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thirteen, trouble, let's get lost

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this is the soundtrack for mike mills' film, 'thumbsucker.' mike's original concept for the record was for elliott to record songs for the movie like cat stevens did for the movie, 'harold and maude.' elliott was able to contribute a few songs for the project but sadly never got to finish his work with mike. luckily, mike was able to include some tracks elliott gave him for both the movie and soundtrack.

let's get lost is the same version that ended up on 'from a basement on the hill." elliott's cover of the big star song, 'thirteen' originally appeared in jem cohen's film, 'lucky three' and has never appeared on any other record release. elliott's cover of cat steven's 'trouble' appears for the first time on this soundtrack.

mike mills also contributed to elliott's artwork in the figure 8 years. mike designed the happiness single cover, some promotional only releases and for a limited time his work appeared on the first version of elliottsmith.net.

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a hollywood records release