october 2007

4 years later

elliott, you are still in our hearts and sorely missed. xo (10.21.07)

elliott's songs in gus van sant's new movie, 'paranoid park'

thanks to rod for letting us know that elliott's music will be featured in gus van sant's upcoming film 'paranoid park.' this is the second film gus has used elliott's music in. elliott and gus collabrated on 'good will hunting' in 1997 and lead to an oscar nomination for best song for elliott (miss misery). 'paranoid park' features 2 elliott songs, angeles (off either/or and was on the good will hunting soundtrack as well) and the white lady love you more (off elliott's self titled record). rod describes in his film soundtrack blog, 'the playlist,' that "van sant almost uses smith's material as lyrical and simple music videos where almost the entire songs play out in full. the elliott smith era track "the white lady loves you more" is used in a gorgeous slo-motion shot and he does more film cannibalization - this time his own - by once more using smith's "angeles," in another minimalist one-shot." it is not known at this time, if there will be a soundtrack for 'paranoid park' but if you live in austria (23rd), belgium (24th) and france (24th) you will be able to check out the film next week! at this time, it looks like the other release dates are as followed: UK (December 2007), Netherlands (January 2008) and U.S. (March 2008). for more information about what rob wrote about the movie/soundtrack, please check out: the playlist (10.17.07)

elliott on steve hanft song, tempe, az & l.a., ca tribute shows, & lansing, il tribute update

thanks to steve for letting us know that he recently added an excerpt of his song 'dream flowers' and the video for the song on youtube. elliott appears on the track playing drums and keyboards. the youtube video is also directed by steve and is about 2 min 13 secs long. it looks like the song might appear on recently finished record, 'april march and steven hanft.' april mentions it on her myspace page that '...and the late elliott smith, who, just prior to his death, played drums and piano on april march and steven hanft.' at this time is no release date for the album but april march's official site has a posting about the record: 'april march and steve hanft have finished recording a full length album produced by tom chasteen and mixed by john mcentire. we're in the process of scouting for the right label for it. please stay tuned for a release date." steve was a friend of elliott's but he also directed elliott's strange parallel film, baby britain video and was the director of 'southlander' in which elliott appeared as a tour bus driver and contributed his song. 'splitzville.' to the movie along with an alternate version of 'bye' called 'snowbunny's serende.' for the latest news about the release of 'dream flowers' and 'april march and steven hanft' please check out april march's official site! to check out the video, please click here: 'dream flowers' on youtube


tempe, arizona - sound tree records is presenting a tribute to elliott smith at the phix in temp, arizona. the tribute is an all ages show and it starts at 7:00 pm on sunday october 21st, 2007. the address to the phix is 1113 nw grand ave. for more information go to: http://www.myspace.com/soundtreerecords (thanks to sound tree records)


los angeles, ca - "we're booking the kibitz room, (at canter's on fairfax and beverly) most likely on thursday the 25th for the annual tribute of this luminary prolific songwriter. there's an outside chance the date could change, but it should be set. just wanted you to start practicing es tunes asap! we will be accepting donations for the elliott smith memorial fund at the show, so feel free to bring your checkbooks or cash, the former being preferable.. i included the info for the es charities at the end of this message. (: i have a few people in mind already that i know would like to play, but i'm open to requests from anyone here... if you would like to do a song or two or three let me know and we'll figure out scheduling. please let me know what song(s) you would like to play and whether you will play acoustic or not! we don't want 4 people playing "waltz #2", now do we?! 9-10pm is acoustic only. let's make this the best tribute show yet! xo, blake myspace.com/lakedust radiodrumhead8@yahoo.com p.s- if i don't get back to you don't take it personally! its most likely b/c we're out of "slots" or b/c you just suck.. seriously though, if i don't respond to you just show up ready to play, i'm sure there will be extra time at the end of the night. i don't want to be "in charge" per say, i'm just trying to have a tentative schedule so things "flow." i hope everyone who wants to contribute will be able to!

thanks to matt for sending this lansing, il tribute update: i realized i hadn't mentioned that the show is starting at 7:00 pm on the dot, cover charge has been finalized as $7 (2 for the venue, 5 for the charity) and doors are open all day, so whenever you show up is fine! anyone making the trip for a long distance can contact me and we can find a place for you to stay at one of the organizers houses. thanks again! once again e-mail for questions or contact me at my myspace: http://www.myspace.com/mattheckler (10.14.07)

elliott to be inducted into the oregon hall of fame & lansing, illinois, walla walla, wa, leeds, & england tribute shows!

thanks to alex for sending us info about an amazing honor for elliott. the oregon music hall of fame will be inducting elliott this upcoming weekend at their first annunal induction ceremony at the roseland theatre in portland, or. elliott will be honored with 4 other inducties on saturday october 13th and will be added along with 50 other hall of fame honorees. the oregon music hall of fame is a non-profit organization that promotes and perserves the musical arts in oregon and is helping to bring in money to help fund music education programs in oregon. a lot of oregon's artists will be performing that night and there will be a silent auction to help with the oregon music hall of fame music education scholarship fund. again, the show is on saturday, october 13th 2007 from 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm at the roseland theatre in portland, oregon. silent auction opens at 6:30 pm. tickets to the ceremony are $25 while vip tickets are $100 which gives you a reserved seat, access to the post party and an autographed limited edition event poster. you can get tickets here: ticketswest.com. for more information about the ceremony and the oregon music hall of fame, please go to onhof.org. alex was kind enough to send us a pdf file of the press release too. you can read it here: onhof press release. thanks again to everyone at the oregon music hall of fame for honoring elliott!

every year fans from all over the world amazes us and this year is no different. thanks to everyone who has taken the time to do an elliott tribute over the years. thank for thinking about raising $ for good causes too. we are happy to let you guys know about 4 more that are happening this month in elliott's memory! thank you to everyone who sent info in!


lansing, illinois - i am writing to let you know that we will be holding our second annual elliott smith memorial show & benefit concert at stand-up comics (comic book store) in lansing, illinois. the date for the concert this year is october 20th. we haven't come to a conclusion of what to charge yet, but it will probably be $6 as it was last year, with an additional donation jar. all proceeds will benefit outside in. confirmed performers from the area are matt heckler, matthew novak, eric garneau, todd stephanuik, imaginary numbers, and joe robinson. the venue is located at 3429 ridge road in lansing, il zip code 60438. any questions should be directed towards my e-mail address (theysangthesolo@gmail.com). we would be happy to see everyone there! please do not write asking to play the show, as our bill is already set and we aren't looking for additional performers. any other questions are welcome, thanks! (thanks to matt)

walla walla, wa - elliott smith tribute show in walla walla, wa. october 20th @ grapefields. 4 e. main st. 3$ all proceeds go to the outside/in project. please contact for more info. looking for a few more performers. (thanks to daergan)


leeds, uk - may i draw your attention to the attached flyer for a celebratory tribute evening being held in leeds (uk) on sunday the 21st of october. here is the text info: sunday 21st october 2007 - a tribue to elliott smith upstairs at santiagos (the gran arcade, leeds, uk) £3 on the door - begins at 7pm - marking the 4th anniversary of his passing we play host to a mixture of original material and the songs of elliott smith with rare media projections of the man. rob nichols ....matt baxter & beth raddish ....alleeming ....craig whitehead ....max brody ...please click on the image to the left to see the really nice flyer! (thanks to rob).

england, uk - my name is dexy, i post on sweet addy as mrgoodmorning. anyways, on sunday 21st october i will be playing a set of elliott's songs at london lewisham fox & firkin bar at around 8.30pm. entry to the show is free but i will be trying to raise money for the e.s.f so please spread the word and let's get as many people out on 21st to raise money and keep elliott's music out there. (thanks to dexy) (10.10.07)

strange parallel screening in brazil on oct. 6 & 8!

thanks to steve hanft for emailing us info about an upcoming screening of his film 'strange parallel' in brazil. the film follows elliott in portland, new york and his dreams. but steve was kind enough to send this really cool description of the collabration between him and elliott. included is the info about the screenings too :)

strange parallel "i had a fucked up dream last night"

in 1998 i was hired to make a film for the reclusive rocker - elliott smith. very excited, i flew to portland, oregon where he was staying and met with him to figure it out before we filmed. at the meeting he explained in a very quiet voice with a slight smile, that he didn't want it to be a straight documentary. so i suggested he write down some of his dreams. the next day we met again and he began talking a lot, and louder, telling me all about how he "had a fucked up dream last night". it was very funny when he explained it, everyone in and around the music business he was in was telling him to get a mechanical hand to replace the hand that he'd trained for so long to play guitar. there was also a military recruiter who came into the bar where he was writing a song that would yell at him for no reason, and satan was there, that kills me. a lot of people who know him from his music don't understand that he was really funny. so we wrote the dream into the shot list and intercut it into the more traditional music footage. it was hard to get the documentary footage out of him, he hated being interviewed. he was much more into the dream sequence and we had a lot fun shooting it. it was an amazing experience and just knowing a guy like that, so talented and brutally honest, has changed my life. bless him.

screening information-


strange parallel is screening on saturday, 06, october at 21:30 and on monday, 08, october at 16:50.

in belo horizonte ( the city), state of minas gerias/brazil ( movie theatre) usina unibanco de cinemarua aimores 2424 (10.02.07)