october 2005

remembering elliott

i just wanted to thank everyone who remembers and is celebrating elliott's life and music today. this date is not the easiest date to think about in the last 2 years but the amazing love that you fans have had for elliott has help make it easier. the positive out pouring of wanting to be together whether its meeting up with some people from your local area or putting on a tribute show in elliott's honor plus other thoughts people have been having to remember elliott is amazing to hear and see. i didn't get to spend too much time with elliott but what i was able to get from meeting him is his gentleness, kindness, thoughtfulness, awesome sense of humor, humbleness (not sure if that's a word but you know...) and a loving nature and its really nice to see a part of elliott in a lot of you. thank you for sharing and showing your love in elliott's memory. anyway, i wish you all a nice day of rememberance in the ways you plan to remember elliott by. to the family, friends and love ones of elliott, we send our love and thanks. everyday we wish you were here elliott. we send our love instead. xo (10.21.05)

australian & london tribute shows & candlelights for elliott on the 21st

thanks to mark for sending us news about an upcoming tribute show in australia on the 21st. here is mark with more information: "just like to let you know that there is an elliott smith tribute show happening on the 21st of october at the sandringham hotel in newtown, sydney, australia. it's called memories remote and features artists such as edoardo santoni, damien robison, jed hutchison, melanie horsnell, andy gordon, james napier, cass smiles and more. these songs will soon appear on a tribute cd from accoustic lounge. sandringham hotel, 387 king street, newtown nsw, 9557 1254"

also thanks to dexy for sending us info about a tribute show they are doing in london, england. here is the info: "me and my friend michael from the band nebraska are playing an elliott tribute set at london's new cross venue on friday 21st october, we're onstage around 9.30pm and entry is £3 (my username on the forum is mrgoodmorning so anyone who wants to pm i can probably get them in cheaper)."

thanks to sara and chris from the germany elliottmsith.de site for sending us this beautiful idea about remembering elliott on the 21st. here is sara and chris with the idea: couldn`t we start a candle lighting around the word...every person in each time zone around the globe lights a candle at 8 o'clock - a 24 remembrance of elliott... so if we can all be togehter there will be a light around the world that affiliates us." (10.20.05)

kc/tx memorials, to: elliott from: portland cd cover, bright eyes, & mtv news

thanks to john for sending us info about an upcoming tribute to elliott in kansas city, mi on the 23rd! here is john with more info: our show here in kansas city, missouri will be held sunday, october 23rd at a venue called the brick. we are accepting donations at the door to be donated in elliott's name to his memorial fund...it starts at 8 o'clock and will be a feature in our local music rag www.pitch.com either this week or next." thank you to john for accepting donations for the elliott smith memorial fund too :)

also thanks ashley and tyler for sending more infomation about the upcoming tribute in denton, tx. they sent us a flyer and a press release about the show. if you would like more information about the tribute and to see the flyer (click on the small picture), please go here!

alex, from in music we trust, was nice enough to give us an early glimpse of the cover for the upcoming tribute cd, to: elliott from: portland cd, that is coming out on february 7, 2006 by expunged records. the tribute is set to feature covers by the decemberists, sean croghan, the thermals, eric matthews, helio sequence, and many more. if you would like to read more about the cd, please check out the press release for the record! thanks alex! also please click on the picture of the album cover if you want to see a larger version of it.

thanks so much to dan for letting us know that pitchfork recently added a story about an upcoming live bright eye's record called 'motion sickness' and included will be a live cover of elliott's song, the biggest lie. the record is coming out on november 15th and will only be available at indie stores and team love and think indie websites. to check out the article, please go to pitchfork!

finally, thanks to rod for sending us a link to a new article he posted on mtv.com about some recent unreleased songs that recently leaked online. it also includes unreleased quotes from david mcconnell about the work he did with elliott when they were working together. if you would like to read the article, you can go to mtv.com! (10.17.05)

memorials to elliott, atlanta future butterflies dvd & big nothing paperback

thanks to lindsay for planning a memorial for elliott in phiadelphia on the 21st. here she is with more information: "i am holding a memorial in love park, philadelphia, pennsylvania on october 21st, 2005 at 7:00 pm. we will hold a vigil and there will also be a replica of the figure 8 wall for people to sign (cost $1, all profits go to the elliott smith memorial fund)." thanks for raising $ for the fund too, lindsay!

thanks to jon too for organizing an open mic memorial in elliott's memory and helping gather funds to donate to the elliott smith memorial fund. the open mic is at jaho in salem, ma on friday oct 21, 2005 at 8:00 pm. here is jon, who is also hosting the memorial with more information: "this is going to be an open mic night at jaho coffee house in salem ma to honour one of my musical heroes, elliott smith, it is on the second aniversary of his death. anyone who would like to sing, perform, read poetry or just speak is more than welcome to. but remember, there wont be space for a lot of equpiment, so acoustic is ideal. we're also planning on having a replica of the figure 8 wall, and charging to sign it, or if you perform you can sign for free, there will also be a suggested donation of $3 per person and it would be much appreciated. jaho is a coffee house so there will be food and beverages on sale there, as well." while you don't need to, you can also rsvp and get more information by going to the elliott smith memorial open mic myspace events page!

thanks to karla for sending us an update about making of the atlanta future butterflies documentry and music video dvd. this dvd is part of the future butterflies elliott smith fan documentry started by fans at sweetaddy.com and was part of premier and tribute from july 13th called, "rose parade: an elliott smith tribute film & documentary." the dvd is called rose parade: a tribute video & fan documentary for elliott smith and is now available to buy and proceeds from the sale of the dvd will go to the elliott smith memorial fund! the 2 disc dvd includes the video (a posthumous music video for elliott smith and his song, "rose parade." when one girl's journey brings her across a mysterious rose trail, she has to decide: will she follow it down?) and the documentry (a series of interviews with atlanta-area fans about the late musician elliott smith: his persona, his suicide, and how his music has affected their lives. Includes interviews with legendary college radio 88.5 wras, live footage of an es tribute show in nashville, tn and an interview with label owner dave dickerson (a fond farewell: elliott smith tribute).) featured at the tribute. it will also include special features too! if you are interested in getting the dvd for 15.00 (plus s&h) or getting more information about it, please go to smart & sexy films. thanks to everyone involved for helping out the fund too!

finally, we would like to let you know that benjamin nugent's book about elliott, elliott smith and the big nothing, is now available in paperback. while most of the content is the same as the hardcover, there is a new afterword by benjamin in the new paperback edition. if you are interested in ordering the book or finding more infomation about it, please go to amazon.com! (10.9.05)

upcoming tribute shows, to: elliott from: portland cd, bye in new songbook

thanks to brent and anne for sending us information about a couple of upcoming tribute concerts in october. the first concert will be in texas, on october 20. the show will at dans silver leaf in denton and set to play will be daniel folmer. also, here is anne with more information about the upcoming tribute show in los angeles on the 21st: this is anne from the kris special letting you know that the kris special will again be playing a tribute show to my hero (probably everybody's hero around here), elliott, on friday, october 21, 2005, at 8:45 pm, at mr. t's bowl, in highland park. we will be playing a set made up entirely of his songs. the address is 5621 1/2 north figueroa, los angeles, ca. unfortunately the venue is 21 and over. for more information: thekrisspecial@noexitrecords.com.

thank you to casey, alex, and todd for sending us the updated information about the upcoming elliott smith tribute cd, to: elliott from: portland. originally rumored to be released in october. the cd will now be released on february 7, 2006 by expunged records. 10% of the sales of the tribute cd will also be donated to the elliott smith memorial fund/free arts for abuse children. the cd will include covers by the decemberists, sean croghan, the thermals, eric matthews, helio sequence, and many more. the cd will also feature interpretations of unreleased versions of elliott's songs and include a cover of an unreleased song by elliott. joanna bolme (elliott's ex-girlfriend and helped make elliott's from a basement on the hill) also mixes the thermals cover of ballad of big nothing. to read more about the tribute cd, please check out the press release by going here.

thanks to bob for also sending information about a new piano songbook that features a transcription of elliott's song from figure 8, bye. the song book is called piano moods -- a cool collection of solos. the song book was published by wise publications and is now available to purchase online, through the european web site, musicroom.com. if you are interested in buying the song book or getting more information about it, please go here. (10.2.05)