november 2003

memorial posters, elliott smith's guitar, bright eyes, and pt anderson

thanks to candance (and other fans who sent info too) for reminding me that if you go to option-g.com you can buy an elliott smith memorial poster for $20, and the proceeds are going to the elliott smith memorial fund. the poster is 18x24 and were sold at the elliott smith tribute concert in los angeles. this a limited run so get them while you can!

another way you can help donate to the elliott smith memorial fund is thanks to tiffany. tiffany's band, brainwarmer, came out with a cd in 2002 called 'elliott smith's guitar' which has also has a song on it with that title :) well they decided to lower the price on the cd and donate all the proceeds to the elliott smith memorial fund. to read a wonderful explanation of what they are doing for the fund, how the song/album title came about and to order the cd, please go here: http://www.cdbaby.com/brainwarmer. you can even hear a clip of the song. thanks so much tiffany!

thanks to kate and katherine for sending a link to bright eyes perfoming a cover of 'the bigggest lie' on the saddle creek website. its from the oct 31st halloween show in new york so its a little creepy :) but its a beautiful tribute to elliott so please check it out by going here and looking under the 'movies' section. thanks to bright eyes and saddle creek for posting it.

finally thanks to pablo for sending an email about a recent q & a on ptanderson.com. p.t. talk about the largo or jon brion show they filmed a while ago that (if i remember right) was going to maybe be on vh1 at one point. elliott did some performances when they filmed it and p.t. anderson mentions in the q & a that maybe someday we might get to see it. hopefully we will with the elliott footage included. prays. (11.27.03)

boston memorial tribute set for dec. 21 and a little message from me

thanks to mary lou lord and fans for setting up a tribute show for elliott at t.t. the bear in boston, ma on the 21st. this is how mary lou described the tribute: "it's going to be an afternoon (sunday) all ages show...the club have been very, very cool...they were huge elliott fans as well...there more than likely will be free food (for all the famished travellers), flowers, friends, music and memories...there will be a showing of "strange parallell" and some very early video footage that i took from elliott's first tour '95 (i think)...there's going to be lots of people singing and a couple bands playing... anyone who wants to speak or read a poem...feel free..." for more info concerning check t.t. the bear's website or check for updates on the sweet addy discussion board thread.

as you can see there is now a banner for the elliott smith memorial fund above that will be there forever. if you can help in any way please do! please click on the banner for more information. also, i decided to try my best to update the site again like before. i'm thankful for all the emails and contributions people sent in either images, lyrics, tabs and so on. i'm really sorry i haven't had a chance to add a lot of those contributions to the site yet. it's going to be long process for me too so i hope for your patience and understanding even if it takes months to simply thank you for doing that for us. right now i am focusing a lot of my energy to printing out emails sent to elliott's family from you guys (thank you). sorry to everyone in the 'ask charlie a question' area too. from there i hope to add more and more and answer some emails slowly. but i want to post this because i really regret that i never got to post it here before elliott passed away. if you were on the discussion board or the sweet adeline mailing list, you might of got this but i thought i post it here now in case you didn't see it. it is what songs elliott considered done for the next record. here they are

shooting star - it was done a few years ago
a fond farewell - it was completed about a year ago
let's get lost - completed this summer sometime
coast to coast - finished in may 03
memory lane - completely recorded and finished last week!
stickman was just finished yesterday!! (oct.11)
king's crossing - completed on oct. 12

see you in heaven is not finished yet either. then there is tons of songs that only need to be mixed or just need one more track of vocals or bass or keyboards, etc.

when i got the email that king's crossing was done, we were lucky to get 3 pictures of elliott working in the studio. it's hard to post them on the site right now but if you would like to see them, please go here. please realize it will be a while til we get more information concerning the record. if we are lucky to get any info or updates concerning it i will post it as soon as possible. i won't be able to give you more information concerning its status or release dates.

anyway i hope you are doing ok out there. thanks again for all the patience and love. xo charlie (11.23.03)