september 2002

elliott to play in l.a., aimee mann, and goldenboy

thanks to wayne and jim for sending word that elliott will be playing a benefit in los angeles on tuesday, oct.1st at the echo. iticketweb has already sold out it's tickets online, but they left this message: "many tickets will be available the night of the show for $15." i highly suggest to get there early the night of show or check at echo if you can get your tickets before hand. anyway have fun if you go!

thanks to danielle and jennifer for sending this mention of elliott in a recent interview by aimee at salon.com about discussing what songs might be about. here is what was said and if you want to read the whole article, go here!

a part of mann is wary of dissecting her work, preferring instead for people to take it for whatever they feel. speaking of songwriters she admires, she explains, "if a song means a lot to me, i want it to mean a lot to the person who wrote it. i don't really want the person to take a step back and say, 'oh, it has nothing to do with me, it was just an exercise. i read something in a book and thought, how intriguing.' as an audience member, i feel a little let down when people back away from their own music. if i ever read an interview with elliott smith and he said, 'oh, it's all totally fiction, i'm completely well-adjusted,' i'd feel let down. i want to feel that he's courageous enough to share things that are difficult and painful."

this week, goldenboy recently released their first full length record, blue swan orchestra, in stores. goldenboy features shon sullivan (elliott's touring guitarist), david mcconnell (who is helping elliott on elliott's new record) and brian bos on drums. elliott also appears on the record on the song 'summertime' doing back up vocals which is great in my opinion and gave me a good fix while we wait for the new record! anyway goldenboy is on tour now and if you are interested in odering the cd, please go to b-girlrecord.com or check out goldenboy.ws! (9.22.02)

tiny update, no. 2's new record and a million!

sorry for adding this little update by elliott that he made on 8.30.02 on a post on sweet addy late. it's about how the new record was coming along and here is what he said: "too many songs.....should be done in the next month...Love, (h)hhelliott courtesy the blether." yay! (prays)

thanks to alex, from in music we trust, for sending word that no. 2's new record, "what does good luck bring?" is out and available to get right now! no. 2 features 2 friends and former band mates of elliott's. neil gust, who played with elliott in their old band, heatmiser, and paul pulvirenti who played drums for elliott on tour. joing them on bass is jim talstra (minus 5, the maroons). anyway if you like more info, including tour dates and free mp3s, about them and the new record, please go here. you can also order the cd at cdbaby.com! i love no. 2, i hope you do too.

finally i wanted to thank everyone because recently sweet adeline went over the million hit mark for visits. i totally didnt realize! thats really neat, so thank you for coming by. i really hope its worth it for you and honors elliott and shows how much we love him. thanks so much for showing the love by coming by (9.7.02)