stranger than fiction

if you could rank the rarest elliott smith related releases it would be all the cassette tapes from elliott's high school band, stranger than fiction and elliott's after high school/college band, a murder of crows.

stranger than fiction is rumored to have released around 3 cassettes during their time together and most of these cassettes were given to or bought by friends and fans of the band at the time. while there is no information about how many tapes existed or what the album covers look like, a fan (laurent vaissiere) was able to capture a broadcast of a song stranger than fiction did on french radio around 1998 called 'the machine.' the dj who broadcasted the song was a friend of someone who happened to have a tape and was kind enough to make a copy for the dj. sadly, that was the only stranger than fiction that was shared that day. the additional info that came out of that broadcast was that the song was featured on a cassette released in 1985 called "any kind of mudher" and that it featured steven smith (elliott), jason hornick, and garrick duckler (it is assumed that adam koval joined the band as their drummer later).

hopefully one day we will be lucky enough to give you more information about the cassettes and what they might of looked like.