july 2004

domino & faboth, albany tribute, future soundtrack cover/giveaway, ny times

thanks to lynsey for posting on sweet addy that domino records will be handling the release of from a 'basement on the hill' in the u.k and other european countries. the record will be released through domino for the world excluding the us and canada. the record will also be released 1 day earlier on october 18 for anyone able to purchase a domino release outside of the united states and canada. domino has also released a few of elliott's previous releases on vinyl but there is no word at this time if an lp version of the album will be released (but we hope so!). for more infomation, please check out the elliott smith page by clicking here: domino recording co. also, anti- records recently added information, an artist page and artwork for from a 'basement on the hill.' please go here to check it out.

thanks to john for sending us a new update on the upcoming elliott smith tribute show, “figure 8—a tribute to the music of elliott smith” at valentine’s in albany on august 6! he was nice enough to send a press release about concert and you can read all about it by clicking here: figure 8—a tribute to the music of elliott smith press release. also for more information about the tribute show you can contact john brodeur at tigerpop1@yahoo.com, or call the club at (518) 432-6572.

barusk records recently added the cover for it's upcoming release of it's fundraising cd compilation, 'future soundtrack for america.' you will be able to hear 'a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free.' close to a month before the release of 'from a basement on the hill' which will also include the same version of the song. for more information about the comp, please go here: 'future soundtrack for america' page. also thanks to maxnugget for posting on sweet addy that mcsweeneys.net is also giving away the cd along with the book, the future dictionary of america, if you make up some definitions for the book and they pick you. please go here for more info and how to win!

finally, thanks to mortal, don, brian, jana and mully for letting me know about this past week's article in the new york times called, 'elliott smith's uneasy afterlife.' while i'm sorry i wasn't able to post info about it before the article came out, here is article. thanks to mully. (7.22.04)

from a basement on the hill <3

thank you so much to elliott's family and felice for sharing with us information about the upcoming and anticapated release of 'from a basement on the hill.' 15 of elliott's final songs will be released on october 19th by the indie label, anti- records, who have also released music by tom waits and nick cave.

the album brings together songs that elliott worked on while on tour for the figure 8 tour in 2000 to the work he did in his own studio, new monkey, in 2003. with the help of rob schnapf and joanna bolme, who mixed the album, elliott's family, loved ones and friends over the years were able to finalize the album recently and here is the final tracklisting for the record:

coast to coast
let's get lost
pretty (ugly before)
don't go down
strung out again
fond farewell
king's crossing
ostriches & chirping
a passing feeling
last hour
shooting star
memory lane
little one
a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free

elliott did play most of these songs live at one point of his career and pretty (ugly before) will be the same version as the 7" single that was released in 2003 by suicide squeeze. last hour though might be the fan named, make it over while the music/lyrics for ostriches & chirping and twilight might have never been heard in any form until now. the album also includes guest appearance by elliott's friends and loved ones. steven drodz and aaron sperske played drums and two unknown poetic men spoke on "coast to coast." elliott's tour mates on the figure 8 tour: sam coomes played bass and sang backup, scott mcpherson played drums, and aaron embry played keyboards on "pretty (ugly before)." finally, fritz michaud, whom elliott recorded with in 2003 at new monkey, played a drum track on "king's crossing."

the artwork includes the nice tradition (except for xo) of having elliott's handwriting on the record and includes cut out type by autumn dewilde who also did artwork for figure 8. the cd booklet will also include photos by renaud monfourny, paul heartfield, dominic disaia and elliott's sister, ashley welch. above is the album cover. as you can see as well, the album is now confirmed to be 'from a basement on the hill' and not 'songs from a basement on the hill.'

hopefully as we come closer to the release of the record we will learn more about the record and the work elliott's friends and family did on it to bring it together and what the future has in store in elliott's memory. thank you to them. i can't imagine the sacrifice it took by everyone to release this record in elliott's memory. hopefully i can speak for a lot of people and say that we are so thankful that you all would share them with us and we will cherish them always. well, if we get anymore information about the release of the record including the promotion of it, we will try to post them asap. don't forget: october 19, 2004. also please check out mtv.com. they have a news story about the record as well! (7.15.04)

6 years of sweet adeline

it was 6 years ago today we all started sweet adeline. i don't even know what to say because its so hard knowing elliott isn't around anymore. aside from doing a site for us to update ourselves what elliott was doing or for us to learn more about him in many ways, a lot of the reason why the site exists was to show elliott how much we cared about what he was doing, how we loved it all and how much we loved (and still do) him. i know he had a hard time looking at it all because it was wierd that people where talking about him but i know he was so thankful for all we did for him on the site and as fans of his. i thank you all past and present (and to come.. i have so much to add to the site) so much for helping me make this site possible. i know your efforts brought a good amount of happiness and love to elliott. thanks to elliott too. thank you for all the things you did: concerts, records, interviews and so much more. your love of making music and what you were doing made this all fun and good for us too. you brought alot of good people together through the things you did and its made our lives much better. we all miss you big time elliott. again thank you all for everything you have done to help out. xo charlie (7.11.04)

a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free on barsuk comp

thanks to neil for posting on sweet addy that barusk added the list of songs coming out on their fundraising compilation, future soundtrack for america. song #22 will be elliott's first officially released song at this time since he passed away and the song is 'a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free.' while elliott did release one version of the song on the pretty (ugly before) 7", my guess will be this version is an alternative and longer version closer to what he played when elliott played the song live. no additional detials are listed on the barsuk news page, but it has been mentioned that these songs are unreleased songs or versions. if we get anymore info, i'll make sure to post it! the cd will be available august 10th in most stores in the united states or you might be able to get it early if you are on the moveon e-mail list. the site says that 'one hundred percent of the proceeds from the book and cd projects will go to non-profit progressive organizations, including music for america, common assets, the sierra club, and others.' if you would like more info about the cd and other artists appearing on it, please go to barsuk! (7.8.04)

london tribute, concrete jungle, barsuk comp, the believer, speed trials 7"

thanks to james and everyone involved for setting another amazing tribute show in elliott's honor. the show billed as 'from a basement to the stage - a show for elliott smith' will be at the university of london union on friday, 24 september 2004. at this time the show is be arranged and more information, including artists and when tickets will available, will be posted as it gets closer to the show on their website, www.sweetadeline.net/london. all proceeds raised from the show will be given to the fantastic uk charity kids company and the the elliott smith memorial fund. you can also read more about it on sweet addy.

recently roger steffans, bob marley and reggae historian, djed on 103.1 fm in los angeles. he was nice enough to play elliott's cover of concrete jungle during the show like he did when he djed as well in australia recently. thanks to jim on sweet addy, he was able to capture the online recording and share the song with us. if you would like to hear it or have it, please click here or right click on this link and select save target as to download it your computer. thanks again to jim and bridetomorrow.

"this fall, barsuk records will be releasing future soundtrack for america, a compilation organized by they might be giants frontman john flansburgh. the cd will raise money for moveon.org, music for america, and common assets. billboard is reporting that the disc will include previously unreleased material from r.e.m., blink-182, fountains of wayne, bright eyes, death cab for cutie, david byrne of the talking heads, ok go, black eyed peas frontman will.i.am, they might be giants, tom waits, and the late elliott smith. the tracklisting was not available at press time, but when it is made available, we'll bring it to you. future soundtrack for america will be in stores on august 10th." thanks to mickeyman for posting this on sweet addy.

thanks to jennifer for sending word that 'the believer' recently released a music issue and included a written elliott tribute by gina gionfriddo along with having a illustration of elliott on the cover by charles burns. if you would like more info about the issue, please go to the believermag.com.

thanks to alicia for sending in word that kill rock stars recently got elliott's speed trials 7" back in stock. if you are looking for a copy, please go to buyolympia.com. (7.3.04)