from a basement on the hill


coast to coast, let's get lost, pretty (ugly before), don't go down, strung out again, fond farewell, king's crossing, ostriches & chirping, twilight, a passing feeling, last hour, shooting star, memory lane, little one, a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free

album info

elliott's final record released by anti-. elliott started working on songs that would eventually be a part of the record while he was on the first leg of the figure 8 tour. all songs were played live by elliott at various times in elliott's career.

rumored to be a double record release by elliott. also rumored was that elliott decided to release 1 record and then release another record 6 months later like the beatles used to do.

other titles known to be recorded: mr. goodmorning, true love, new monkey, stickman, see you heaven, abused, and the suicide machine

available on cd and lp

anti- promo #1

anti-'s first promo of the record was a slip case version with a small image of the album cover, tracklisting and contact information for promotions of the record.

the cd itself has 'elliott smith from a basement on the hill' stamp on it

available on cd

domino records promo #2

this promo features the full record with an image of the album cover and includes the same tracklisting as the anti- promo.

the cd is printed in blue and includes the tracklist and an image of an ostriche on top of a house.

promo copies are usually distributed to various outlets including radio, media and stores to help promote and introduce an album before it comes out to help build interest. media can use them to prepare reviews and articles for coverage around the time the record comes out, while stores might use them to make sure fans know elliott's new record is coming out soon! radio stations get them in hope they will play it and introduce elliott to many more new fans while again letting old fans know a new elliott record is coming out.

available on cd

production notes

the following is written, performed, produced and recorded by elliott smith.

recorded at new monkey, satellite park, audobahn recording, sunset sound, cherokee recording, fort apache, two beers & everybody sings, chateau brion, elliott's homes in portland and los angeles.

additional recording by fritz michaud, jon brion, tom biller, matthew ellard, andrew beckman, chris chandler, ryan castle, david mcconnell, dee robb, valente torres, pete magdaleno.

mixed by rob schnapf, assisted by joanna bolme. mastered by ted jensen at sterling sound, new york.

steven drodz and aaron sperske played drums and nelson gary spoke on "coast to coast" sam coomes played bass and sang backup, scott mcpherson played drums, and aaron embry played keyboards on "pretty (ugly before)" fritz michaud played a drum track on "king's crossing" apologies and thanks to anyone omitted.

design by nick pritchard for metrosea.com, cover photo by renaud monfourny booklet photos by paul heartfield (page four), dominic disaia (page 9), ashley welch (page 10). cut out type by autumn dewilde, handwritten font by elliott smith.

final production by elliott's family and friends.

thank you.

an anti- release

reissue 2010

kill rock stars picked up the rights to distribute 'from a basement on the hill' in 2009/2010 after the album was released by anti- in 2004

rereleased april 6, 2010 under kill rock stars label.

available in 180 gram vinyl, regular vinyl, digital download and cd

a kill rock stars release