figure 8


son of sam, somebody that i used to know, junk bond trader, everything reminds me of her, everything means nothing to me, la, in the lost and found (honky bach), stupidity tries, easy way out, wouldn't mama be proud, color bars, happiness, pretty mary k, i better be quiet now, can't make a sound

album info

elliott's second record released by dreamworks. a good number of the tracks off figure 8 where played live before the record came out giving fans an idea what the next record was going to be. they were also demoed/recorded while on the record with elliott stopping by the famous abbey road studios.

the title figure 8 comes from an old cartoon series to help educate kids in various area from history to math. the show is called school house rocks! and figure 8 was a song that was part of the multiplication rock series.

elliott plays on the piano that the beatle's fool on the hill was recorded on for one track.

somebody that i used to know almost didn't make it on the record. originally it was slated to be released on the reissue of the division day single on cd. elliott decided to use the song for figure 8 instead.

bsides released to promote xo: figure 8, son of sam (acoustic), happiness, happiness (acoustic) pretty mark k, i can't answer you anymore, a living will

other titles known to be recorded: brand new game

son of sam was released as a music video and directed by autumn dewilde

available on cd, cassette and lp

import #1

extra tracks on this import is elliott smith's cover of the beatles' because and the school house rock song, figure 8. originally the song was on the american beauty soundtrack and is featured at the end of the movie

figure 8 was originally on figure 8 record but was replaced before the first promo was pressed

available on cd

promo #2

this cover features a drawing of a wrestler and the rumored artist who created the cover is mike mills (not of r.e.m. fame) who also did covers for air and others

promo copies are usually distributed to various outlets including radio, media and stores to help promote and introduce an album before it comes out to help build interest. media can use them to prepare reviews and articles for coverage around the time the record comes out, while stores might use them to make sure fans know elliott's new record is coming out soon! radio stations get them in hope they will play it and introduce elliott to many more new fans while again letting old fans know a new elliott record is coming out.

available on cd

promo #1

this very early promo of figure 8 is rumored to have been distributed to people who are close to elliott.

the only difference between this cd and other promo versions of figure 8 is that the gondola man is listed as a seperate track both on the tracklist and as a seperate song on the cd unlike the final version of figure 8 where the gondola man appears on the same track as happiness.

available on cd

production notes

produced by tom rothrock, rob schnapf and elliott smith. recorded and mixed at abbey road, capitol, sunset sound, and sonora studios. released 4.18.00

songs and all strings arranged by elliott smith

strings orchestrated by suzie katayama. sam coomes plays bass on everything means nothing to me, in the lost and found (hionky bach), stupidity tries, and pretty mark k, pete thomas plays drums on junk bond trader, wouldn't mama be proud? and can't make a sound. joey waronker plays drums on stupidity tries. jon brion sings backup vocal on happiness.

photos by autumn dewilde. art direction and design by autumn dewilde and dale smith

a dreamworks release