elliott smith


roman candle, condor ave, no name #1, no name #2, no name #3, drive all over town, no name #4, last call, kiwi maddog 20/20, needle in the hay, christian brothers, clementine, southern belle, single file, coming up roses, satellite, alphabet town, st. ides heaven, good to go, the white lady loves you more, the biggest lie, speed trials, alameda, ballad of big nothing, between the bars, pictures of me, no name no. 5, rose parade, punch and judy, angeles, cupid's trick, 2:45 am, say yes

album info

released by domino recording co. it is a repackaged set of the original recordings of roman candle, elliott smith and either/or into one set with new artwork and at a reasonable price

no extra tracks

out of print

production notes

a dominio recording co. release