i see if you’re shooting blanks
out of emptiness
ain’t nothing that he want to kill
maybe your time I guess
sit and spin the world and its flipside
and i listen backwards for meanings
'cause i’m a stickman

i trawl from memory
the stillest kind of life
sign after sign
we don't paint
it’s the sharpest knife
project what’s done so everyone can see
the severe yellow color reflects all
and i'm a stickman
frames they go
one by one
if i stood it up
you see i'm on the run
from some monster off screen
cue in suns
lonely makes me blue
envy turns me green

hate might paint me red
if i load my magazine
but not just now when its easy to stay clean
no one knows when you're bleeding
and i'm a stickman
a stickman
i'm a stickman

thanks to ian