roman candle

roman candle, condor ave, no name #1, no name #2, no name #3, drive all over town, no name #4, last call

elliott smith

needle in the hay, christian brothers, clementine, southern belle, single file, coming up roses, satellite, alphabet town, st. ides heaven, good to go, the white lady loves you more, the biggest lie


speed trials, alameda, ballad of big nothing, between the bars, pictures of me, no name no. 5, rose parade, punch and judy, angeles, cupid's trick, 2:45 am, say yes


sweet adeline, tomorrow tomorrow, waltz #2 (xo), baby britain, pitseleh, independence day, bled white, waltz #1, amity, oh well, okay, bottle up and explode!, a question mark, everybody cares, everybody understands, i didn't understand

figure 8

son of sam, somebody that i used to know, junk bond trader, everything reminds me of her, everything means nothing to me, la, in the lost and found (honky bach), stupidity tries, easy way out, wouldn't mama be proud, color bars, happiness, pretty mary k, i better be quiet now, can't make a sound

from a basement on the hill

coast to coast, let's get lost, pretty (ugly before), don't go down, strung out again, fond farewell, king's crossing, ostriches & chirping, twilight, a passing feeling, last hour, shooting star, memory lane, little one, a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free

new moon

angel in the snow, talking to mary, high times, new monkey, looking over my shoulder, going nowhere, riot coming, all cleaned out, first timer, go by, miss misery (early version), thirteen

georgia georgia, whatever (folk song in c), big decision, placeholder, new disaster, seen how things are hard, fear city, either/or, pretty mary k (other version), almost over, see you later, half right

good will hunting

between the bars (orchestral), miss misery


a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free, angel in the snow, a living will, because, big decision, bottle up and explode! (early version), division day, the enemy is you, figure 8, how to take a fall, i can't answer you anymore, i don't think i'm ever gonna figure it out, no confidence man, no name #6, pretty (ugly before), some song, waltz #1 (demo)

unreleased music

a silver chain, abused, amanda cecilia, blue mood, brand new game, come to me, confusion, crazy fucker, dancing on the highway, everything's ok, flowers for charlie, i figured you out, i'm doing okay, pretty good, let's turn the record over, mr. goodmorning, no life, no more, now you wanna show me how, sorry my mistake, splitzville, stained glass eyes, stickman, taking a fall, true love, 5.15.97, 10.14.99 2

early versions

bled white, easy way out, everybody cares, everybody understands, true love


#1, #2

stranger than fiction

the machine

heatmiser : dead air

still, candyland, mock-up, dirt, bottle rocket, blackout, stray, can't be touched, cannibal, don't look down, sands hotel, lowlife, buick, dead air

heatmiser : yellow no. 5

wake, fortune 500, the corner seat, idler, junior mint

heatmiser : cop and speeder

disappearing ink, bastard john, flame!, temper, why did i decide to stay?, collect to nyc, hitting on the waiter, busted lip, antonio carlos jobim, it's not a prop, something to lose, sleeping pill, trap door, nightcap

heatmiser : mic city sons

get lucky, plainclothes man, low-flying jets, rest my head against the wall, the fix is in, eagle eye, cruel reminder, you gotta move, pop in g, blue highway, see you later, untitled

heatmiser : b-sides

dirty dream, everybody has it


care of cell 44, chelsea girls, don't fear the reaper, give me love (give me peace on earth), i me mine, jealous guy, my sweet lord, nightime, these days, thirteen, trouble, waterloo sunset, when i paint my masterpiece