september 2008

portland, maine & antwerp, belgium tributes, unreleased song update + more

yay! it's always great see some tribute shows being planned for this time of year. so far we got 2 great elliott smith tribute shows coming up and wanted to thank everyone involved for keeping elliott's memory alive. the first tribute show is going to be in portland, maine on october 21st. thanks to don for sending us info about and here he is with more information:

"i wanted to make sweet adeline aware of a tribute show being held for elliott in portland maine. it will be on october 21st, 2008 at slainte lounge, 20 preble street, portland maine 04101 from 8pm to midnight. local artists will be featured playing covers of elliott's music and any donations will be forwarded to the memorial fund.""

thank you to bart and alexandra for sending us info about another tribute happening on october 23rd in antwerp, belgium. here is bart with more information:

theres gonna be a tribute in antwerp, belgium on the 23rd of october. it will be held in a venue called trix, doors will open at 20.00 and tickets will be 12 euros.

the tribute is organised due to the 5th year anniversary of elliott's death. the tribute is organised by tim vanhamel. who is most famous of his work in the excellent belgian band "millionaire", but who also plays in "eagles of death metal" with "queen of the stone age's" josh homme. he and a bunch of friends (all notable artists of the belgian pop scene!) will be playing a bunch of elliott songs this evening. first of all tim's own band will be there. then there will be bert ostyn (absynthe minded), pascal deweze (sukilove) and several members of the pornbloopers. jan wygers (creature with the atom brain) will be dj-ing. more artists might be confirmed later! heres a link to the site to buy tickets or more info: http://www.trixonline.be/site/content/programma.asp?id=284."

kevin moyer was kind enough to visit sweet addy and give us a couple of updates about the unreleased elliott smith song that is slated to appear on the upcoming 'live from nowhere near you vol. 2.' the benefit record. kevin touches on where the record is all together and info about larry crane finding the multitracks for the unreleased song and is in the process of remixing the song. here is more from kevin:

'rest assured EVERYTHING IS ON TRACK everything is good, everything is moving faster now, so please no conspiracy theories, it'll likely be closer to the end of the quarter/end of 2008 as mentioned before, if not just a bit after. its really going to depend on what label ends up getting this thing and what their schedule is / needs, but everything on my end is going splendidly. still waiting on ryan adams to turn in his track but he is crazy prolific so i'm not worried, i'm getting a great picture of elliott from james mercer, we're working on the artwork, and i'm final mixing the last batch of songs and doing a drum dub session this weekend. i still have to sequence mix and final master, but thats gotta wait until the last songs are in and done anyhow, so i still intend to have this physical thing (music and packaging) completed by november or so and then it will depend on how long the label needs to print and release them after that. its funny you (jokingly) mention punch and judy, i think larry had suggested an alt version of that song as one of the many we considered, it was a little faster perhaps different drums? and not really what i was looking for in terms of the albums vibe/story anyhow...so anyways we're still on and getting more done than ever before but still i fear i've said too much with too many specifics so please don't get too worked up, i just don't feel its fair to keep saying "soon" although it really and truly should be, so i will make sure to come here and personally tell you what confirmed release date we have settled upon, along with the song name and a full album contributor list, once that is all figured out. anyways, thank you all for your interest and love and support and greed and patience and patience again.

larry crane found the multitrack for the to-be-released-on-lfnny song and is working on a better mix of it this week. he sure is awesome."

thank you to jessica and mitchell for sending the following elliott mentions

jessica: this article is about the theater fire but mentions elliott, their cover of say yes and the future butterflies documentary. http://www.dallasobserver.com/2008-09-18/music/another-matter-entirely/

mitchell: npr recently did a feature of jazz rock covers and one of the covers featured is madeleine peyroux cover of 'between the bars.' here is the link: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=94643492 (9.26.08)