september 2004

from a basement reviews, son of sam sheet music, bbc six music + more

'from a basement on the hill reviews are beginning to show up online and in magazines. here is a list of them so far we have seen"

under the radar: matt fink reviews 'from a basement...' with interpool on the cover
filter magazine: reviews the new record by chris martin and pretty (ugly before) is featured on the new filter magazine sampler pssst included in select copies of the new issue of filter. (thanks to chris and mark)
eye: album review by john sakamoto. anti posted this review on their elliott page here.

there is a new music book that transcribes 24 piano songs including elliott's song off figure 8, 'son of sam'. the mix songbook is called '21st century rock piano.' it also looks like the song was also transcribed in 2001 in a songbook called, 'play piano with... coldplay, toploader plus...' based on a search of musicroom.com. a search for elliott smith also brought up 2 other piano songbooks that include 'miss misery'. if you would like to see a listing of all 4 songbooks, please click here. thanks to mike!

thank to lesley for sending info about a bbc broadcast of elliott's songs and the chance for you to listen. here what lesley had to say: just to let you know that bbc six music's (uk digital and internet radio station) keith cameron (sitting in for presenter bob harris) has been playing elliott tracks - don't go down this week and fond farewell the week before. you can listen to the show each week on http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/presenters/bob_harris/ and hit 'listen again' (no archives so check it out soon). the track is about half way through the show.

thanks to retrolover for sending this link to an interview with domino records founder, laurence bell. in the beginning of the interview, laurence talks how things came together for domino to release 'from a basement...' and his thoughts on it. please go to poptones to read it.

finally, for about a week and a half i won't be able to update the site or email much. the best place in the meantime to check for updates in case any news happen will be our discussion board, sweetaddy.com. i hope to be back in the swing of things at the end of the month/beginning of october! anyway thanks for your patience. (9.16.04)

live dvd out in nov., insound pre-order and faboth songs on french radio!

thanks to rustyorgan, jane, alex and kitty fantastico for giving us the information that music video distributors and hiqi media will be releasing the upcoming dvd, 'elliott smith – olympia, washington.' the dvd features elliott's solo set on the closing night of the five-day yo yo a go go festival in 1999. the dvd will be presented in stereo and will be zone free. the performance is 40 minutes long and at this time there are no other dvd features or extras known for this release. the setlist includes these songs: son of sam, angeles, rose parade, happiness, easy way out, southern belle, wouldn’t mama be proud, division day, the white lady loves you more, stupidity tries, see you later, independence day. mtv also has a little blurb about the dvd too. if you would like a copy of the dvd, you can pre-order the dvd now at fattvideos.com!

thanks to joe from insound.com for sending this to us: i just wanted to let you know that we currently have elliott smith's 'from a basement on the hill' on pre-order at insound. there's also a coupon code to save 15%, 'basement15.' the coupon expires 11/02 and can be entered at check out...here's the link to pre-order: http://search.insound.com/search/showrelease.jsp?p=INS23934

thanks to vincent for sending this: i just want to let you know that some of the songs of "from a basement on the hill" (twilight & fond farewell, last hour and memory lane, last night) have been already played on the french radio "france inter". the emission's name is "c'est lenoir" and it's between 21.00 and 22.00 pm. every day (there's no emission the friday, saturday and sunday), you can hear the complete past emission on the web site of the station ("franceinter.com", "les sites d'emissions", "c'est lenoir", "l'audio et les paylists", "écouter l'emission de la veille"). this archive is avalaible for only 24 hours. today, until the next emission, you can hear - but not download - memory lane. and maybe there will be more new material of "from a basement..." in the upcoming emission. (9.10.04)

twilight mp3 online!, faboth poster, bumbershoot cd, & new book cover

thanks to matt and anti for sending us the first official mp3 of an elliott song that will be on the upcoming release of elliott's record, 'from a basement on the hill.' twilight is the title of the song that fans might of known before as 'somebody's baby.' at this time, anti has not posted a link on elliott's artist page for the upcoming release, but if you click the upcoming link you can hear it or if you right click the link and select 'save as' you can save it onto your computer. the song is free to download. remember the album comes out on the 19th or 18th if you live in europe! here is the link and i hope you love it: twilight mp3

we are also lucky enough to get the first image of the upcoming 'from a basement on the hill' poster that will be used to promote the record. these posters will not be available for purchase because they are used for promitional purposes but you might be able to find some at your local record store and hopefully someone at your record store will be nice and give you one or save you one. so good luck! otherwise your best bet might be ebay.com when they come out. i know a lot of fans are also always looking for elliott smith posters to purchase and if you are looking to pay cheaper, you might want to consider gigposters.com. they have a few concert posters for sale through the artists. it is a easy and reasonable place to find some elliott posters! (sorry the picture isn't a better looking image. i had to adjust colors and stuff)

thanks so much melinda (& happy birthday!) for telling us that at this year's bumbershoot, in seattle, wa, they were giving out cds and included on the cd is pretty (ugly before) in cd form. this is the first time it has been officially made available on a cd. it was previously available on the elliott's last 7" record released by suicide squeeze. the song will be also included on elliott's upcoming record.

finally thanks to juxtaposeur for posting on sweet addy that it looks like the cover of the upcoming bio about elliott has changed a little. for a comparison of the new and old cover, please go to this thread to see them. if you are interested in pre-ordering the book, you can by ordering it at amazon, barnes and noble or buy.com. (9.7.04)

london tribute show update

thanks to james for sending us an update about the upcoming elliott smith tribute show on friday, september 24th at university of london union (ulu). if you check out the official webpage for from a basement to the stage - a show for elliott smith, you will be updated with who will be performing and how to get tickets. tickets will be going on sale this friday, sept. 3rd, at ticketweb.co.uk. there are also a couple of updates at sweet addy too. if you click this link you will see the really nice poster they created for the show. thanks to everyone involved!

sorry for the short update. i hope to have more for you next week and be able to answer some emails. sorry for being way behind. (9.1.04)