november 2002

related to elliott

sadly no recent elliott news but here are some stuff related to elliott :)

thanks to mem10 for sending this: i just wanted to let everybody know that at ben folds concert at the moore in seattle tonight, the 5th, there was much talk about elliott. the opening guy, john..., who plays in van halen and the posies-- he covered big star, playing thirteen, and before he played it he mentioned that elliott also covers this song. then he started to talk about elliott for a bit, asking where he's been... so then later during the show when ben folds was playing- he played a couple of cover songs, one which was say yes. i thought i was in heaven! this was the next best thing to having elliott play at the moore! hopefully other elliott fans were there tonight to enjoy that moment!

also thanks to annie for posting an mp3 of ben playing 'say yes' on her site, benfoldsweb.com. thanks for posting it :)

thanks to jana for sending this link about the band, brainwarmer from portland. they have a song and record called, 'elliott smith's guitar.' if you want to hear a clip of the song please go here at cdbaby.com.

this is no.2 related but i thought we might help neil win!: divit wins again! avail put up a good fight, but divit just won't relinquish the title they've had since beating no knife in week two. they have their work cut out for them, though, as they defend the title against no.2 !!

neil gust's [ex-heatmiser] no. 2 comes in with an mp3 of "more, more" from
their new record to challenge the crown. it should be an interesting matchup.

vote for no.2 by going here: slug-fest.com (11.10.02)