speed trials, alameda, ballad of big nothing, between the bars, pictures of me, no name no. 5, rose parade, punch and judy, angeles, cupid's trick, 2:45 am, say yes

album info

elliott's second and final full length release on the kill rock stars label. but this was the first solo elliott release to be mixed by tom rothrock and rob schnapf. of course rob and tom have since worked on 2 more releases and worked on a couple of heatmiser's last releases as producers

japanese import version features an extra track: the enemy is you

known songs recorded during the either/or sessions is bled white, thirteen (big star cover), and going nowhere

between the bars, angeles, and say yes were featured in the gus vant sant film, good will hunting

available on cd and lp

promo info

promo version of elliott's 3rd solo release, either/or

no name no. 5 was named 'gone at last' on the track list on the cd. this version is no different than no name no.5

elliott's name printed on the cd is spelled 'elliot smith.' to correct this the cd case includes a sticker that says "the correct spelling of the artist's name is elliott smith"

does not include any cd artwork

promo copies are usually distributed to various outlets including radio, media and stores to help promote and introduce an album before it comes out to help build interest. media can use them to prepare reviews and articles for coverage around the time the record comes out, while stores might use them to make sure fans know elliott's new record is coming out soon! radio stations get them in hope they will play it and introduce elliott to many more new fans while again letting old fans know a new elliott record is coming out.

available on cd

production notes

recorded at joanna bolme's house, elliott's house, the shop, undercover inc., heatmiser house and laundry rules

songs by elliott smith

mixed at the shop by tom rothrock and rob schnapf except: no name no. 5, rose parade, 2:45 am mixed by elliott at undercover inc. alameda mixed at undercover by joanna bolme and elliott smith.

front photo by debbie pastor, back photo by joanna bolme, layout by neil gust

a kill rock stars release