september 2003

southlander showings, worlds of possibilty comp and the trash treasury

thanks to doug for sending info that you will be able to see southlander on the big screen again in limited theatres. in case you dont know, elliott appears for a brief moment in the movie and has contributed the song 'splitsville' to the movie soundtrack. it is also directed by steve hanft who also did the film about elliott, 'strange parallel.' anyway here is the info concerning the showings and where they will be:

the first wave of southlander release theatres has been set -- including this last weekend in boston at the allston cinema underground. next up is new york city at cinema village on september 26. getting fans into these theatres will be very important in building out a bigger release nationwide.

keep up to date at http://www.poptwist.com/southlander/index.html. there will be more dates to come, but here is the current list of theatres and dates:

allston cinema underground
sept 20 -21 and oct. 9 (more dates possible)

new york city
cinema village
september 26 – october 9

san francisco
roxie cinema
october 8 (including matinees)

ritz at the bourse
october 9

belcourt theatre
october 9

los angeles
laemmle sunset 5
october 9

madstone laguna village (in chandler)
october 17 – 23

hopefully a lot of people will turn out for these so that we can keep it rolling out to other cities. and then to television. so people going to see it will really help.

also, elliott will be included on the upcoming domino records co. comp, worlds of possibilty, celebrating 10 years of the label's existence. it looks the comp will include the previously released version of 'speed trials' off either/or. if you are interested in checking out the comp and ordering it on the 29th, please go here.

finally my friend jacobus recently opened an online store that has vintage clothing. how is this elliott related? :) well its named after a lyric from an elliott song. the store is called 'the trash treasury' you might find something neat to get by going here. good luck to jacobus!(9.27.03)

redfest setlist plus more!

thanks to rickcobabe, crystal, griffin and miles for taking the time to email or post the setlist. also if you want to see some screen captures of elliott performing at the show, check out this thread at the sweet addy discussion board. anyway here is the setlist!

memory lane
fond farewell
plainclothes man
st. ides heaven
division day
i figured you out
a passing feeling
something to lose
needle in the hay
i better be quiet now
waltz #2 (xo)
between the bars
rose parade
say yes
long long long

thoughts from griffin: elliott looked and sounded great. he was wearing his "i heart metal" shirt. he was solo acoustic...he also was talking after the third song about how he shopped at a natural store today and how he bought "a green drink, a protein drink, and some water. but it's not an advertisement for the store..." hehe.

from miles: i just wanted to say that the show last night in salt lake was
amazing! elliott seemed really happy to be there...there were a few songs that he would not play because he said that they had too many words (last call). he always seems to say that about some song that someone requests. none of the songs were aborted there were a couple of songs that he had to start over because he started them in the wrong key. overall it was a great show.

from crystal: at the beginning of the show there was something wrong with the sound and he looked really nervous for a minute but started talking to the audience and seemed to get more comfortable. elliott was pretty talkative the whole time and when someone asked what he did that day he gave a detailed version of what he got at a health food store downtown and then said "but this isn't an advertisement for them or anything." it was a great show, the first acoustic one i've ever seen, and elliott looked really good and seemed happy.

want more info concerning the upcoming show elliott is doing at all tomorrow's parties? go here for the press release about it. thanks to ellen for sending it!

thanks to michael for sending this little tid bit that showed up at beck.com from beck himself talking to the guys from grandaddy: "the grandaddies also said they'd seen elliott smith and his new record is gonna blow roofs off."

finally thanks to lido for sending word about a cool addition to his site, elliott smith mini-repository . want to record an elliott smith show and don't know how and where to get started? well lido created a really cool page about how (and why) to tape elliott. check out the direct link here (9.20.03)