october 2001

more about the box set

thanks to fred for taking time to send this info that was recently posted on nme.com (notice another new release date!):

elliott smith's first three albums are to be reissued as a box set. the records, 'roman candle', 'elliott smith' and 'either/or', will be released as a collector's edition box, which will retail at the same price as a normal cd. It will be out on december 1 via domino.

currently, smith is thought to be working on a new studio album.

also thanks to amy for letting us know that domino has listed the box set on its site and you can order it now. go domino mart to see if you can get the set. they take international orders too! (10.16.01)

uk box set news & #95 on the ew soundtrack list

thanks to fred for taking time to send this additional information concerning the box set that is coming out in the uk on the 22nd (a new release date):

just flicked the new edition of 'uncut' magazine and there is an advert for the domino reissues. according to the ad the release date is now the 22nd october. the blurb said something like - "elliott smith's first three albums collected together for the first time in a three-cd pack". the picture was the old 'either/or' promo shot of him holding his fists up at the camera. no mention of any bonus tracks though.

also thanks to justin for sending this too:

the soundtrack to good will hunting is in this week's entertainment weekly's "100 best soundtracks" issue...it ranks in at #95 and says:

(1997) - one of the few '90s soundtracks that managed to combine artistic merit and commerical success. with nearly half the tracks contributed by bashful balladeer elliott smith (including his osar-nominated hit, "miss misery"), it's proof that soundtracks can still move both viewers and units - without the help of celine dion. (10.9.01)

elliott to play benefit & more about the uk box set

thanks to erica and jeff for sending info about a benefit for kcrw in los angeles that elliott will be a part of. jeff sent this from the orange county register:

kcrw/89.9 fm will present "a sounds eclectic evening" on nov. 9 at the wiltern. expected to appear are sparklehorse, shelby lynne, ozomatli, elliott smith, pete yorn and dj shadow. tickets, $50-$150, go on sale oct. 6, but before you scoff at the price, keep in mind all proceeds benefit the public radio station.

also erica said this: members to the station will have the opportunity to buy their tickets the day before the general public can.

to followup, the uk release date for the upcoming elliott smith box set is october 15th. this is how domino describes the release:

elliott smith
3 cd box
it's time that we celebrated elliott smith! the domino catalogue boasts his first three albums and we have collected them altogether here, for a limited time and at an insanely cheap price. (10.1.01)