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kinda been finding it easier to update elliott/site news on the sweet adeline facebook page lately. please visit it for the latest info while i figure out changes to the site! you don't have to be a member of facebook to see the page! to visit please click below:



a day of rememberence and check out killrockstars.com for news about elliott

we remember elliott on this day for not only being an amazing artist but for being a wonderful and beautiful soul! we still miss him dearly and we hope you are remembering fondly the day(s) he lived.

check out kill rock stars today. they are planning to have some cool news about elliott. they already posted some wonderful news & specials in celebration of what would have been elliott's 43rd birthday. here are some of the stuff they are already doing:

"august 6 would have been elliott smith's 43rd birthday, and to mark the occassion, his former label kill rock stars is sharing a series of rare, unreleased tracks. it starts with a version of "alameda", recorded during the same sessions that yielded the album version featured on smith's essential 1997 release either/or. this version contains alternate lyrics during the chorus. kill rock stars will also reissue either/or and smith's self-titled 1995 album on 180-gram vinyl this month, in honor of smith's birthday.

on august 6, kill rock stars will sell its 2010 smith compilation an introduction to... for $4.99 all day. you'll also receive "a present" from the label if you sign up for their mailing list that day.

throughout august, smith's entire kill rock stars output (elliott smith: the indie years) will be available digitally for $49. and for the duration of 2012, any kill rock stars mailorder purchase will be accompanied by a 10% off coupon for their smith offerings." (8.6.12)

heaven adores you (an elliott smith project), rare unfinished elliott song leaks online & chris buck finds xo color clip tests!

nickolas rossi made a beautiful tribute using his own footage and photos from the solutions wall with elliott's song ' the biggest lie' which has been viewed by over 738,451 times on youtube a few years ago. now, he is planning to make a project directly related to elliott called 'heaven adores you (an elliott smith) project' and is asking for help! nickolas has set up a kickstarter page to help bring the project together while offering some incentives if you help with the project. as of november 17th, they’ve reached $2,670 out of their $12,500 goal and they have 26 days left to go. sadly, they won’t receive any of those pledges unless the kickstarter goal is met by the 13th, so they really need the help! if you can contribute, please do! here is the link to their kickstarter page where you can donate and get an idea of the direction that the project is going with a video:


here is more info about it: "heaven adores you" is an intimate and meditative look at the influence that elliott smith has had since his tragic passing in 2003. by threading together musical performances of those influenced by the music of elliott smith, through the lush and often isolating images of the three major cites he lived in throughout his short life (portland, or, new york, ny and los angeles, ca), this film will go beyond your average "behind the music" documentary by offering a visual journey and an intimate look at the singer's prolific songwriting, and the impact that he had on his fans and other musicians today. this project aims to be a celebration of elliott smith, his contributions to the music industry and exploration of his posthumous influence on the artistic endeavors of those within the global community.

we hope you will be willing to contribute and be an essential a part of the project by helping. you can also get more information by visiting their facebook page: heaven adoes you (an elliott smith project) facebook. thanks for considering it!

thank you to alex, leila, griffin, and eddie for letting us know that a previously unknown song that is being called 'misery let me down' has appeared online. the song comes up as a warm up song for a radio show elliott was playing at around 1997. the song is incomplete because elliott decides to stop playing the song a few minutes into it but there is enough to give the listener an idea of the direction of the song and the quality of the recording is great. it is unknown if elliott recorded the song in anyway. if you would like more info about, go to this sweet addy link. if you would like to hear the song directly, please go here:

elliott smith - 'misery let me down' mp3

thank you to chris buck for emailing and letting us know that he recently found some of the color images from his photo session with elliott to promote elliott's xo record. they were considered lost but chris found them recently and posted a blog about the session with unreleased images and behind the scenes information from his point of view! he always has cool background stories about the photos he posts. to check out his post and see unreleased photos from the xo promo sessions, please go here:



8 years gone...not 1 day forgotten.....xo (10/21/11)

happy birthday, elliott and suicide squeeze records are giving away division day in remeberance

we wanted to remember elliott on his birthday. elliott is of course missed and is on our mind today and many other days. we wish all that love elliott a nice day of rememberance.

to honor this day, suicide squeeze records is amazingly offering to giveaway elliott’s “division day” cd-ep on elliott's birthday, august 6, 2011. supply is very limited if you are interested and all you need to be responsible for is the cost of postage and the padded envelope necessary for shipping. here is what david at suicide squeeze records had to say about the giveaway:

"saturday, august 6th was elliott smith’s birthday. i can vividly remember visiting los angeles shortly after his death. the memorial wall, on sunset boulevard, where he once posed for the cover shot of his album, “figure 8,” with it’s iconic red and black lines, was already covered with poems and short messages from fans shocked by the loss. candles burned on the sidewalk. and the writing was personal and varied. the one line that read, “this wasn’t music as much as it was medicine,” burned its way into my brain. indeed.

so, in fond remembrance we’re giving away copies of elliott’s “division day” cd-ep. the give-away will commence at 9 a.m. on august 6, 2011. supplies are extremely limited. customers are only responsible for the cost of postage and the padded envelope necessary for shipping. no up-charge!

the cost breakdown looks like this: us - $2.06 ($1.71 shipping, .35 envelope); canada - $2.59 ($2.24 shipping, .35 envelope); world - $3.81 (shipping $3.46, .35 envelope). the songs “division day,” & “no name #6” appear on each copy."

if you would like more info, please visit: http://suicidesqueezerecords.tumblr.com on august 6th! again, thanks to david for the thoughtful gesture in elliott's honor. he truly has always been a great supporter of elliott and the fans. we have always appreicated his kindness. (8.5.11)

roman candle (remastered) & from a basement on the hill (rerelease) out now in n america, australia, and japan!

today marks the release of roman candle (remastered) and from a basement on the hill (rerelease) from kill rock stars. please check out your local record store for availability! some fans who pre-ordered the album received the album early and if you were one of the first 300 fans to pre-order either album or both got a free poster of a rare picture of elliott. the poster also advertises both releases by jj gonson. these releases will be on kill rock stars in n america, australia, and japan and are available in 180 gram vinyl, regular vinyl and cd. this also marks the first time roman candle has been released on vinyl for the first time in the u.s.! if you are unable to pick up a copy of roman candle in your hometown in n america, australia, and japan, please order it from kill rock stars' online store by click on either link below:

roman candle - http://www.buyolympia.com/killrockstars/Item=KRS523
basement - http://www.buyolympia.com/killrockstars/Item=KRS524

if you would like to see a larger picture of the ad above from kill rock stars or the free poster that came with pre-orders on the left, please click on the pictures to see a larger version!

for fans outside of n america, australia, and japan, domino recording co is releasing the remastered version of roman candle on may 4, 2010. available for pre-order! for more info, please go here:

roman candle - http://www.dominorecordco.com/uk/reissues/17-02-10/roman-candle/

thanks to krs, domino, larry crane, roger seibel and elliott's family for the wonderful work that they do! thanks to all fans who are considering picking up the records too! (4.6.10)

free elliott mp3s, u.k. roman candle pre-order, up in the air & sweet addy

in anticipation of the upcoming reissues of roman candle and from a basement on the hill, kill rock stars has released two free mp3s to sample from the releases. 'last call' is the first glimpse of the remastered roman candle album that roger seibel and larry crane, editor of tape op magazine and archivist for elliott's family, remastered. krs will also be releasing roman candle on vinyl for the first time in the u.s. the other song is 'twilight' from 'from a basement on the hill' album. originally released by anti-, krs now has the rights to released the record and krs is now the home for all of elliott smith's independent releases which include: roman candle, elliott smith, either/or, from a basement on the hill, and new moon. the reissues of roman candle and from a basement on the hill will be released april 6, 2010 in the u.s. here are the mp3 if you would like to download them for free:

last call

pre-ordering info from kill rock stars will be coming soon! (thanks to sylvie and tobi for the info!)

thanks to fraser for letting us know that domino recording co. in the u.k. are also repressing roman candle for release on may 4, 2010. fans in europe, asia and i think australia will be able to pre-order the album right now from domino recording co. for more info about the release or to pre-order from domino, please go here:http://www.dominorecordco.com/uk/reissues/17-02-10/roman-candle

thanks to everyone who emailed me to let me know that elliott's song 'angel in the snow' appeared in the oscar nominated film, 'up in the air.' the song also appears on the 'up in the air' soundtrack. the dvd will be out march 9th. if you haven't seen it yet, i think the whole song is used in a really nice montage of moments in the film. good luck to the film makers on oscar night!

recently, sweet addy made a nice change in it's organization of the discussion board. now there are 2 sections. one for elliott only discussion and another for fans of elliott to discuss things as a community. it's a nice change and one of the more positive things that i've seen come from it is a few news items that were new to me and i had to pass along on the site.

the first is from llaurens. she posted a great article by margie boule called 'the truth about elliott smith.' it touches on about the myths that have appeared over time about elliott even if lead to helping out good causes. one of the nicest and rare things about the article are the comments from elliott's father, gary, and step-mother, marta. the article has insight to their thought who elliott really was vs. the perception others have created about elliott. the article is no longer on the oregonian website but it is on sweet addy. if you would like to check out the article, please go here: the truth about elliott smith

another post is from laclos. he maintains deadmelodies.com (which i missed because it's an awesome resource of elliott videos and live songs! really cool site) the latest update to the site features a rare interview with elliott, neil and tony from heatmiser. it's a really rare video for a tv show pilot in 1996. to check out the video go here: heatmiser video and don't forget to check out the rest of dead melodies!

finally (for now), larry crane not only posted to a link to his new website, larry-crane.com but he also posted some rare pictures from elliott's xo sessions in 98 and one from 1997 from when elliott was helping/recording at jackpot! to check out the pictures here: xo sessions & jackpot!

hope to be back soon with more sweet addy posts and an update on the upcoming krs reissues of roman candle and from a basement on the hill! (3.7.10)

roman candle & from a basement on the hill join kill rock stars' catalog & xmas gifts

thank you to maggie for sending us this huge news about roman candle (remastered and on vinyl in the u.s. for the first time) and from a basement on the hill joining their catalog! here is the press release about the news plus a free and rare download of "cecilia/amanda"!

"Kill Rock Stars is very excited to announce that on April 6th, 2010 we will be adding Elliott Smith’s Roman Candle and From a Basement on the Hill records to our catalog.

Roman Candle is Elliott Smith’s first solo album and was originally released on Portland’s Cavity Search Records in 1994.

Roman Candle had quite an impact on Slim Moon, Kill Rock Stars' founder: "In 1994, I had been asked to be on this five-person solo-act tour called Pop Chord with Tammy Watson, Carrie Akre, Sean Croghan and Elliott Smith. The first night at the Crocodile in Seattle, I didn't pay too much attention and people talked all thru Elliott's set. Sean Croghan got up next and said "all of you people who just talked through Elliott's set are bummed because you just misssed something very very special." The next night of the tour, at The Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, I listened very closely to Elliott's set, and it was basically one of those life-changing moments. Instead of watching the rest of the performers, I went out to the tour van and popped Roman Candle into the player, and listened to it on endless repeat for the rest of the evening and beyond. It completely blew my mind. I have never heard music as heartwrenchingly, gut-checkingly honest, intimate, and wise - before or since."

Roman Candle has been remastered for the re-release by Larry Crane, editor of Tape Op Magazine and archivist for Elliott's family.

Larry explains, “The intention that I had was to make the album more listenable. I felt that a lot of the guitar “squeaks” were jarring and very loud, and that many of the hard consonants and “S” sounds were jarring and scratchy sounding. I felt by reducing these noises that the music would become more inviting and the sound would serve the songs better. When I went to Roger Seibel's SAE Mastering, he proceeded to equalize the tracks a small amount and to make the volume slightly louder. We never tried to make this CD as loud as current, over-limited trends, but just to match the volume of the rest of Elliott’s KRS catalog in a graceful way. Please note that none of this album is “remixed” from the master tapes - it is still composed of the mixes Elliott created himself.”

We will also be releasing Roman Candle on vinyl for the first time in the U.S.

From a Basement on the Hill was released posthumously in 2004 on ANTI- records.

With the addition of these two records Kill Rock Stars is now the home for all of Elliott Smith’s independent releases: Roman Candle, Elliott Smith, Either/Or, From a Basement on the Hill, and New Moon.

To celebrate the addition of these amazing records we are giving away a free, previously unreleased song entitled "Cecilia/Amanda". It was recorded at Jackpot! Recording Studio in 1997 by Larry Crane. An earlier version of this song was initially written and recorded by Elliott's high school band, Stranger Than Fiction, and was known as "Time is Ours Now". "Cecilia/Amanda" is a reworking of that song with almost completely different lyrics. Download/listen here: http://i.listentokrs.com/bands/elliottsmith/audio/CeciliaAmanda.mp3.

Our Elliott Smith back catalog is also on sale until January 4th in our mail order (http://www.buyolympia.com/killrockstars) and on iTunes.

also check the official elliott smith store to buy elliott merchandise for your gift for your love ones or yourself for this holiday season! remember proceeds from the sale of the merchandise goes to the elliott smith memorial fund! to visit the elliott smith official store please go here: elliott smith official store. (12/15/09)

thinking of elliott

we would like to take a moment to remember elliott on this day, october 21st. 6 years ago we lost a wonderful gentleman and musician. thank you all for helping keep his memory alive! he is truly missed. xo (10.21.09)

4th annual elliott smith tribute show in lansing, il

thank you to michael for emailing us info about this upcoming weekend's (saturday, august 22nd) tribute show in lansing, il. this is the 4th year they have hosted a tribute to elliott and some of the proceeds will be donated to the elliott smith memorial fund! :) here is michael with information about the tribute:

what: 4th annual elliott smith tribute show
when: saturday, august 22, 2009
time: 6:45 p.m.
cost: 7$ (with free button and 5$ going to the elliott smith memorial fund)
where: stand up comics
3429 ridge road
lansing, il 60438
who: the electric toad, radio pictures

elliott smith buttons will also be for sale (2 for 1$) with all proceeds going to the elliott smith memorial fund.

thanks to everyone involved and supporting the esmf! we hope you guys a fun night. also click on the picture to the left to see a larger version of the show's flyer/poster. (8.19.09)

guitar hero 5, elliott smith songbook & new moon lyrics @ krs

thank you to everyone who sent this bit of news (a lot to thank) that activision's upcoming release of guitar hero will include an elliott smith song! guitar hero 5 is slated for 9.1.09 release and will include elliott's song, l.a. from his figure 8 album! this marks the first time an elliott song will make it on a video game. he will be joining 83 other artists on the game as well. guitar hero 5 is available now for pre-orders on the official guitar hero 5 website and you can also find additionl information by going to the site here: guitar hero 5. thanks again to everyone who sent this info in and everyone at guitar hero for putting a link to sweet adeline!

also, thanks to everyone who sent info in about the upcoming elliott smith songbook. the book is written by fred sokolow who has written many instructional music books. the songbook is being published by the famous songbook publisher, hal leonard corporation, and it includes songs throughout elliott's career. the songs announced so far include: miss misery, angeles, clementine, everything means nothing to me, pretty (ugly before), say yes, son of sam, waltz #2 (xo) and more. amazon has listed various dates for the release but is currently listed for an august 30th release. if you would like additional information or would like to pre-oder the book, you can visit amazon.com. if you would like more in about fred sokolow or would like to order the songbook directly from fred, please visit his site, fredsokolow.com.

kill rock star recently added a new lyrics page for their release of elliott's new moon record to krs' official site.the lyrics were transcribed with the help of philip fischer and other fans on sweet addy. it's a really nice page and great resource. please go here to check the page out: elliott smith new moon lyrics. (8.9.09)

happy birthday, 11 years and coming soon

we send our warmest prayers and thoughts out into the world on what would have been elliott's 40th birthday. it's hard to imagine that elliott was 29 when we started sweet adeline. elliott and his music is a blessing to so many people and in so many ways. 40 years ago we were so lucky that a wonderful person came to being. even though we think of elliott on the day he passed, this is the day i choose to reflect and celebrate his life on because it was the beginning of someone and something great. as always we send all our love to everyone on this day and we are happy to know that elliott's memory will not only last longer than 34 years...40 years..but it will last forever. thank you all for remembering elliott especially on this special day.

i can't believe i missed this anniversary but on july 11th it was sweet adeline's 11th year on the web. i feel really bad because i never consider this site something i do or contribute to only but that it is a joint effort between all of elliott's fans and i really love trying to reconize that each year. thank you to everyone who has contributed to the site in so many ways. i appreciate your contribution, kindness and patience. thank you for all your support. i wish i could do more to thank you guys. yay! for 11 years.

finally, i hope to update the site with some recent news about guitar hero 5, elliott smith songbook and more. hopefully this weekend! xo (8.6.09)

33 1/3 series xo book coming in april, larry crane interview, josie cotton, magnet's the over/under + more

originally listed on amazon.com with a release date in mid march, amazon.com recently sent me an email about shipping the new 33 1/3 book about elliott's record, 'xo,' saying its planning to ship in early/mid april! continuum is publishing the book and it is written by matthew lemay who has been a staff writer for pitchfork media for many years. here is a description of the book:

"many albums could be cited to support the claim that great suffering yields great art. elliott smith’s xo should not be one of them. smith’s 1998 major label debut defies the “tortured singer-songwriter” stereotype, and takes up this defiance as a central theme. at a time when smith was being groomed for a particular (and particularly condescending) brand of stardom, he produced a record that eviscerated one of the central assumptions of singersongwriterdom: that pain is beautiful. xo insists that romanticizing personal tragedy can only leave you “deaf and dumb and done.” and it backs up this claim with some of the most artful and intelligent music of its day. matthew lemay writes an original take on a widely beloved album, steering clear of the sensationalist suicide angles that have dogged most analysis of elliott smith's extraordinary work."

if you would like to pick up the book, please check your local book store or you can order through amazon.com by going here: elliott smith's xo (33 1/3 series)

- thank you to john and jake for sending a link to a new and really great/informative interview from glorious noise with larry crane about archiving elliott's music. the article features the latest information about where larry is at in archiving elliott's music, what he is archving, what his thoughts what the future might hold and much more!. it also includes an idea of what larry has gone through some rare photos of what larry has working with along with a special overseer to make sure the job gets done! to read the interview, please head over to glorious noise here: elliott smith's archives: the glono interview with larry crane.

- matt from magnet magazine was kind enough to send in an email about a recent interview with josie cotton. josie is well know for her own music and the song, “johnny, are you queer?” she also owns satellite park where elliott recorded with david mcconnell while working on what would be 'from a basement on the hill' songs. the interview with josie brings up elliott and josie gives an idea of what elliott was doing, thinking and going through at the time while at her studio. to read the interview and the part about elliott, please follow this link to magnet magazine: q&a with josie cotton.

matt also mentioned that: "...corey dubrowa, who's written extensively on elliott and his work, is doing a list of overrated/underrated songs." so check out to see which elliott songs makes the list by going to the magnet's feature: the over/under: elliott smith. thanks matt!

- thanks to paul for sharing this: the professional skater dylan rieder chose "coast to coast" for his segment in alien workshop's "mind field."

- thanks to shaun for sending this link to a neat site about book inscriptions called the book incription project. he found a sweet one that is inscribed in autumn de wilde's elliott smith book. you can go here to check it out: through the eyes of of a girl. (4.1.09)

5 years since you've been gone & portland radio special

every year it's always hard to face this day. it's especially hard this year for me since half of the site's years have been with elliott being no longer with us. it goes without saying that i wish we were blessed with more time with elliott in our lives but i think we are all appreciative of the time elliott has been a part our lives before his passing and after. the beautiful thoughts and actions by elliott and everyone who loves elliott and his music outshines the bad of this day every year and will forever. the tributes, the messages fans have been leaving, the personal feelings and thoughts show how elliott still will be here in many ways. thank you all for remembering elliott today and everyday. i know it goes long way for elliott's memory but for ourselves too because this shared experience means a lot to so many of us. we miss elliott dearly and send love...

thank you to emily for sending us info about a program that she is doing on oregon public broadcasting. emily is the host of "think out loud" and they are doing a a program looking at elliott's legacy called "elliott smith, five years later". she will have amazing guests on and they already have a super rare song ('coraliza') from elliott's pre-heatmiser band with garrick duckler, 'a murder of crows', on the site through the link below. here is emily with more information:

just wanted to alert you to a program looking at elliott smith's legacy that's tomorrow (october 21, 2008) on think out loud, oregon public broadcasting's daily talk show. we welcome calls and comments on our blog. the link is here:

www.opb.org/thinkoutloud - just click on the "elliot smith, five years later" link.

guests on the show include long-time friend and early collaborator garrick duckler, music journalist corey dubrowa, heatmiser co-founder neil gust and autumn de wilde, author of elliott smith. you can also hear a rare early song, coraliza, by elliott smith and garrick duckler, on the site.

the show is live streamed and broadcast at 9 am pacific time, and will be archived on the site permanently. (10.21.08)

more elliott smith tributes, radio tribute & video tribute!

yay! more tributes. thank you to everyone again for making these amazing efforts to remember elliott at this time in such a positive light in the hardest time of year for us. you guys are amazing. thanks so much and i hope everyone has a great time at these shows and the other tributes listed here: tribute shows page.

newtown, sydney: there is going to be a tribute show at the vanguard in newtown, sydney on october 21st. details are can be found at http://www.thevanguard.com.au/. (thanks to matt)

montreal, canada: i just wanted to let you know that i am organizing a tribute show for elliott in montreal. proceeds will go to the es memorial fund. the tribute show is at l'esco (4467 st. denis street (at mont royal)). october 21st - live music all night! starts at 9:00. (thanks kieren)

prince edward island, canada: just thought you should know that there is an elliott smith tribute show in a little city named charlottetown, in prince edward island canada. the show is being held at baba's lounge on oct 21, 2008. (thanks to dennis)

hamburg, germany: i am organising an elliott smith memorial (for the third time in a row now...) in hamburg, germany. i am currently working on the poster and the flyers, which i will be posting soon (i would be happy if you could send them via bulletin or else, when they..re done). the memorial is gonna take place on friday, 24.10.2008, 10 pm @ karo ecke, marktstrasse 92, 20359 hamburg (karoviertel). we'll have some guitars and stuff around, anyone who feels like it, is free to play some tunes. i will be showing lucky thirteen, strange parallel, as well as some live shows, interviews, clippings and music videos... after all the visuals i will be dj-ing, putting on a lot of elliott tunes as well as country/folk, singer-songwriter and indie stuff, related with or familiar to elliott's music. it's gonna be a nice, cuddly evening and i hope a lot of people from the area will join me!! (thanks to saskia)

uk radio tribute: on tuesday the 21st of october, leeds student radio will be broadcasting a tribute to elliott smith, including interviews and songs. the tribute will be part of a programme called 'big elephants' and we'l be encouraging people to email and text in requests and messages. the show will start at 8pm uktime, but can be heard not only in the uk but around the world from the stations webiste; www.lsrfm.com (special thanks to rich)

video tribute: thank you to cedric for sending us info about a video tribute that started on the 17 and will end on 31st. here is cedric with more information: i am working to produce a tribute to elliott smith here in belgium...ten or more acoustic sessions with bellgian and international bands, recorded and released on video on website www.lesoir.be, first frenchspeaking website in belgium, the website of newspaper le soir. we'll begin the hommage to elliott smith, called "ballads for elliott smith", october 17 th...you can also find us on facebook. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=90437805130

acoustic guitar magazine, a murder of crows, rare video interview, a tape op blog and prolific!

thank you to missingyou on sweet addy for posting information that the latest issue of acoustic guitar magazine (november 2008, issue 191) features an article and tablature for elliott's song 'between the bars.' it is under the 'contemporary classic' section of the magazine and it also includes lyrics and chords. the magazine should be showing up on newstands now and if you would like more information about what the issue is covering, please go here: acoustic guitar magazine.

last week, we were lucky to get an email from collin oldham. collin played cello on a track on one of elliott's early bands, a murder of crows. a murder of crows was comprised of steve smith (elliott smith) and garrick duckler who was previously in stranger than ficition with elliott as well. the band fell between elliott's high school band, stranger than fiction, and what would become heatmiser. collin recently found his copy of the record and was kind enough to share this rare cover for a murder of crows' from their first and only cassette, the greenhouse and share his experience recording his cello part with a murder of crows. thank you to collin for sharing this rare and insightful information with us! here is collin with some awesome memories (p.s. click on the image on the left for a larger version of it):

"well, that was a long time ago, but i can tell you what i remember. my friend (now sister-in-law) sara harris, was a violinist and friend of garrick at lincoln hs. she had played on some earlier stranger than fiction thing, and she got us together. no, wait there's another connection! garrick and i were camp counselors together the previous summer (1987) so he may have just called me himself. anyway, the session itself took place in a basement of a house up in portland heights, near ainsworth school. a basement on a hill, as it were. it was probably jason hornick's parent's house. i remember meeting steve (not quite elliott to the real world yet) and he was kind of quiet and intense with a dry and opaque sense of humor. he was serious about the music, though, even though he didn't really have all the tools yet. and as you can hear from the tape, neither did i! ;) i only played on one track "chinatown." i listened to the mix they had, which was pretty much everything but the cello, a couple times and then went into the recording room, which was a little closet under the stairs. there were no charts, and i just had to figure out it was in c minor. i just improvised over the song 2 or 3 times, and they used what they wanted. i guess they didn't have very good editing tools, because they didn't do much to save me from embarrassing myself with wrong notes and aimless noodling, but iI guess there are one or two good ideas in there. and that was that. one footnote: after graduating from college in 1991, i moved back to portland for a year, and got a job selling bread and coffee at le panier in old town. elliott was making sandwiches in back. i remembered him as steve, and he told me he was elliott now, and he really did seem to be much more comfortable with himself. we'd sometimes hang out on break, and he'd make humorous references that would blow right by me. it's a real shame he's gone now. good for him for getting some good music together before he went."

thanks to elwin for emailing us at the the official elliott smith myspace page about a rare interview that they recently added to youtube. it features an interview with elliott that is circa 1998 and one of the earliest live performances of 'happiness.' i never even realized he played that song as early as 1998 other than seeing it in the dreamworks promo film, 'strange parallel. also there is a cool mention about elliott's first time ever playing at talent show (he covered the beatles' blackbird). anyway here is the video:

thanks to packyourownchute for posting on sweet addy that larry crane recently added a blog entry to his tape log blog about how is in the middle archiving and cataloging elliott's music still. this quick entry talks about how larry cataloging 1.5 tb of music files, how he is going about organizing it and mr.toad helped with the transfers of the music and file system. it's really cool to know larry is still spending a lot of time working on elliott's music :)

finally, thank you to mitchell for letting us know elliott tops prolific magazine's '8 best get-over-a-break-up albums' list. elliott's 'from a basement on the hill' is their #1 pick. if you are interested in checking out the other artists on the list including why 'from a basement on the hill' is #1, please go here: prolific magazine (10.7.08)

athens, greece, new brunswick, nj, fort wayne, in, lansing, il, & japan tribute updates!

thank you to everyone for all the amazing updates with additional tribute shows. thank you again to everyone involved. we have an amazing list of shows in our tribute shows page if you want to check out the latest updates. i have other tribute shows to add this week too plus other news. please come back at least a couple more times this week to see new updates. thanks again to everyone who are putting these shows on and to fans who were kind enough to send an email in to share the news :)

athens, greece: thanks to for glorybox posting a message via the official elliott smith myspace page that there is going to be a tribute in athens, greece on october 21st. the tribute is going to be at bios (peiraios 84, athens) and tickets will be sold for 3 euros and proceeds will be going to charity! 11 bands will be playing and if you are interested in more information, please go here.

lake charles, la: the lake charles elliott smith tribute will be held october 21st, 2008 at luna bar & grill in the garden. this will mark 5 years since the loss of singer/songwriter elliott smith. all proceeds from the event will go to the elliott smith memorial fund, which donates 100% to free arts for abused children. (http://www.freearts.org/) any songwriters or musicians who would like to play a few songs at the benefit, contact me here. october 21st, 2008 luna bar & grill lake charles, la time and price to be determined. more info soon http://www.myspace.com/elliottsmithlc.

new brunswick, nj: on wednesday october 22, my band meet me in montauk (www.myspace.com/mmim) will be hosting an elliott smith tribute at the harvest moon in new brunswick, nj. performing the music of elliott smith will be ritchie monteiro, david asher, cameron boyd, billy perez, andrew goulburn and matt prol. we will be playing a lot of really great material, spanning elliott's career, capped off with a full band performance of some elliott songs by meet me in montauk. this will mark our 3rd elliott smith tribute show, the others have all gone off very well and we are expecting this one to be the best yet! the harvest moon is located at 392 george st. in new brunswick, nj 08901. the show will be 21+ and should be starting at 10 pm. please come out and join us in a celebration of elliott's life. if there are any questions please contact me via the meet me in montauk myspace page linked above. hope to see you there! (special thanks to andrew)

fort wayne, in: hey, i just wanted to let you know,iI am hosting an elliott smith tribute show in fort wayne, indiana on friday, october 24th! it's going to be at the brass rail (1121 broadway, fort wayne, in 46802). show will probably start at 10pm. 21 and older only. Iight long. it will feature local musicians/bands doing elliott smith covers all night long. the main band playing is lee miles & the illegitimate sons. there also will be others. anyone interested in playing at it should send me a message at kelljm02@gmail.com. thanks! (special thanks to jon!)

lansing, il: i'm writing to let you know about another tribute show. for the the third year in a row, we are having our elliott sith tribute show in lansing,ilL (just south of chicago). the date is october 25th, and begins at 6 pm. the shop is located at 3429 ridge rd. in lansing. we haven't decided on exactly what the cover will be but it will go to charity. the only confirmed acts we have so far are matt heckler, todd stephanuik, and matthew novak. we are looking for more local musicians who adore mr. smith to play, so please have them e-mail me at theysangthesolo@gmail.com --- thanks a bundle. special thanks to matt!)

japan update: i thought that i would let you know when and where the concert is for those people that may be in japan but cannot read japanese. the concert was actually moved to november 1st and will be in hiroshima at the yokugawa cinema. advance tickets are 3300yen (about $33) and tickets at the door are 3800yen (about $38). the doors open at 6pm and the concert starts at 7pm. the title of the concert is future butterfly - tribute to elliott smith.

title: future butterfly - tribute to elliott smith tribute
by shugo tokumaru + kicell
location is in hiroshima - yokogawa cinema roughly
40~60 minutes from hiroshima airport.
tickets pre-sale are roughly:
$31.00 presale ?3,300(D?)
$36.00 at the door ?3,800(D?) (special thanks to karl and malixi) (10.06.08)

kansas city, mo, london, omaha, nebraska, and japan tributes/memorials

how awesome :) we got some more tributes/memorial shows to post. thanks again to anyone who does these kind of shows and get togethers. it is really awesome of you guys. don't forget to check out our tribute shows page to get a complete listing of the tribute shows coming up.

kansas city, mo: this will be the third installment of the elliott smith memorial show! our feelers are out on some repeat musicians, and we''d also like to extend an invitation to anyone in our area who would be willing to take the time to learn the songs of elliott smith and perform them for an appreciative crowd. it is a benefit show that, in the past, has raised over $1600 for underprivileged children to learn to play an instrument, which has proven to be an excellent booster of intellect and ability to learn standard academics.

* where: the brick, 1727 mcgee, kansas city, mo * sunday, oct. 19 @ 10p.m. *cost: $5 - $7 * age limit: 21+ (thanks to jeremy for sending this in!)

london: just thought i'd let you know that to mark the 5th anniversary of the passing of the greatest songwriter of our generation, the following event will be taking place in london to raise money for esmf:

21st october 2008
'a fond farewell - a tribute to elliott smith 1969-2003', the fox & firkin, lewisham high street, lewisham, london SE13

dexy (http://www.myspace.com/dexyspace), ross drummond (http://www.myspace.com/rossdaviddrummond), the new happiness (http://www.myspace.com/thenewhappiness)

all playing sets of elliott/heatmiser songs. it is free entry as most shows at this bar are, but we will be encouraging people to give as generously as possible to esmf. the bar manager has already said that they will be making a contribution and all of us playing will be donating the money we would make from the show to esmf. please do come along london people and help us celebrate elliott's life and music. (thanks to dexy for sending this in!)

omaha, nebraska: i'd appriciate it very much if you wouldn't mind posting a blog or bulletins about an event being held in omaha on the 21st of october. i've contacted saddle creek records and a few local organizations asking them to also help spread the word. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email. margaretmcmakin@gmail.com thank you so much. xox

elliott smith candlelight memorial and tribute, gene leahy mall, 6-11pm october 21st, 2008, omaha, nebraska

if you are free on october 21st and are a fan of elliott smith who lives in the omaha area, i'd love to invite you to be a part of the celebration of elliott's life. plan to meet by the slides @ gene leahy mall, 6pm. local musicians, poets, artists and fans feel free to gather by candlelight and pay tribute to such an influential artist. please feel free to come with your guitars. performance will be encouraged--plan for a big sing-along. :) we will have acess to electricity, so plugging in speakers/amp for microphone is possible. if interested in helping with planning, please feel free to call margaret at 402.968.9021. a donation basket will be passed around throughout the evening, with all donations going straight to the memorial fund. we can never have enough candles, so feel free to bring some of your own if you like. there will also be candles provided (until the supply runs out) (thanks to margaret for sending this in!)

japan: thank you to katie for posting on sweet addy that there is an upcoming tribute in japan in november with shugo tokumaru and kicell. the show is november 1st but i am not sure where, what time and how much it will be but if you are able to read a japanese site, please check out shugo's official site here for more information! http://blog.shugotokumaru.com/

japan update: i thought that i would let you know when and where the concert is for those people that may be in japan but cannot read japanese. the concert was actually moved to november 1st and will be in hiroshima at the yokugawa cinema. advance tickets are 3300yen (about $33) and tickets at the door are 3800yen (about $38). the doors open at 6pm and the concert starts at 7pm. the title of the concert is future butterfly - tribute to elliott smith. (special thanks to karl) (10.01.08)