a murder of crows

if you could rank the rarest elliott smith related releases it would be all the cassette tapes from elliott's high school band, stranger than fiction and elliott's after high school/college band, a murder of crows.

a murder of crows could be considered the rarest of all officially released cassettes because many fans are not even aware that elliott was in a band after stranger than fiction and before heatmiser. the band consisted of elliott (known as elliott stillwater-rotter at the time of the release) and garrick duckler who played with elliott in stranger than fiction. no album cover or list of songs have ever made it out in the public, but it is known that the cassette was their only release and it was sold at 2nd avenue records in portland at one point. none of elliott's songs from this release has ever made it on the internet.

hopefully one day we will be lucky enough to give you more information about the cassette and what it might of looked like.