the music of heatmiser: lowlife, bottle rocket, buick, just a little prick, dirt, mighter than you dead air: still, candyland, mock-up, dirt, bottle rocket, blackout, stray, can't be touched, cannibal, don't look down, sands hotel, lowlife, buick, dead air yellow no. 5: wake, fortune 500, the corner seat, idler, junior mint cop and speeder: disappearing ink, bastard john, flame!, temper, why did i decide to stay?, collect to nyc, hitting on the waiter, busted lip, antonio carlos jobim, it's not a prop, something to lose, sleeping pill, trap door, nightcap mic city sons: get lucky, plainclothes man, low-flying jets, rest my head against the wall, the fix is in, eagle eye, cruel reminder, you gotta move, pop in g, blue highway, see you later, (untitled)

7" singles

stray, can't be touched, wake 45 sleeping pill, temper everybody has it, dirty dream


puddle stomp: mightier than you 25 years on the edge promo tape: mightier than you live at the x-ray: bottle rocket pet sounds: junior mint kamikaze: stray zero effect: rest my head against the wall