september 2001

auctions to help and a 3 disc rerelease in europe!

hi everyone. to help out families, volunteers, nyc firemen and police and others on the east coast, i'm donating some of my elliott stuff that i have and auctioning them off on ebay. the charity i'm picking is for the red cross. i'll be only excepting money orders that will be pay to the order of the red cross. shipping is free so please give as much as you can. anyway click on these links for more information about bidding on them:

elliott smith figure 8 tour t-shirt xl
elliott smith xo poster
rare elliott smith 3x5 promo picture
7" package: happiness, division day, heatmiser's everybody has it
lp package: import roman candle, heatmiser's dead air, heatmiser's everybody has it 7", no. 2's allistair chestnut 7"
a brief history cd and miss misery cassette single
a brief history cd and miss misery cassette single

thanks to joe for sending this: i just wanted to let you know that i recieved the domino (in europe) newsletter today and it says that there is a three cd set (the first three albums) coming out for elliott smith.

no word if this will happen in the u.s. too. visit the domino recording co. site by going here for more info.

also im still behind on older emails! sorry, i'm trying :) (9.23.01)

updates to sweet adeline

sorry for the lack of updates to the site as you might understand its been hard lately in general, but i hope to get back to it. first, i'm really behind on emails. ill do my best to email everyone! its been weeks. sorry. also i'm going to start mentioning updates here on the news section since its been really quiet lately news wise and to help give some notice to other things going on with the site til elliott is ready to rock! :) thanks for everyone's patience.

with that here are some updates: i added really really incomplete lyrics to elliott's new songs: a passing feeling and everything's ok. any help would be great if you know the lyrics. added a uk postcard for either/or and a picture of elliott out of raygun, added an article link to last plane to jakarta, added links to the official goldenboy website and a goldenboy mailing list. thanks to wayne, zoe and silke!

i also added a picture of birddog's new record, a sweet and bitter fancy which elliott does a guest appearance on! please go here to pick yourself a copy! (9.17.01)

sympathies to all involved with recent attacks

my deepest sympathies go out to all involved and effected by the horrible acts on the east coast. please, if you can, donate blood, money or any assistance to your local red cross. again, our thoughts and prayers go out to those who had relatives or friends caught in the incidents. (9.11.01)