november 2001

portland confirmed and hey jude?!

thanks to rae and ellen for letting us know that the december 20th show at the crystal ballroom is now booked. here is more info about it:

elliott will be playing at the crystal ballroom on thursday, december 20. tickets go on sale this friday at 10 am.

there are three places you can buy tickets: from ticketmaster, at jackpot records in portland ($ 1.00 surcharge) or at the crystal box office (no surcharge).

thanks to justin for taking the time to send this link at citybeat about elliott covering hey jude by the beatles for the new wes anderson movie, the royal tenenbaums. an early screening of the film had needle in the hay, so hopefully its still there! here is the exceprt from the citybeat site:

filmmaker wes anderson's upcoming the royal tenenbaums promises a stunning accompanying cd, just as tasty as his previous rushmore set. opening next month, the soundtrack features a score by mark mothersbaugh of devo, a cover of the beatles' "hey jude" by elliott smith and tracks from the clash, the ramones, velvet underground and nick drake (11.29.01)

2 upcoming shows and an amos update!

thanks to ellen for sending this exciting news to the elliott smith yahoo! group list:

elliott's going to be playing a handful of solo acoustic dates in december.
here's what there is so far:

december 18 san francisco - great american music hall
december 21 seattle - the showbox

tickets go on sale this thursday at 10 am.

also tentative is dec. 20 - portland, or - crystal ballroom. thanks to someone!

also thanks to fred for sending this update about the "amos house collection, vol. II." and that the elliott track is the old alternative version of bottle up & explode! that is most likely the version released on the u.k. cd single of baby britain and other releases. (11.27.01)

from the basement on the hill and a benefit song!

thanks to sarah for pocsting info on sweet addy and steve for sending me a link to the article at mtv.com. the big news in the article was that the new record is called from the basement on the hill, that the record might be finished by the end of the month and that it looks like it might be out in the spring! the article is full of info (too much to add here). go to mtv.com to read the whole article and see a recent picture of elliott!

also thanks to fred for sending information that an unreleased elliott song is scheduled to appear on the "amos house collection, vol. II." it is schedlued to be released on jan. 15. the album is to benefit the homeless. no word if the song will be a new unreleased song/demo or released bside or demo. go to the wishing well records website for more info/update and check out billboard.com for the article about it! (11.17.01)

official info and beards?!

thanks to someone really nice for taking the time to send me some official news! :) here you go:

1. elliott has new, superb management. it's scott booker, he also manages the flaming lips so elliott's in great company.

2. don't know if this is common (rumoured) knowledge but elliott's the sole producer on his forthcoming album. he's at least 2/3rds of the way done and he's deciding on the shortlist of songs to make it on.

3. he may be playing a few acoustic shows before christmas. the dates etc are being worked out so nothing definite just yet, hopefully, confirmed within a week.

4. he has a new bass player who'll be touring. his name is russ and he's a great musician and brilliant person.


also thanks to jeffery for taking the time to send this link to audiogalaxy.com. its an article called, smell my beard. its silly and elliott is mentioned along with his picture. go here to check it out! (11.16.01)

kcrw articles and ...the real world

thanks to fred for letting me know that vh1 and sonicnet have articles online about the recent kcrw benefit show elliott was a part of. it includes a comment about the how the new songs will be: "these [versions of the new songs] are very different than how they will sound on the record, but this is how they started out," smith said in his dressing room after the show. to read more visit this link at vh1.com.

also thanks to jeff for taking the time to type certain parts of recent articles that includes info about elliott's performance:

la times:

indeed, although both english eccentric badly drawn boy (a.k.a. damon gough) and american singer-songwriter smith played intimate acoustic sets featuring new material, their approaches varied greatly. smith sat, strummed and sang in the usual fashion.

oc register:

elliott smith certainly wasn't angling for career-building exposure with his somber acoustic performance of new songs such as "strung out again" and "pretty (ugly before)".

there were slight mentions of him earlier on in each article but these were the parts that they actually, although briefly, talked about his performance.

finally i was watching the 11.13.01 episode of the real world on mtv (i dont know how i ended up on it! i swear!) and i happen to catch that one of the real world members, rachel, was wearing a say yes t-shirt that was available on the last elliott tour in 2000. (11.14.01)

kcrw setlist and a new album tidbit

thanks to lido for taking the time to send us the setlist from friday's kcrw tribute!:

let's get lost, don't go down, passing feeling, strung out again, pretty (ugly before), true love, shooting star, somebody's baby, little one

also thanks to silke for posting this little update about david macconnell's (goldenboy) work on elliott's new record on the goldenboy mailing list recently:

david has been really busy it seems, he told me he did some more work on elliott smith's forthcoming album which is strongly awaited by some of the mailinglist's members as i know." (11.12.01)

kcrw benefit, no more box set and little one

sadly, we didnt get any reviews or setlist directly about last night's show, but thanks to courtney, we did have a review of it on the elliott smith yahoo group. here is a tidbit:

what he sang: pretty much the same set list as spaceland, but I think the last song (or one of the last songs) was new.

he was just as beautiful as spaceland. there were even quite a few smiles, he seemed very happy, content to be there and very confident with his songs...the acoustics were perfect, the audience was silent and very respectful.

thanks to louis for sending this surprising news: elliott smith is regrettably no longer a domino artiste. but we are proud to have many of his fine songs in our catalogue of contemporary american songwriting. check it out.

sorry to say that the "3 cd box" is now deleted here at domino mart, check your local independent retailer for copies."

finally, thanks to a certain person, i was lucky to get the new song, little one and i have add it to sweet adeline. click here to hear song in real audio form. (11.10.01)

spaceland setlist!

:) elliott did play on the 5th at spaceland and as far as i've heard other than loud talkers and poor sound, the show was great!

thanks to chris and wayne from the elliott smith yahoo group list. here is the setlist:

let's get lost *(stopped half way through due to audio problems), don't go down, passing feeling, strung out again, pretty (ugly before), true love, shooting star, somebody's baby, little one, fond farewell

all newer songs :) (11.7.01)

secert show tonight in l.a.?

rumors are rampant that elliott is playing tonight at spaceland in los angeles. demo was nice to research it and even though i cant directly confirm it, here is what she found out:


i just called the club. oh and it's free too!!!

good luck and have fun l.a. fans if its true! please fill us in too if you are able to go! :) (11.5.01)

cdnow's new breed and birddog

thanks to jo for sending this link: cdnow. cdnow recently featured a thing called: the new breed greatest songwriters of all time. elliott is featured as one of those songwriters and xo is listed as number 10 out of 14 others. go cdnow to check it out.

also there is a new website for the band, birddog! please check it out by going here: www.birddog.ws. birddog has toured with elliott smith in the past and elliott has helped produce and play on some of birddog's records including their new record, a sweet and bitter fancy. i also had a hand in helping out creating the site. please check it out by going here! (11.5.01)

box set out now, movies and final total

thanks to john and johnny for taking the time to let me know that the new elliott smith box set is out in stores now. check your local stores that carry domino recording co. releases. at this time, the set is only available in europe, but you can still order it from domino-mart.com.

thanks to catherine for sending this:

i saw a viewing of a yet-to-be-released film called "goodbye hello" at the virginia film festival this weekend. dustin hoffman, susan sarandon and holly hunter are in it. good film. and "between the bars" was played in it. don't know if there's plans for a soundtrack. hope so though, cos they chose good music.

also recently i got a few emails concerning the royal tenenbaums and how an elliott song will be in the movie. just to update the info, the movie will be coming out in ny and in l.a. on december 14, 2001. thanks to everyone who emailed me!

finally, i just wanted to let everyone know we raised $190.50 on behalf of the american red cross in support of their work and help of families and those affected with sept 11th attacks. a whole hearted thanks to everyone who was involved with the auctions! (11.2.01)