may 2007

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thank you to granthart for posting on sweet addy that amazon.com posted the cover for the upcoming photo book by autumn de wilde called 'elliott smith.' the book is not out yet and is slated for a november release, but it is available for pre-order through amazon.com. the book features photos of elliott as well as images of elliott's handwritten lyrics and ephemera, conversations with elliott's loved ones and musicians he inspired and a 5 song cd with live tracks elliott did at largo! also the new bit of information that has come out about the book is that the book will include a foreword from beck and chris walla from death cab for cutie. a portion of the proceeds will go to the sims foundation in austin and outside in in portland. both pitchfork and spin (thanks _happiness) also featured articles about the book recently too: spin & pitchfork. if you are interested in pre-ordering the book, please go here: amazon.com: 'elliott smith' by autumn de wilde. (please click on the cover for a larger image)

thank you to everyone who bought new moon! the record debuted at #24 on may 16th. the record sold 24,000 records in it's first week. remember by buying the record, a portion of the $ is going to outside in to help low-income adults and homeless youth in elliott's hometown, portland. so thanks so much for buying the record and thanks to andrew for sending me to an article about it. here is a link to the mention: buble sidesteps bone thugs to claim no. 1

thanks to kyle for letting us know that queens of the stone age are planning to release a cover of elliott's 'christian brothers' on june 4th with their new u.k. cd single '3's & 7's.' there is no mention on itunes yet but if you are interested in ordering it, amazon.com has it available for pre-orders. for more information, please go here: 3's & 7's single.

here are some cool stuff related to new moon. they include interviews with larry crane and reviews:

online articles
+ elliott smith's producer talks about the late musician's final collection (nerve.com - thanks to peter)
+ elliott smith: beyond the grave (vh1 - thanks to lauren)
+ moon's light: elliott smith's early recordings (e! online - thanks to erik)
+ memory lane: recollections of the late elliott smith from cmj staff and fellow musicians (cmj - thanks to chris)
+ 'miss misery' gets company, with music from beyond (oregon live - thanks to corey)
+ shooting star: a smith discography (oregon live - thanks to corey)

online reviews
+ elliott smith's new moon (cb music - thanks to lexi)
+ elliott smith - new moon (never news - thanks to colin)
+ elliott smith - new moon (twisted ear - thanks to graham)
+ elliott smith - "new moon" (spiegel - thanks to philipp)

printed articles
+ newsweek - may issue of newsweek there is an article on page 70 called "back from the dead" where they discuss, among other things, elliott's new release of new moon on may 8th and it has a nice full color half page photo of him. there is a brief interview with larry crane about the new moon compilation too. (thanks to jayme, lou and laura)
+ advocate - issue 986 has a review of new moon! (thanks to lhr)
+ uncut -
'astonishing two-disc trove of unreleased mid- 90's vintage' and 'new moon possesses extraordinary lachrymose beauty, even by smith's formidable standards', but they have awarded the lp 5 out of 5 stars!!! there is also a qand awith larry crane included.

special thanks to pat for letting us know that wikipedia featured elliott's article the weekend before new moon's release. pretty big considering there are 1,770,492 english articles. anyway pat was kind enough to send a screenshot of the front page when the article appeared. please click on it to see a larger picture.

before i go, i just wanted to say sorry. my computer went down right before new moon came out :\ i have a lot of great contributions to add to the site including tabs, lyric corrections, fan art and so on. so please check back in the next couple weeks and through out the summer for more! :) (5.28.07)

new moon out now! and unreleased benefit song coming in nov!

yay! new moon is out in stores this week! :) as i write this post, europe is lucky enough to get the record in stores now, while everyone in north america has to wait one more day (unless you were one of the first to pre-order the record and got yours in the mail this past week like me). 24 wonderful elliott smith songs on 2 disc or lps. it's truly an amazing record. please get it if you can! there has been an amazing amount of great reviews and features about the record and as fans we appreciate them. thank you for doing that and thanks to everyone who has helped promote the records especially since this record is bringing in some needed money to a wonderful organization, outside in. a significant portion of the proceeds go to outside in to help low-income adults and homeless youth in elliott's hometown, portland, or so please buy the record! we just want to send special thanks to the fans for their support and love of elliott's music, larry crane, kill rock stars, domino recording co. and everyone involved for working really hard to bring the record together and putting it out there for us to enjoy including friends and family. especially elliott's family for sharing elliott's music, honoring elliott's memory to the fullest and putting a lot of love into it. i think we all appreciate the hard work they have done. so please get new moon. it's a really beautiful record and it would be helping out some people out. thanks!

so if you were one of the early birds who ordered new moon, you might of gotten some cool extras from kill rock stars that came with your order especially if you bought the vinyl version of new moon. please click on the picture on the left to see what they were. fans got a new moon poster if they got the vinyl version but some fans got an extra surprise which was a postcard promoting new moon! kill rock stars also created an official new moon myspace page to help promote the record! myspace featured elliott on their myspace music page and they had a stream of the whole record to preview (sorry i couldn't add the info sooner) :( anyway, they did a really nice job creating the page and if you would like to have new moon as a friend, please click here: http://www.myspace.com/elliottsmithnewmoon (thanks maggie).

new moon is out this week but there is another compliation to look forward to in november and it is perfect to announce it this week because we want to make as many people aware about it as possible because it's an unreleased elliott and it will help benefit people at outside in! we hope to promote it even more when additional information comes out through out the year! kevin moyer is creator of the 'live from nowhere near you' comp (soon to be comps) and he is putting together vol.2. he was kind enough to send and let us share an email telling us about the song and the compliation. anyway he explains the story better thank i can so here is kevin with more info!:

"some background... elliott went to my high school and just down the street was a charity called outside in that we used to go to for free condoms way before we ever needed them. the organization helps in all fashions of good will - teen pregnancy, needle exchanges, and homeless issues. the lfnny effort will have its proceeds go specifically to the street youth and homeless programs and VOLUME TWO will feature a brand new, never heard before elliott song. the title is still being worked out but i promise you that it is a rare gem that has not been released or leaked in any form.

back in february i had the pleasure of sitting in with larry crane at the jackpot studios as he archived elliott material and mixed the upcoming new moon album, and we searched for a track to be included on this special charity effort. we stumbled upon something that his family, myself, and the labels didn't even know that it existed until it was dredged it out of his wall of reels. it was a one take masterpiece, dating around the time of the heatmiser house recordings, in preperation of either or or a heatmiser album perhaps... recorded completely, and then forgotten. we date it from this time period because of some of the instumentation used and from the reels that the track was found on. elliott plays every instrument on the track, and of course the vocals. to say the least, i spent at least a solid three months going through old elliott archives and it was both a mentally and emotionally draining process, i hope you can understand, but also very rewarding. i must have cried at least a few times just hearing his voice and the straight to the heart words. anyhow, the light at the end of the tunnel was finding this beautiful song. obviously, being both a friend and a fan, i love alot of elliott smith material and this track has elements of everything that i love all rolled up into one - slow, fast, happy, sad. i really think that you will dig it.

well, fingers crossed for a november 2007 release, if you want to stay up to date on info you can add your name to our mailing list at info@nowherenearyou.com or add us a friend at our myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/livefromnowherenearyou

and make sure to check out new moon... it is beautiful. we miss you elliott.

kevin moyer"

wow there is a lot of news to add to the site including reviews and interviews. sadly, time got the best of me but i hope add more stuff after this week. anyway, thanks again for remembering elliott and i hope you love new moon! xo (5.7.07)