october 2004

no. 19 in the united states plus more, domino mini site, & book out now!

thank you to andrew for sending us info that 'from a basement on the hill' has entered the charts at #19 according to nielsen soundscan. billboard.com posted the info today and here is a clip from the article that talks about who made the top 200 this week: "elliott smith posthumously bows at no. 19 with "from a basement on the hill" (anti-). sales of 43,000 copies mark the singer/songwriter's biggest career sales week and give him the highest-charting album of his career. his 2000 set "figure 8" (dreamworks) opened at no. 99 with 19,000 and has sold 185,000 to date." to read more about it, please click here. thanks to all of you who bought the record(s) for honoring elliott with a proper release of the record by buying it and showing your support of his music.

thanks to jim and tigress for posting on sweet addy 2 more chart listings. the record was #1 on cmj and #41 on the uk top 75!

please check out domino records' mini site for elliott's record. it has a really cool and short intro with a clip of coast to coast and the site includes a slidshow of the pictures and lyrics from the record and you can also preview the record in case you haven't heard it yet. please go here to check it out: from a basement on the hill mini-site

sorry for not mentioning that benjamin nugent's book about elliott is now in bookstores. the book includes interviews with friends of elliott's and might give you more info about elliott through their experiences. i know a lot of people who are looking for more info about elliott might want to check it out. the book is called 'elliott smith and the big nothing' and it also includes rare pictures of elliott and friends. someone really nice also thought it would be nice to also mention that 'ben is a fan like all of us, who never was blessed with knowing elliott, but traveled the country interviewing anyone willing and turned out something which was obviously a labor of love.' so please check it and you can order it from amazon.com. (10.27.04)

memorial fund address change, tributes. elliott on triple j, + articles/reviews

ashley (elliott's sister) recently posted on the elliott smith memorial fun mailing list that the memorial fund now has a new address in case anyone would like donate an financial support for children who are victims of abuse.. fans can now send donations directly to the free arts for abused children. below is the new address, but you can read the whole message ashely posted by going to our elliott smith memorial fund page. thanks ashley.

Elliott Smith Memorial Fund
c/o Free Arts for Abused Children
11965 Venice Blvd. Suite 402
Los Angeles, CA 90066

please check out triple j in australia this weekend. they will be doing an hour show on elliott's career. here is more info about it: a one hour doco on the career of elliott smith this saturday afternoon at 5pm (oct 23) on triple j in australia. we'll play some rare tracks, interviews with elliott and former band mates (incl tony lash) and showcase the new album. we also have a few surprises in store so tune in on saturday to find out what they might be. triple j can be heard right around australia, if you're overseas, you can listen online: http://abc.net.au/triplej/listen/default.htm. thanks to chris and bea.

thank you to everyone who sent info and got together to do some nice tributes in elliott's honor. here is a listing of upcoming tributes by days and areas:

oct. 21
santa monica, ca: sweet addy discussion board post (thanks to tyler)
toronto, ontario: 8 oclock, trinity bellwoods park.
trinity-bellwoods park @ queen/strachan-trinity. at the marble gates (the strachan gates on queen st) directions: from the subway, obtain a transfer and exit the university line at
osgoode. catch the 501 queen street streetcar heading westbound. get off at strachan, at the gates to trinity-bellwoods park. trinity-bellwoods park (located at queen/strachan-trinity).

oct. 22
weimar, germany: http://mizubitchy.antville.org/stories/950244/ (thanks to matthias)
adelaide, australia: sweet addy discussion board post (thanks to scott)
prescott, arizona: seth levine will be playing an acoustic show to pay homage to elliott smith on saturday october 22, 2004, beginning at 7:30pm at coyote joe's in prescott, arizona. his set list will include: the biggest lie, 2:45, rose parade, miss misery, roman candle, needle in the hay, clementine, pitseleh, happiness, baby britain, can't make a sound, stupidity tries, say yes and twilight. all donations collected will be sent to the elliott smith memorial foundation/free arts.

oct. 25
northampton, ma: http://www.winterpills.com/elliott (thanks to philip)

cork, ireland: sweet addy discussion board post (thanks to aofie)

nov. 15
melbourne, australia: monday 15 november at the corner hotel (swan st richmond) tickets available from thursday 21 oct only from the corner. people playing are: claire bowditch, small knives, tim reid, ben burchell, smallgoods, some others. (thanks hz)

please check out triple j in australia this weekend. they will be doing an hour show on elliott's career. here is more info about it: a one hour doco on the career of elliott smith this saturday afternoon at 5pm (oct 23) on triple j in australia. we'll play some rare tracks, interviews with elliott and former band mates (incl tony lash) and showcase the new album. we also have a few surprises in store so tune in on saturday to find out what they might be. triple j can be heard right around australia, if you're overseas, you can listen online: http://abc.net.au/triplej/listen/default.htm. thanks to chris and bea.

la times: sleepwalker (thanks to daisy)
daily bruin: raking in profits (thanks to david)

reviews of 'from a basement on the hill':
new york times (thanks to jordan)
dagens nyheter (thanks to persha)
la times (thanks to daisy)
village voice (thanks to rachel) (10.20.04)

from a basement on the hill released! la tribute, vegas midnight sale, npr, & vh1

in a week of rememberance and the release of elliott's final record, i hope you love the record. thank you to elliott's family and loved ones. most of all, thank you, elliott <3. at this time, europe should be able to go to their local store and buy the record! fans in the u.s. and canada should be able to get the record in record stores on tuesday, oct. 19th. there has been a couple of reports of early sightings so you might be able to get the record before the 19th. one place that seems to have the record available already nationally is circuit city. another sighting has been seen in claremont, ca at rhino records. you might want to check your local record store or circuit city too. good luck! anyway, i really hope you love this record. thanks to everyone who made it possible and for sharing it with us. it's beautiful and rocking.

thanks to anne for sending us that there will be a tribute in los angeles on the 21st. here is anne with more info: i just wanted to let you know that the band that i am in, the kris special, is playing a free tribute show to elliott on october 21st at 9:30pm at my favorite club mr. t's bowl in highland park...well, ya know, los angeles. mr. t's bowl is located at 5621 1/2 north figueroa in highland park. it's free and 21 and over.

thanks to marco for letting us know that big b's cds & records is going to have a midnight sale on monday night/tuesday morning in elliott's honor for elliott's new cd/record (which will be available to purchase). all profits for the midnight sale will be donated to the elliott smith memorial fund :) marco is also going to give
away in a random drawing at his store the night of the sale, ten copies of
elliott's waltz #2/xo out of print 7", one sealed copy of *figure 8* japanese edition cd, a dreamworks 4-song promo cd of elliott (the rare sampler with the "polaroid" cover surrounded in a black border), and an either/or kill rock stars promotional poster! the last three are from marco's own collection! anyway thanks a lot to marco and bug b's cds & records for this for elliott and the fund. here is where you can find them: big b's cds & records, 4761 s. maryland pkwy.
las vegas, nv. 89119 (702) 732-4433.

thanks rob and nicolas for letting us know that npr has posted a feature on elliott's new record on 'all things considered.' the story features clips of interviews by ashely welch (elliott's sister), rob schnapf, joanna bolme and mark flanagan who own the l.a. nightclub, largo. the interview also includes clips from a past interview elizabeth blair did with elliott. to hear it, please visit npr.com

finally, vh1 has also posted elliott's record, from a basement on the hill, on their site to listen to before its release. if you haven't heard the record, please check it out. for more info, please go here. thanks to tavis (10.18.04)

basement on itunes now, sydney tribute this sunday & mtv preview

thanks to michael, nathan, brian, nick and mikey for letting us know that you can now download elliott's record 'from a basement on the hill' a week early on itunes! thanks to satellite for mentioning that its around $10 to download it. for more information, please go to itunes.com!

thanks to danny and sam for letting us know that there is an upcoming tribute show in sydney, australia this weekend. thanks to everyone in involved! :) here is danny with the info:

i help book the hopetoun hotel in sydney every second sunday for stripped back gigs (called the sunday strip). on the 17th, we're having a loose tribute to elliott smith, featuring sydney artists that don't really do the cover shows, but love elliott dearly. i've attached the rough poster. more details will be at barebonespresents.com. the details are hopetoun hotel, surry hills (cnr bourke and foveaux streets), october 17th from 6pm. it's costs $7.

finally, you can also preview elliott's record for free on mtv.com. if you follow this link you can hear the whole record for free! please follow this link now if you want to hear it: from a basement on the hill at mtv. (10.12.04)

new york city & seattle listening party tonight! (oct 12)

thanks to mark from filter for sending this: wanted to see if you'd like to post this info about the elliott listening event @ pianos in nyc for tomorrow? http://www.pianosnyc.com tuesday, october 12th @ 8pm. the event is free and open to the public, no rsvp needed. it's a bar so 21+.

seattle: http://kexp.org/home.asp?noflash=false 8pm @ hattie's hat in seattle, wa
h ear the album and free giveaways! 7-9pm (10.12.04)

basement vinyl release, dvd postponed, listening party, giveaway & reviews

thanks to howard for letting us know that acousticsounds.com is listing a vinyl version of 'from a basement on the hill' from anti- records on it's site. while no official word has been made by anti- that there is a vinyl version of the record based on anti-'s catalog listings, you might be interested in checking it out just in case. hopefully it isn't listed wrong :) (please note:domino records will be releasing a vinyl version of the record in europe and as an import)

thanks to jordan for letting us know that the 'elliott smith – olympia, washington' dvd is now postponed. no official reason has been made and it is unknown at this time if the dvd will be eventually come out or not. i'm sorry i have no more information at this time and if there are any changes, i will make sure we post it here as soon as possible. you might need to contact fattvideos.com or insound.com if you ordered the dvd from them for more information concerning it.

la listening party: while the los angeles listening party notice was sent through the knitting factory mailing list, it looks like there is no listening party for the new record set for 12th in los angeles based on info from anti-. looking at the knitting factory also has no mention of it. we are so sorry for the confusion!

kevchino.com is giving away 3 cds and posters for the new album. fans must enter before october 16th. you can enter by clicking on elliott's picture on the left but check out the nice photo slideshow of the solutions memorial wall by clicking the bottom right picture of elliott and the wall. thanks so much to kevin!

finally, here are a couple of reviews sent to us recently to check out!:
rollingstone.com: review of 'from a basment on the hill' (thanks to jordan & bobby)
guitar world: the latest issue with the "100 worst solos" on the cover has a review of "from a basement on a hill." thanks to strat2105.
pitchforkmedia.com: review of 'twilight' and free download of the song. thanks to nate. (10.6.04)

faboth mini site, benches, dvd, & earlimart

thank you to yourblackeyes for posting on sweet adeline that epitaph has created a new mini site for elliott's upcoming record for 'from a basement on the hill.' included on the site is a beautiful flash slidshow of pictures of elliott and elliott's handwritten lyrics of songs that are part of the record. also included is the streaming of 3 songs off the record: twlight, memory lane and pretty (ugly before). you can also download twlight and memory lane in mp3 format. i'm not sure if there will be more but please keep checking! to visit the site, please go here: http://media-02.epitaph.com/elliott

thanks for jack fate for posting an unusual bit of advertising for elliott's record. in los angeles, fans have been seeing bench ad's for 'from a basement...' around and jack fate was able to take and post a picture for us. if you click on the small picture on the left, you will be able to see a larger version of the picture!

sorry! dvd has been postponed at this time! thanks to your efforts in buying the upcoming 'elliott smith – olympia, washington.' dvd, fred from fattvideos.com has been really nice enough to decide to donate a portion of the profits of the upcoming dvd to the elliott smith memorial fund! here is what fred said: "as i was reviewing your site the other day it dawned on me that maybe fattvideos.com could help you support the elliott smith memorial fund. i would like to offer 3% of each elliott smith dvd sold from fattvideos.com starting immediately to the elliott smith memorial fund. that works out to .51 cents for each dvd." if you would like to order the dvd and help donate some of the $ to the fund, please go to fattvideos.com!

joe from insound.com also wanted to let us know that they have the dvd as well to order. you can order it from insound here: http://search.insound.com/search/showrelease.jsp?p=INS24355

:) earlimart (they are good friends of elliott and even ariana played at least 1 show with elliott) recently released their new record, treble & tremble, and not only is it a wonderful record, it is also is dedicated to elliott and have lyrical references to elliott in their songs. recently, mtv.com posted an article called 'elliott smith casts a long shadow over earlimart's treble' about the record and how elliott's passing has had an effect on earlimart's new record. if you like to know more about earlimart, please go to earlimartmusic.com! thanks rod!

as usual im buried in emails because of being out of the country. i hope to add more info soon! sorry! (10.03.04)