november 2006

rilo kiley tee for the elliott smith memorial fund and new search feature

thank you to casey for letting us know that yellow bird project (www.yellowbirdproject.com) recently added a t-shirt design that rilo kiley (the wonderful band and friends of elliott) contributed to ybp and rilo kiley have chosen to direct their funds made from the shirt to the elliott smith memorial fund! yellow bird project is a non-profit initiative that collaborates with musicians to raise money for various charities through t-shirt sales. the shirt is on sale now and if you are interested in buying (or checking out) the shirt and help in supporting both ybp and the elliott smith memorial fund, please go to the rilo kiley charity t-shirt page. if you would like to know more yellow bird project and other artists who are helping other wonderful charities, please go here: yellowbirdproject.com. thanks to ybp and rilo kiley for doing this!

finally, i just wanted to let everyone know that the search feature has returned! thanks to michael for suggesting we use google search. you can now search the site using keywords related to elliott! hopefully it will help you find stuff on the site easier! the search bar is on the right below the official elliott smith store animated link. also, please check out the updates page. i've been on a good role about adding some stuff the site lately. i hope to keep it up :) (11.20.06)

new elliott print up for auction and figure 8 is top 66 at drowned in sound

a couple of days ago i was checking out ebay and i saw that wendy lynch was nice enough to offer another wonderful print of elliott from her photo session she did with him in 2003 and was featured in elliott's last interview with under the radar. wendy has the print up for auction and has offered to give 10% of what she sells the print for to outside in! this is the second print (the first one was a different photo) to show up on ebay and they are pretty rare to have! if you are interested in bidding (or checking it out) on the print and help out outside in, please go here to bid on the print right now! the auction ends november 20th at 5:00 pm pacific standard time and thanks again to wendy for donating a portion to it to outside in and giving us a chance to own a print!

finally, i am sorry, i am a little late on this news but thanks to lee for letting us know that elliott's record, figure 8 made #6 on drowned in sound's top 66 of the last 6 years! drowned in sound wrote something really nice about the record and if you would like to see what they said, please go here: http://www.drownedinsound.com/articles/1254995 (11.17.06)