shows, including on 10.30.04 in new york billed as home to oblivion: an elliott smith tribute.

finally thanks to chris for sending his cover of the elliott's unreleased song, 'come to me.' please go here to check it out! (5.17.04)

elliott celebration in leeds, first elliott site taken down, nme & more songs

thanks to mark for sending us info and organizing a celebration of elliott and his music in leeds, uk. here is mark with more info about it:

i'm organising a celebration of elliott's music at the packhorse, leeds, uk on the 31st july it will feature as many musicians who want to play, i've got a few people to play already, but anyone can get involved. if you know people in the area who'd wanna play get them to email me mwright8@hotmail.com i'm gonna give the procedes to the samaritons which is a 24 hour confidential helpline.

sadly, i recently wanted to visit nathan's elliott smith and heatmiser site and saw that the college that had been hosting ithge sites, took them off. nathan's site was the first ever website dedicated to heatmiser, elliott and their music. i just would like to send a big thank you to nathan for having the vision and kindness to help fans get to know elliott and heatmiser more through news, articles, and discography. nathan also contributed by creating the first elliott smith related mailing list. anyway hopefully on behalf of many fans, thanks nathan for your sites and we will miss accessing it the regular way. if you would like to see an archive of the site, please go here.

thanks to chris for letting us know that nme printed information that was posted by elliott's father, gary smith, in a recent issue. the issue is with muse on the cover or you can read it for free by going here.

finally, i got some more links and news about songs dedicated to elliott's memory. here they are:

papa m - recently covered not half right, heatmiser song, in london (thanks michael)
private transport - covered happiness at a show (thanks to frank)
the julian - crossfire hero (thanks to sarah)


division day 7" in stock, coachella report, tribute songs from fans

thanks to paul for sending us info that suicide squeeze has elliott's division day/no name #6 7" in stock again. if you are interested in ordering a copy of the 7" division day cd single or the pretty (ugly before) 7", please go to the suicide squeeze online store.

thanks to jude for sending us a report about what they showed at coachella. here is the info: the shorts program 1 was shown 4 times during coachella (2x each day, once in the morning and once at night). it featured a version of "see you later" (a heatmiser song, i'm told) that elliott performed at the yo yo a go go festival in olympia, wa. on july 17, 1999. it came about 60-70 minutes into the short program and lasted maybe 2-3 minutes. there were no other songs. the end credit said "courtesy of the stella foundation" (or something similar). looked like video (definitely not film, imo), with multiple angles presented.

thanks to everyone who has been sending us links to songs, covers of elliott's songs or mention of songs by musicians are writing for elliott. here are some links i got recently. thanks to everyone for honoring elliott like this:

barry thomas goldberg - portland sun (review - thanks to paul)
davin wood - like a breath (thanks to davin)
duncan sheik - another gone (click on multimedia section - thanks to kirk & sarah )
eric metronome - elliott smith tribute cd (thanks to eric)
my vitriol - bottle up & explode! - (thanks to fred)