october 2006

thinking of elliott and another radio tribute set for sunday!

every year it is never easy to see this date coming because this day wasn't a good one 3 years ago for many of us who loved elliott and his music :( the thing is that a lot of you have turned it around and made it a better day. i've been reading a lot of positive memories and thoughts related to elliott on sweet addy, livejournals, myspaces and even the messages in the guestbook for this site. also by simply taking a moment to think of him to being a part of a tribute show to elliott is really nice and brings something really good to this day. thank you all for doing that. it really does make a big difference in how we feel about this day because it gives something look forward it a positive light but it's not just this day. it's everyday so thank you for the other days you think of elliott too. i wish you all a good day especially elliott's family and loved ones. if you are lucky enough to attend some sort of tribute, i hope it's a wonderful time. thanks to everyone again who are taking the time to do the tributes whatever days they are :). xo

thanks to jillian for sending us this info about a radio tribute out of harrisonburg, va. here is all the info we got:

i have a prog/free form show at james madison university on wxjm sundays 10-noon. on which, this sunday (october 22) i'm having "an informal elliott smith tribute" in addition to playing all elliott or covers of elliottsongs i'm raking up qoutes and info from sweetadeline.net - mostly looking for stuff elliott has said -- i'll also be announcing info about the esmf and that sort of thing...i dont really have a formal show description, but basically its a chick that digs elliott offering up a sighing 2-hour elliott mix tape complete with commentary and qoutes from the man himself, covers of his songs, his covers of other songs, as well as some early morning typical radio stuff. it may not be the most quitessential elliott smith tribute programme, but a smile and nod to his art and friendly a radio-wave hello to him where e'er he may be now. info about the station is here http://www.wxjmradio.com if folks are in the area, they can tune in to 88.7 fm and it can all be streamed online at the following places:

extra high quality: aac+ v2 128kbps stream (will not work in itunes) use winamp instead

regular stream: 96kbps mp3 stream

low quality streams: 40kbps mono mp3

thanks jillian for doing this! (10.21.06)

argentina tribute, update on los angeles tribute and a radio tribute to elliott in mexico on thursday and friday!

:O you guys are amazing. we have another tribute to let you guys know about! if you want to see an a list of tribute shows in the next few days and weeks, please go to the shows page! anyway thanks again to everyone who is taking the time to put these shows on. it's really awesome to hear about!

capital federal, argentina: hi charlie my name is juan pablo, i have an elliott's fotolog http://www.fotolog.com/elliott_smith and i and a couple of friends will make a elliott tribute, this is the info: 29 de octubre | 16:30hs, $6 » tributo a elliott smith: nahuer, pagani, jean paul, marioni songbook, popdylan, lara la, ale lago, causa y más..! en "teatro del centro". sarmiento 1249, capital federal, argentina. for info please visit the tribute's site here: www.roseparade.com.ar (thank you juan pablo!)

los angeles, ca (update - moved to a new venue): here is an update i recieved about the los angeles tribute. here is the info: elliott smith memory lane tribute show, saturday 10.21.06 5:00pm in the city of los angeles, california. the options house, 12218 1/2 washington place, los angeles, ca 90066 with musical performances by 6:30pm tenlons fort, 7:15pm erik vice, 8:00pm the options, 8:45pm new west plus elliott smith cover songs open mike until 10pm. *please note this celebration replaces the originaly scheduled show at bliss cafe in hollywood. (thanks to jack)

thanks to andre for emailing us and let us know that he plans to have an elliott smith tribute show on thursday the 19th and friday the 20th on radio universidad de guadalajara 104.3 fm! here is more info about the radio tribute: i'm a dj and radio producer in guadalajara, méxico. i have a show called nouvelle extravagance, and we are dedicating two shows to the art of elliott smith. the show is in spanish and it will be aired on radio universidad de guadalajara 104.3 FM, but anyone who wants to listen to it can log to: www.radio.udg.mx this thursday and friday from 4 to 5pm (central US time). (10.18.06)

london & sacramento tribute, new fan site and the old/new look sweet adeline site!

thanks to dexy for sending this information about another tribute to elliott on the 21st! thanks to dexy and michael for collecting money for the elliott smith memorial fund! here is dexy with more info:

"just thought i'd drop you a line to see if you could maybe mention a small elliott tribute i'll be doing on saturday 21st october in london. myself and michael hall (who sings in the band nebraska http://www.myspace.com/nebraskamusic) will be playing a set of elliott's songs at artful festival, 82-86 queens road, peckham london (nearest station is queens road peckham overground). the venue is actually an old tyre warehouse but the guys who it's being rented from for the event are big elliott fans too! there will be about 7 bands playing plus djs and entry is only £2. the other bands will be playing their own sets but me and michael will be paying tribute to elliott. we will also be collecting donations towards the elliott smith foundation..."

thanks to xsnowballinhell for posting on the elliott smith livejournal page about a sacramento, ca tribute concert for elliott on the 21st. again thanks to all of the performers because they are planning on giving all of the money collected at the door will be given to the elliott smith memorial fund. the show is at old ironsides and here is a myspace listing for the show. scheduled for the show is kyoto beat orchestra (the band organizing the event), two sheds, sherman baker, baby grand, spider silk dress.

thanks to dylan for creating a new elliott smith fan site, lets turn the record over! dylan describes site as a "website dedicated to keeping the memory of singer songwriter elliott smith alive and well. this meaning keeping a grand archive of media files, as well as information. also, this will be the first fansite to host cover's and tribute songs." if you would like to check his new site and start contributing songs, please go to: http://www.the-stranger.org/ltro. thanks dylan for creating another great site :)

finally, i hope you like the return of the old site with a new look to it. i was hoping the wordpress site would be easy to manage but the site was actually frustrating to manage and i was getting so much spam. sadly, i won't have something i did like which was the search bar :\ anyway, this feels like being home again and this time around everything should be on the site (from before i moved the site) including working audio and video links! :O the audio no longer uses real audio files. the files should be mp3/mp4 files now and i created new ipod files for the videos we have in quicktime to enjoy on your ipod video players. there are some new subsections to discover too. some of them are not complete yet but i hope to add more as we go along. ask charlie a ? is back too! this where i try my best to answer some questions about elliott's work. anyway i plan this look to be the final design so i can focus more on content from this point on. i really hope you like the site. sorry if there is any issues at first. i'll try my best to catch them. thanks. p.s. we have new link to the info about the elliott smith memorial fund (http://www.sweetadeline.net/esmf.html). please update if you can. thanks again.

p.s.s. i just wanted to send special thanks to molly for the new monkey and official store icons on the right and arron for the suggestion where to host the audio and video files! (10.14.06)

elliott tributes in berlin, toronto, glasgow, & new brunswick and new goldenboy record and site!

wow, thanks everyone! there are some nice tributes coming up this month to remember elliott and some people were nice enough to send us word about them! thanks to brian (from the glasgow tribute) too for collecting proceeds to give to the elliott smith memorial fund too! here is a list of the latest emails i've gotten about upcoming tribute shows and what they have to say about them!

berlin, germany: my name is jeremy fitzkee and i am putting together an elliott smith tribute night here in berlin on the 21st of october. i was wandering if maybe you could put a blurb about it on the site. local bands and songwriters will be there playing originals and e.s. covers. here is the poster... (thanks jeremy and everyone incvolved!)

toronto, canada: oct 21st...toronto tribute show, venue tba, but you can visit us at http://www.myspace.com/elliottsmithtoronto (thanks to matt and everyone involved!)

glasgow, scotland: my name's brian and i'm organising a memorial show to take place in glasgow, scotland, uk (a city we were lucky enough to have elliott visit a few times) where as far as i know there has not been a tribute night yet. the night will mark the third anniversary of elliott's passing, taking place just a week or so after (21/10/2006) with proceeds going to the memorial fund. there'll be a few nice things given away or raffled (elliott cd singles, good will hunting dvds, and specially commissioned two prints/sketches) and lots of good, mostly local bands playing a mixture of original and elliott's music. booked so far are lou hickey, joe kane, hey princess, y'all is fantasy island, early discloser (me) with more to come. the venue is a place called mono, in king's court glasgow.

new brunswick, nj: my band (meet me in montauk) is doing an elliott smith tribute night on november 1. the show is at... the harvest moon, 392 george st., new brunswick, nj 08901. we are doing a night of elliott smith covers as part of a halloween show. i thought this might be of interest to anyone in the area. since a lot of people never got to see elliott live i thought some people might be interested in knowing this. if you want to post this on the site it would be really awesome. if people are interested in checking out my band we are on the web at http://www.myspace.com/mmim. (thanks andy!)

finally, i wanted to mention that goldenboy has a new record (which came out today!) and website. who is goldenboy? :O goldenboy is a band comprised of shon sullivan and bryan bos. here is something i stole off their myspace page to give you a little history and how shon is connected to elliott.

"the name started somewhere on a european tour i did with elliott smith. i can't remember," sullivan says, thinking about how he earned the nickname that would quickly become his band's name. "elliott said a little joke thing like, 'hey goldenboy.' then (smith's drummer) scott mcpherson's sister, lisa, was booking a show in l.a. and they needed another band. scott remembered me and told lisa i was goldenboy. ever since then i've been goldenboy."..................................................................... if shon sullivan [vox, guitar and keys for elliott smith, neil finn, spain, the eels, matt sharp] and bryan bos [ drums, vox for moonwash, process, matt sharp] could explain their music, they probably never would have written it. lucky for us, goldenboy travels in a lush melancholy world that we can enter with him. this record promises a return to innocence even if lost again. hooks can be deceiving with an unexpected blue note and you will experience a different, twisted take from goldenboy's 'blue swan orchestra'. the band tends to include their friends on their recordings, like the guest appearance by elliott smith on their song "summertime".

i hope that helps! anyway if you are interested in hearing tracks off their new cd, "underneath the radio" check out their myspace page. you can also check out their new site at: goldenboyband.com. even better, you can their new cd here: eenie meenie records! (10.04.06)