october 2002

lots of catching up to do: new french site and more!

i'm so sorry, ive been so behind because school and work :( anyway here is an attempt to up date the site :)

first check out nils' new french elliott smith fan site! nils calls the site, 'elliott en vf.' the whole site is in french and it includes recent news, biography, discography, heatmiser info, articles, concerts, interviews, lyrics (paroles), tablature, mp3, photos, forum and links! anyway go here to visit and say hi to nils. thanks nils! :)

catching up on some info and pictures from the recent couple shows elliott played, here are some links.

thanks to wayne for posting this review of the oct 1st show in l.a.. go to papercoversrock.net to check out this great review and definite setlist for the show!

thanks to jessica and her friend for taking and sending us a couple pics from the recent show in minnesota! here they are: picture 1 picture 2. erin also added some to the sweet addy board. go here to check it out.

finally thanks to mike for sending this in:

i'd just like to say that the other day ben folds played at our school (suny geneseo - geneseo new york). i worked backstage during the show and was witness to the soundcheck, where ben played say yes. it was really great! he didn't play it during the show, though, but that's ok. our college radio station interviewed him before the show, and he mentioned elliott first when asked about his favorite current musicians. so, there you go. maybe he could be on an elliott smith tribute record someday, or at least an unofficial one!

ok...i hope to add more stuff soon. sorry again! (10.23.02)

minneapolis setlist

thanks to erin from the sweet addy board for posting the setlist to last night's show at the 400 bar. she also included a great review with solace who also added some additional thoughts on the board. please go here to read what they said! but here is the setlist including some really rare songs that elliott usually never plays! :O

memory lane
passing feeling
plainclothes man
division day
i figured you out
fond farewell
something to lose
shooting star
miss misery
i better be quiet now
not half right (sort of aborted, but not really)
the enemy is you
2:45 am

christian brothers
pretty (ugly before)
needle in the hay
long, long, long (beatles' cover)
car (built to spill cover)

**2nd encore**
say yes
get lost

also im sorry im really behind on everything. hopefully ill add some stuff this week and email people back! thanks for having patience!(10.15.02)

elliott to play a show in minneapolis today (oct 13!)

yay! elliott is in minneapolis and has plans to play a show at the 400 bar at 11pm tonight. please spread the word because the show was recently booked and hasnt been advertised much! for more information about the club, please go to the 400 bar website! have fun if you go and please let us know what happens! (10.13.02)

elliott's show and judging amy!
thanks to everyone who posted on sweetaddy.com and the yahoo elliott smith list and letting us know that the show at the echo was an unique and great show! even though no one had a definite setlist, here is a sample of what elliott played including some songs elliott usually never plays! here are some songs that were mentioned thanks to sweet johhny and demo girl:

fond farewell
miss misery
i figured you out
good to go
something to lose
i better be quiet now
passing feeling)
long, long, long (beatles cover)
don't go down
not half right
punch & judy
memory lane
plainclothes man
no confidence man

say yes, happiness, between the bars, and pretty (ugly before)

anyway if you would like more feedback and descriptions about the show, please check out this thread on sweetaddy.com. :)

finally, thanks to allison for sendng this in:

i thought i would mention that while watching judging amy with my roommate, between the bars was played in its entirety(sp), last night. ok that's all....bye bye(10.3.02)